Naked Soul – Love, Sex & Poetry

Naked Soul – Love, Sex & Poetry

By: Linda A. Long
On the curve of
Your smile
My heart feels
The subtle stir
Of sexual chemistry
Our energy
Into a powerful
Sexual energy
Connecting my hips
To your waist
Sexual desire
Inviting your hands
To cup my breasts
And bite my nipples
It’s in this place
Of heighten sexual desire
The most beautiful 
Flower grew from 
The garden between my legs
And unapologetically 
Wrapped around your heart
Wanting your heart
To be the twin flame
To my own
My soul
Breathed in your aroma
And mellowed
My rough edges
Letting down my guard
In the ocean of
Blue waves I ride
 In the depths of your eyes
My soul
Heard your voice
Echo in the 
Deepest chambers
Booming into my fantasies
Dominating me 
In my dreams
As if you pat my ass
When you pass me
My soul
Calls to you
Nuzzle your face 
Into the curve
Of my neck
Touch your mouth
To my skin
And lick the salt
Of sweaty desire
It is my soul
That calls out to you
Do you hear it
Calling your name
Does the restless
Energy of my longing
Make you high
Wanting to stay
A while in this place
Of new beginnings
As two souls
Plan for future
You are pulling me 
Further into your world
I willingly lay open
My mind to the influence
Of your heart’s desire
 My heart recognizes you
Like an old friend
My body vibrates 
With lust for you
As if you were
My lover in a lifetime
Before now
Not long until 
You are lying 
Between my legs
And resting 
on my breasts
After you
Dominate and possess
My sexuality
It’s your soul that 
Calls to me
And strips me naked
I lay bare
In the curve 
of your smile
And leave my naked soul
In the palm of your hands
My naked soul
Is in the 
Palm of your hands
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I’ve noticed MBE smiles a lot more than he used to. I like it❤️ I was thinking how much I like his smile and how much I love when we have our little secret moments. This thing we got going is a lot of fun and I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better & better as we get closer❤️💋

On another note,I think I finally got my SEO rankings working on Google. My hit count was 50-100 per day. In the last month or so it’s been 100-250. I get a lot of traffic from the Art I post. Hopefully, visitors stop and read some poetry while on my Site. I’m not worried about getting comments or likes on my posts. That’s just a ego thing. I don’t based my life on comments & likes. But, it is still a dream of mine to get paid to write😄👍❤️ Writing is one of my passions. Yoga, drumming, nutrition & MBE being the others😉 Of course, not in that order. He’s #1😉❤️💋
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My Erotic Voice – Love, Sex & Poetry

My Erotic Voice – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Between you and me
There is an
Invisible stream
Of energy
You spark me
And ignite my
Body to vibrate
With lust for
The attention of
Your touch
It is in the
Sacred space
We’ve created
That I create
And write
For you
I write from
The safety
Of your
Words that
Fill my mind
With images of
Me on my knees
With my mouth
Wrapped around you
Tasting the lust
That rises up in you
When our energy meets
Rescue me
From this boredom
And break me free
I need to
Spiral down
All the way
Your body until
I lay naked at your feet
Begging for your attention
Pull me out
Of this mundane
Rabbit hole
And light
My imagination
With the
Tip of your cock
Brushing against my cheek
Teasing me
Onto the verge
Of organismic submission
It is in the stream
Of energy
Passing from you to me
That I find my
Erotic voice
And spread my
Words over you
As I will spread
My legs under you
The sound of
My erotic voice
It only knows
Your name
It whispers
Taste me
It moans
Lick me
It screams out
In ecstasy
Fuck me
Follow the sound of
My erotic voice
It will lead you
To my love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Just a little erotic poem to keep MBE warm tonight 💋❤️😈😘👍😇

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I just love Johnny Mathis and the words of this song…❤️💋

Edges Of Love – Love, Sex & Poetry

Edges Of Love – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Against your chest
In the circle
Of your energy
I place my body
In the safety
Of your control
All fears into
Our union
I soften
In the light
Of your
Warm eyes
I’m falling deeper
Into you
I tried to stop
The fall
I tried to
Brace myself
And hold on
I tried to
Stop the fall
But one day
I blocked out
The chatter
Of my mind
I tuned into
Your soul
I rode the
Wave of electricity
Flowing from
You to me
Until I grounded myself
On the shores
Of your emotions
Laying in the sand
On the edges
Of love
I heard your heart
Open the door
And invite me in
Resting peacefully
In our sacred space
Is my heart
Vibrating on a frequency
Only you can hear
We speak
Our own language
I hear your heart
Call to me
With my intuition
I sense you
And I write you
These words
To rest your faith in
And steady your resolve
I write these words
During this time
Of change and stress
To nourish and sustain you
Until you lay
Peacefully with me
In tender moments
On the soft sweet
Edges of love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I had a strong intuition that MBE was needing a soft place to land, a tender moment, some TLC or maybe just needed to know I’ll miss him while he’s away😄❤️💋😘

