My New View


Although it’s a cloudy day, I  am in LOVE with the view from the Living Room of my new condo.  I am happy and grateful now that I live in a condo by the beach :-)

As I was standing in my Living room looking at this view I cried with joy, happiness and gratitude. One of my dreams for over 20 years came true today. I have an ocean view from ny home.

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About Linda Long Writes

I'm an aspiring New York Times Best Selling Author who enjoys writing Erotic Poetry and Personal Growth essays. I live at the beach and love the sound of the ocean. I meditate - as best I can 😉 I practice Yoga regularly. I enjoy Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga the best. I love walking and everything outdoors. I pair all of my poetry on my site with Artwork. I prefer Nudes and love the way a sexy painting can complement my words. l am a lover of all things artistic.

One response to “My New View”

  1. Sweets says :

    That’s awesome! Congratulations! Keep enjoying the view!

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