Happiness is found within

Chinese Symbol (Happiness)

The most important lesson that I have learned is true happiness can only be found within oneself. Attaching happiness to a job, a man, friends, relationships, money or family means it can be taken away when you lose one of those things. But, true happiness found only within oneself can never be taken away.  It belongs only to you.  

It’s not easy to pursue true happiness.  Our society has trained us to attach our happiness to things and people.  The grass is always greener and the next job or the next relationship will be the one that makes you happy. 

As I’ve grown and started to challenge my belief systems, I’ve learned to look at things differently.  I realize that I can have everything and feel like I have nothing or I can have nothing and feel like I have everything.  It’s all in how you look it at.

I am choosing to look at the world through eyes of love. I am choosing to be happy.  I am choosing to have everything. I am choosing to forgive myself as well as others so I can find happiness within.  My happiness is my responsibility.

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About Linda Long Writes

I'm an aspiring New York Times Best Selling Author who enjoys writing Erotic Poetry and Personal Growth essays. I live at the beach and love the sound of the ocean. I meditate - as best I can 😉 I practice Yoga regularly. I enjoy Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga the best. I love walking and everything outdoors. I pair all of my poetry on my site with Artwork. I prefer Nudes and love the way a sexy painting can complement my words. l am a lover of all things artistic.

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