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I Serve My King – Love, Sex & Poetry

I Serve My King – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Share the space
In my fantasy today
Where you
Are the star
Of the erotic show
Playing on the screen
In my sultry mind
Drift sweetly
Into the place
Where you
Are my king
And my breasts
Are your trophies
Close your eyes
For just one moment
Share the space
In the naughtiest
Corner of my mind
If only to remind me
That you are
The emperor
Of my waiting hips
That drip with lust
And anticipation
To serve my King
Rule my world
As my benevolent dictator
And control
My sexual desires
As your servant
You own me
The soft whispers
Of my climax
And my deep
Lustful moans
As you penetrate me
I am your
Sexual servant
You open the kingdom
Between my legs
By piercing my fruit
And hold
Me down into
Sweet missionary
With your
Restraining arms
It is under
Your command
That I
In your stern yet soft
Yes, in this space
We share
I serve at the
Pleasure of my king
I humbly submit
To the pleasures of my king
I serve my king
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I am protective with MBE. I don’t think about it much. It happens instinctually. I act on intuitions and I look out for him❤️ I suppose I want to make sure he knows someone has his back👍❤️
This spurned some racy fantasies about “serving” my king and him being on his back and enjoying the service❤️💋😈😄😉☺️

I also love writing lusty stuff for him. When I see him the next day there’s a little blush in my cheeks, lust in my eye and sway in my hips for him to enjoy. He knows what I am thinking. 😉💋❤️😈

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Dance Of Fire – Love, Sex & Poetry

Dance Of Fire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Standing in
The center
Of a fire
Set by two
Soul’s joined
Without conscious choice
Our souls
Recognized love
Before we
Allowed the
Possibility to
Enter our minds
To become reality
Standing in
The middle
Of flames
Licking my legs
With passion and desire
Burning heat
Up between my legs
Through my
Eyes into yours
Pulling your soul
Into the
The fire with me
Standing in the heat
Of two flames
Meant for each other
From the start
Anticipation of
A divine Union
I ask you
To slow dance
With me
To the music
Of our hearts
In the blaze
Of love
Slide your arms
Around my hips
Pull me close enough
That you can
Taste my breathe
And surrender
In my arms
In this dance of love
Dancing in the
Middle of our inferno
Love reunites
My flame to yours
To start new
Bask in the shadow
Of our flames
As we
Slowly dance
Talk to me
Until you
Have no more words
Caress me
Until the sun comes up
And lose yourself
In this dance of love
Step into the fire
And dance with me
Dance with me
In the fire
Of our love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I keep having an image of MBE and I flashing in my mind. It’s showing the two of us slow dancing without music. Just slow dancing and talking. Call it a vision, premonition or a plan but it’s really quiet lovely.

I watched “Jerry McGuire” again this afternoon. I ❤️ this song and love that movie. It always inspires me to live and love with heart.

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The Long Exhale – Long, Sex & Poetry

The Long Exhale – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

While you are away
I close my eyes
And picture you
In my mind’s eye
Suddenly you are standing
Before me with
Crystal eyes
Of affection
Hearing my mind’s call
I want you
With me
Exhale into
My heart
Here with me
I need you
Deeply immersed
In my world
To Explore the caverns
Of my
Maze like mind
I open the door
And let you in
Into my jaded
Yet hopeful heart
I draw back the shades
To reveal to you a
A fused soul
Blended halves
Into a whole woman
Exhale with me
You are the man
The only man
I invite in
Don’t remain
Out in the cold
I see a man
Standing before me
In perfect clarity
Walking a tight rope
Lusting for my
Company and spark
Of desire
Yet respecting
Your outgrown
Duty & obligations
Preparing for the future
While performing
Obligatory tasks
With the longest exhale
I feel your breathe
Relax when
You are near me
I’ve long since
Accepted you are
The first man who
Moves effortlessly
My need for intellectual
And my
Inner artist
Needing to express
Myself through
Words and erotica
Calling you
From the open door
I light your path with
The light in my heart
I Steady your heart
With the subtle
Gestures of reassurance
I send you strength
To remain focused on
Your best life
Waits for you
In the hidden
Brush of my
Hand in yours
In a lingering
Glance with me
You will find your strength
Exhale into
Love with me
Stay there with me
In the longest exhale
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I don’t know if he realizes it but often when MBE passes me during the day, he lets out a long exhale. He’s been away and I was thinking about that sound today. I was thinking about what is he thinking when he does it? What is he feeling at that moment of exhalation? Is it release of tension or is suppressed desire finding an expression? I feel the exhalation like the wind blowing against my cheek. I listen to the exhalation like I’m listening to a beautiful piece music. I close my eyes and allow myself to tune into his breath. I hope I am his exhalation, his release.

While I try tune out the noise from the daily traffic around me, I always somehow seem to tune into him and recognize his exhalation as the spark to my soul’s fire❤️😄

Hello. My name is Linda and I am a hopeless romantic. ❤️💋☺️😘

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Magic Man – Love, Sex & Poetry

Magic Man – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s magical
How you look
Into me
Know my soul
Almost as well
As you know
Your own
You shake the roots
Of my tree
Until my fruit
Lays in your mouth
Tasting me
And knowing
It’s yours
All yours
Pulling out
Of my core
You release
My fire
Into words
As if your eyes
Tell me
To write for you
And buoy
Your spirit
With the
Of promised affection
From the
Tip of my erect nipple
To the
Swirl in my
You stimulate
My soul
Into creation
You bring
Into my
And spread
Magic dust
Over my naked body
Tied with
Your Magician’s Rope
You play your tricks
To heighten my arousal
Black art
You practice
In the flash of
Your eyes to mine
You erotically
Make magic
Between my legs
You are
My Magic Man
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

MBE is Magic – just saying😄👍 This poem was inspired by the quote😄

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Flames – Love, Sex & Poetry

Flames – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

At the moment
Of your touch
I melt
Into the flames
Of your
Willfully I will
Submit myself
To power
Of your possession
My body
Is hot
The wetness
Wetness grows
Between my legs
Like lava from a volcano
The lick of your tongue
Starts an inferno
Burning your name
Into my ass
With your teeth
Biting me
Into a blazing fire
You are wicked
Teasing me
Controlling the burn
In my vagina
To Heighten
Every moment
We are together
The fire
Of our love
Strings one
Orgasm to the next
As I lay
In the ball of
Our Seduction
With fire
Blazing between
My legs
I lose myself
In the smoke
Of desire
Slowly moan
For you
To fan the flames
With the
Brush of your cock
Against my vagina
You melt me
Into you
I melt into
The flames
Of our desire
We burn
As one
In the Seduction of
Lust and desire
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Turning up the heat a bit😉🔥😇

MBE❤️ You give me fever🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Check out the sexy video 💋

“because they were randy and needed a good shagging!” 😉💋😈

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Seek And Find – Love, Sex & Poetry


Seek And Find – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

And you shall find me
Waiting for
The pleasure
Of your company
In my arms
For me
I will be waiting
In my bed
With an open heart
Welcoming breasts
Nipples hardened
By the touch
Of fingers
Anticipating your arrival
Reach out
for my hand
I will guide you
To the center
Of my fire for you
I want you
To feel the
Fire that
Burns inside for you
Slide your hand down
Between my legs
And feel my wetness
I am wet for you
Only you
Closer to me
Look me eye to eye
Let me loose myself
In the brilliant
Blue spheres
That pierce my heart
And ignite my body
Lay peacefully in
My energy
Let me nourish you
Let me sustain
Let me hold you
Tonight and forever
My words
To flow like a river
Words of love
Sex and desire
Written by
Spark of your presence
I can’t contain it
Hear me moan your name
With passion
I need you
I’m waiting
Me tight
Pull me to you
Forcefully love me
Your powerful spirit
My body
You know
It Belongs
To only you
Kiss me
My juice
Taste me
On your lips
I am moist
For you
I am ready
For the deliberate touch
Of your masculine hands
Take it
Take all of me
Undress me
Lose yourself
In my desire for you
Believe in my Friendship
Explore with me sexually
In the safety of our
Passion is ours
Claim it with me
And let’s find peace together
Seek me
And you shall
Find Love
© 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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MBE❤️ So Damn cute today I could barely keep my legs closed😈💋 I have to remind myself of where we are 😄My appetite grows more everyday😈 I want that FANTASTIC ENERGY all over my body💋 I am very attracted to that, and of course, the blue eyes❤️💋😈

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Under The Blanket – Love, Sex & Poetry

Under The Blanket – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Join me
Under the blanket
Cuddle up
To me
And warm your hands
Between my legs
Snuggle up
Next to me
And nourish yourself
With the heat
Of my body
Lay close
To me
Under this blanket
And share this
Special space
I saved for you
Tug at my bra
Just enough
To expose my nipple
Suck on me
Let’s lose track
Of time
Under this blanket
Invite me
To play with you
With the twinkle
In your brilliant
Blue eyes
Sparkling with
Each piece of
My clothing you remove
On this lazy
Sunday afternoon
Snuggle up
With me
Lose touch
With reality
For this moment
Of time
As we
Share the intimacy
Of our bodies touching
My soul
Only complete
When yours is near by
Join me
Under this blanket
And press your
Ear against my chest
Listen to my
My heartbeat strengthen
In your presence
And know
You are
Wanted, desired and loved
Slide under
The blanket with me
On this lazy
Sunday afternoon
Lose yourself
With me in
This moment
Of intimacy
When you are
Mine to keep
Cuddle up
Close to me
I want to feel
Your energy
Touch my body
I want see
Your desire for
Me in the blue
Of your eyes
Share this moment
With me
Under the blanket
Of our love
On this
Lazy Sunday afternoon
Cuddle up
I’m warm
And waiting
For you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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The GYN Reproductive Endocrinologist I saw last week suggested I get Acupuncture to alleviate the pain from Adenomyosis and to help balance my hormones. I’m hoping to avoid a Hysterectomy. But, I’ve also made my peace with the situation. I know it’s highly probable that I may eventually need the surgery. I’m over being scared😄 If I need surgery, I’ll “saddle up” and do it. Possibly needing surgery has been stressing me out a bit because back in 1997 I had my Gallbladder removed. There was a complication & I lost a lot of blood. It tripped out my Arrhythmia which is otherwise innocent. And, well, I flat lined on the table and woke up when they paddled me. I woke up hours later to my entire family standing around me crying. I told my doctor this story and she said if I need the surgery she would do it at Jeff. She would take every precaution and will have a cardiologist on stand-by.

Anyways, I had an Acupuncture treatment yesterday👍 I was told to relax and stay warm for the first 24 to 48 hours because it was a pretty intense treatment. I will say I’ve been really sleepy😴 But I have no pain and I’m very relaxed👍

I’m laying under a furry warm blanket watching the Packers vs. Seahawks game and had a magical idea😇 I think MBE should cuddle up with me on this lazy rainy Sunday afternoon 😈💋 I don’t think we’d watch much football if we were both under my blanket😈 But, I would find the heat of his body quite enjoyable and would definitely enjoy the growing intimacy and closeness between us❤️💋🔥😇

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The Guest In My House


This is the post that I’ve been somewhat reluctant to write. It’s been rolling around in my head for a while now. I’ve been carrying it around on my shoulders and in my heart. It’s weighing me down. I decided I needed to write it out. If for no other reason, than to lighten my load a bit and maybe move some of this crap aside for something good to come along.

I’ve been under a lot of pressure in recent months. Different forms of pressure which has been building anxiety which leads to depression and more pressure. It’s been a vicious cycle for me. I am a very positive upbeat person. So, I’ve been pressuring myself even more to get it together and focus on the positive side of things. But, am I really just avoiding what I am feeling by redirecting my thoughts constantly? Is that why I can’t seem to loosen the noose around my neck? I’m not acknowledging my feelings. Therefore, I’m keeping them inside.

A few weeks ago I sensed that I was struggling to regain my balance. Like a Nine Layer Chocolate Cake things start lying on top of me until I was almost choking to take a breadth. All the while I told everyone “I’m good.” Lol. That was a flat out lie. I wasn’t good. I haven’t been good. I was afraid to show it. It’s a weakness. I didn’t want anyone to know. Funny, because I thought I was a girl who really did not care what others think of me. I guess I was wrong. As hard as I tried to get control of it, that’s how much I was starting to spin out of control.

I found myself on the slippery slope with a professional frustration that made me feel like I wasn’t being heard. I can deal with this and I was dealing with it. But, that was the first issue that was weighing on my mind and keeping me up at nights.

Around mid-November I started not feeling well. I am still navigating this issue. The GYN Reproductive Endocrinologist I saw in Philly on Friday was excellent. She is ranked as “Best in Philly.” I had blood work drawn in her office at 1130am & she called me 430 that afternoon to give prelim results. There was something important she wanted me to know as soon as possible. I was also given a preliminary diagnosis of Adenomyosis which is swelling of the Uterus caused by Estrogen Dominance. The swollen Uterus to pushing on everything around it and causing the pain. I need a Pelvic MRI with Contrast later this week to be sure there aren’t any growth causing the Uterus to be swollen before we can talk about treatment options which will probably start with Progesterone Therapy and possibly a Hysterectomy.

The Holidays always bring a fair amount of anxiety for me. As a former life of the party kind of girl, it’s not easy for me to go to holiday parties and be sober all the time. With not feeling well, I skipped most of the social activity this holiday season which probably contributed to the depression.

And, last by not least, a man from my past contracted me. It would have been so easy to have had sex with him and lose my unhappiness for just one night. But, I didn’t. I couldn’t. I kept thinking about the feelings I have for another man. I just couldn’t. Also, instinctually, I didn’t want to open a door I was wise to close. While it was nice to hear from him, I still think it’s best we leave what we had in the past. He wasn’t good for me then. He’s not good for me now. He won’t be good for me in the future. However,
Hearing from him made me start thinking. The sad truth is a lot of men do not want to date a woman who can’t drink alcohol. That is my truth. I can’t change it. If I drink alcohol, my Liver will be in jeopardy. A lot of men don’t want to date a woman with high maintenance dietary restrictions. I can’t really change that either. It is what it is. Now, I’m going to be adding a probable hysterectomy & menopause to the list. It’s all too much. Plus, A lot of men don’t want to date a woman who was never married and has no children. They think there’s something wrong with me. The truth is I spent a lot of years taking care of other people without looking out for myself and life just slid by. By the time I started focusing on me it was too late for those things. Well, at least it was too late for children. I suppose on some level I find myself living with a sadness of what could have been if only I would have opened my eyes ten years ago. What could have been if I would have loved myself enough to allow others to love me? My heart was a locked vault. Now, it’s open and I feel things profoundly deeper. In some ways this is better and in some ways it is worse.

I am not dating right now. I am trying to get my hormones balanced before I do that. Lol😄 I think this will prevent a lot of drama in my future relationships. Lol😄 But, all of this swirling inside of me started depressing me in recent weeks. I spend a lot of time alone and I started wondering if I will ever meet someone who accepts me, loves me and needs me the way I need them❤️A friend suggested I sign up for to meet new people. Could you even imagine my profile? It stresses me out just thinking about it. Actually, it’s comical. I will not be doing that. I am not ready to jump into the dating pool anyway. Balancing my hormones and getting my Uterus straightened out is my first priority👍.

I would be remised if I didn’t mention I still do have very strong feelings for a man with crystal blue eyes. But, the reality is we are in a complicated situation. I allowed myself to consider what I want my life to be like if I can’t have him. What if we are only meant to be friends? While I intuitively feel something so much deeper happening between us, I must also hold a space for the possibility for a different reality. Honestly, if I can’t have him, I want a man just like him. He is cute, funny, sexy, smart and a good man. He has a good soul. I see it in his eyes. His influence in my life brought out some wonderful things in me. I want to tell him everything but I hold back because I’m not sure if he wants me to tell him everything. Part of me just wants to walk up to him and wrap my arms around his waist and just stand there in the comfort of his arms for a few moments. But I won’t – actually I can’t right now. But if I could, I would. And I’d say “Thank You. I humbly thank you for the Passion I feel between us. It returned the fire to my soul and sparked sultry hot smoldering poetry. Thank you for setting an example for me. Thank you for showing what kind of man I want and deserve to have in my life. Thank you MBE. Thank you. With all the love I can hold in my heart, I thank you.” The truth it is I want it to be him. But, and it’s a big but, it may not be him. And, in recent weeks I’ve been allowing myself the opportunity to live with the notion that it may not be him no matter how much I love or want him. But, I want it to be him. I do I really do want him to be the man in my life. But, I have to accept our limitations without pressuring him.

Yesterday was the day that I felt a spontaneous explosion slowly simmering inside of me. I kept to myself. I avoided conversations. I kept the festering monster hidden from view. Until…Until I knew I was in a safe place to explode. Sensing I was on the brink of breaking, I started seeing a therapist again to help me navigate these heavy emotions. She got an earful last night. She helped me break through the sadness and honor the truth. As I was walking out the door last night her last words to me were, “Linda, I am so very proud of you. You don’t even realized how much you’ve grown, how mature you’ve become. You don’t even see how beautiful you are. You stood in your own power. You whethered this giant storm in your life. You are still standing all on your own, without alcohol, without fake friends, without casual sex and without a man to validate you. You are doing this on your own. You are emulating the strength you seek. Go home knowing I am proud of you.” Her words made me cry. Actually, they kept me up all night crying.

I hesitated writing this blog for a long time because I was embarrassed to admit I was struggling with depression. I didn’t want anyone to know. But, I chose to write this post and reveal my deepest feelings to not only release the heaviness from my soul but to also give others in similar situations the freedom to do the same.

I admitted I was depressed for the first time on Friday afternoon. I was shopping with my niece, Nikki. Nik is 31. We are very close. She told me I was allowed to be depressed. She told me there was no need to put a happy face on for her. She also offered her spare bedroom to me whenever I want company. She has a cute Pitbull puppy. I like playing with him. He gives me puppy kisses💋 Mostly I just loved how she didn’t try to cheer me up. She didn’t try to get me to see the bright side. She just accepted where I was and what I was feeling. She said she wants to take care of me the way I always have taken care of her❤️ She helped me tremendously without even realizing it.

If life is pushing you to the brink of despair, instead of avoiding it or running from it, just sit and be with it. Invite it into your home. Have some tea. Become friends with the darkness of your own soul. Once you own it, it can no longer control you. Your demons lose their power when you see them for what they are.

Lastly, please seek professional help if you feel you can’t cope on your own.

(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

An Open Letter To Satan


Dear Satan:
I’m being tested. I now know that. You’ve been testing me. In the last couple of months, You’ve seen to it that every decision I made for myself in the four years was put in jeopardy. You’ve offered me opportunities to go back to who I was in the past. You tried to break me and make me small again.

You made me sad during the Holidays and made me I want a drink. You made me want my old life. I stood strong and made it through without giving in. Fuck you Satan👍

You tried to break my spirit by bringing pain and illness into my body the last two months. Straight up, you almost won on this one. You almost beat the shit out of me on this one. On the brink of despair I prayed to God for strength. The answer came. I remember the things that nourished my mind, body and spirit and make me feel good. I leveled out my emotions with Yoga. I helped my body find balance with QiGong. I slowed my mind down with Meditation. I had a good cry. I spoke honestly with those I love and reached out to people when I was freaking out. I listened to my instincts and sought better medical care out if the area. I took care of myself. While I am still navigating the health issue that started two months ago, I’m stronger and in a better frame of mind. John Wayne said, “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” Guess what Lucifer? I saddled up! Fuck you👍

You brought a former lover back into my life not as temptation of the flesh but as an opportunistic bastard trying to reintroduce an unhealthy relationship I left behind. I took pause and thought about the past. Asked myself if it would be good for me to revisit this relationship. The answer was clear to me. No, no I do not want to go back to the past. I don’t have those feelings for him anymore. He knows that. I wished him well and left what we had in the past. Fuck you Prince Of Darkness. I moved on👍

Satan, Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, this is the face of a woman who will rise up and defeat you every time. Look at the Cross in my Cleavage. That’s right. He will help me defeat you every time. But go ahead! Take your best shot! Go head! Test me👍 I will fight you. I fight for the life I chose four years ago. I will fight for my emotional well being. I will fight for a healthy relationship with the good man I now see in my life. While things are still complicated, he is good for me. Even if he is to be Just a friend, he’s shown me by example what I hope to have in my life. I will fight for that and him – if I need to! Fuck you Satan👍You lose!

But, remember my face. Remember my name. Because I am one strong confident woman who doesn’t give a fuck what people think of me; I will straight up beat your ass ever time. Every.Single.Time👍😄👏


(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Misbehaving – Love, Sex & Poetry


Misbehave – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I want
My lover
To treat me
Like HIS lady
I want
My lover
To lust for me
Like HIS whore
I want
My lover
To feel comfortable enough
To talk
To me
Like HIS best friend
I want
My lover
To know
I am HIS
I want
My lover
To possess me
Like HIS property
And control my body
Like HIS submissive
I want
My lover
To know
I am HIS
I want
My lover
To spank me
Like a child
And discipline me
When I misbehave
I want
My lover to
Touch me
Lick me
Possess me
And fuck me
Like I’m HIS
Naughty little girl
I want
My lover
To misbehave
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Obviously, I’ve got misbehaving and MBE on my mind. Lol👍👏🔥❤️😄👍😈💋😘

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In The Blue – Love, Sex & Poetry

In The Blue – Love, Sex & Poetry

By: Linda A. Long 

Like blue water
Deep and crystalized
I ride
On the wave
Of your eyes
As my ebb
Brings your flow
Into my experience
Peaks of remembrance
Sparks the continuous
Wave of
This steady desire
Pulling me
Under with the
Rip of your
Fingers at the
Buttons of my blouse
You pull me down
Into the cavern
Of your
Lustful thoughts
And savory desires
The current swells
Between my legs
And opens
My shell like a clam
A pearl of erotic
And wet stories
Only told
In the privacy of
Your thoughts
To mine
It’s in the blue
I lose a little
Of myself
As I swim
Deeper into
Your soul
And anchor myself
Into your heart
With the tentacles
Of my breasts
Wrapping around
Your neck and pulling
You down on to my
Sensual Reef
Filled with lust and desire
For you
It’s in the blue
The blue of your eyes
That I see myself
I see myself
Reflected back
Lying naked
Before you
Exposed in your eyes
You are steadied
By my
Unwavering desire
It’s in the blue
I meet you
With hope and anticipation
In the blue
Of your eyes
I meet you
In the blue
C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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A little something for MBE❤️💋😘😈

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Here’s To Being Wonder Woman in 2015 – My 2015 Intentions


Intentions 2015

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. They seem cliché to me. But, I do believe in using Intentions to change/mold and direct my life. I am a planner; setting goals and Intentions makes sense to me. I believe if you set a goal and make a plan, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Below is the list of Intentions I posted last year. Under each Intention is my “Monday Morning Quarterback” review of how it actually worked out as the year rolled by and a new Intention for 2015.

2014 Physical Health Intention
I will remain Gluten Free and Alcohol Free.  although I do miss having a glass of wine, I can’t go through all the work it took to heal my Liver again.  I just can’t do it again. The Liver Specialist told me the Liver disease will come out of remission and will be even worse and may even kill me if I gain too much weight or drink alcohol again. So, I’ve accepted that alcohol is my Kryptonite.  Moving on…Now that my stomach is healed and I no longer have multiple nutritional deficiencies from lack of absorption I have to work on finding the right balance food and calories for my health body.  I would like to take off the 10lbs I put back on.  I will use use Yoga and Power Walking as my primary exercises to nourish my body and help me maintain a healthy weight. Also, if you read my blog regularly, you may have noticed I removed the Celiac Disease Infographic.  I did this intentionally. I now believe when you identify yourself with an illness, you open the door to more illness.  In other words, I am happy and grateful now that I am healthy and I feel good.  I do not identify myself with any illness or disease.

2014 was a pretty good Heath year until November. I remained Gluten Free, Alcohol Free and for the most part healthy. But, in the back half of 2014 I noticed some small changes in my body. Most of which were attributed to being 47 years old and premenopausal. In November I started experiencing a lot of pain and missed periods. An Ultrasound showed a nodule my right ovary. In a recent ER visit, I learned the nodule was indeed a Benign Endometrioma that was shrinking. But they also found another Endometrioma on my left ovary. This confirms the diagnosis of Endometriosis and explains all the weird symptoms I was having for the last few months. And, I will indeed be starting drug induced Menopause on January 7th and may need a Hysterectomy in the future. The way I look at all of this – Thank God it’s not Ovarian Cancer. I can handle this✌️ 😄

2015 Physical Health Intention
I will continue to make strong healthy choices for my body and my overall health. Here’s to Gluten Free, Alcohol Free and maybe even Ovary Free in 2015👍😄😜

2014 Emotional and Mental Health Intention
I will continue to walk my own path. I will remain authentic in everything I do. I will be genuine and open.  I will continue to embrace my highly intuitive nature.   I will continue to use Yoga, Mantras, Meditation and prayer to facilitate my spiritual journey. I am happy and grateful now that I am living life as my authentic self.

2014 brought a new level of authenticity in my life. I noticed the more I owned my shit and revealed who I was honestly, the more I attracted genuine people into my life. I also noticed an increase in my intuitive power in 2014. I think this is because I’ve been practicing with great intention. Also helps that I have someone who is very tuned into me. I’ve noticed an increase in our ability to communicate with each other intuitively. It’s nice and it also fun❤️

2015 Emotional & Mental Health Intention
My 2014 Intention in the area of my life remains intact. It’s pretty much the way I live life now.🙏

2014 Financial Health Intention
I am a money magnet. I attracted abundance.  Money comes to easily and effortlessly.  Everything I need want and desire appears before me effortlessly at just the right time.  I have excellent money managment skills :-)

2014 brought greater financial comfort and security. While I still need to work on building an bigger nest egg a bit, financially I’ve had a good year. I moved to a beachfront condo with an ocean view, I bought a new 2015 Honda Fit Ex and I’ve helped some people in need. It’s been a good year..

2015 Financial Health Intention
My 2014 Financial Intention remains intact for 2015. But I will add saving more and sharing my blessings with more people in need✌️

2014 Spiritual Health Intention
I am happy and grateful now that I live a life of passion. I will keep the fire in my belly burning by kindling it with growth.  I will continue to challenge myself, nurture myself and celebrate my victories. 2014 was all about personal growth and rekindling the fire in belly.

2015 Spiritual Health Intention
2014’s Intention remains intact for 2015. I will add personal growth is extremely important to me. I will continue to grow in all directions and embrace all opportunities that challenge me and grow me👍

2014 Relationship Health Intentions
I will continue to surround myself with good influences who challenge me and encourage my growth. I am good to know. I will maintain an open heart and mind. I am attracted to people who are good for me. I am attracted to people with like energy. I attract health relationships.

The most important relationship of my life is the one I have with myself. In 2014 I loved myself on all levels. I accepted myself on all levels. I allowed myself to receive – to receive all the goodness I deserved.

2015 Relationship Health Intention
2014 Intentions remain intact for 2015. But I will add…In 2015 I will attract people who are good for me and people who encourage me to grow. I hope a clear path is identified in my love life and I will make an effort to make more friends with similar interests.

2015 Career and Professional Development Intention
In 2014 it seemed like I was in a holding pattern. But I foresee that pattern being broken in 2015. I plan on getting my PMP Certification to give me a push in the right direction I am most interested in pursing.

While I don’t feel my 9-5 job is my passion or my purpose, it is a secure way for a single independent self-sufficient woman to support herself. I can pursue my passions on my free time.

While I’ve never had the Oprah Ah Ha Moment, I have noticed as I grow and embrace my authenticity I seem to encourage others to do the same. I also noticed as I overcome obstacles I seem to inspire others to do the same. Maybe that’s my purpose in life. Maybe it’s all about being strong, growing and becoming my best self so I give others permission to do the same👍😄❤️🙏😇

One last note, if what doesn’t kill you doesn’t in fact make you stronger than I’m going to be like fucking Wonder Woman by the time God is done with me👍😄😘👏

@ 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Still You – Love, Sex & Poetry

Still You – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I was thinking
As I was laying
I was thinking
I wanted to be naked
I wanted to be free
To express
My rising desire
You were on my mind
I was in crisis
But you were on
My mind
I wanted
To be naked
We are
In my thoughts
We were entwined
My legs wrapped
Around your hips
Your arms
Holding mine
Over my head
Pinning my
Under you
To the bed
Like the roots
Of a tree
You penetrate
My soil
And dig yourself
Far into my soul
We are
Weaving together
It’s still you
I want
In my bed
It’s still you
I want you
As my friend
And lover
It’s still you
I want
In my bed
In 2015
I want to be
In my bed
With you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Web Copyright Checker

MBE told me to “Behave” yesterday. Lol😄 Who me? I wasn’t doing anything naughty 😇 😈 I might have been having a few naughty thoughts but I was “behaving” 😇 But it was interesting because it seemed like he was reading my mind. I was impressed that his levity kept me relaxed during a stressful time 😉 I was, however, fondly reminded yesterday why I smoked Pot in the past and left wondering why I ever stopped👍😄🙀

Photo Credit

Stefan Kuhn

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Atlantic City, NJ

I took these photos today during my walk and talk with God. I told him I’m ok with taking Hormones or having surgery. But, the Big C is completely unacceptable and out of the question. I asked him to take care of that for me💋😄🙏



Ovarian Nonsense – Blogging To Make Sense Out Of It



If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’ve been diagnosed with Endometriosis with a suspicious nodule on my Right Ovary. 

I decided I am going to blog about every step of this medical journey I am on. First, I need to find a way of making sense out of the nonsense happening in my body. Apparently, my ovaries didn’t get the Memo that I was chilling at my beach condo and enjoying the easy life for a while – Traitor!  Writing about this will help me work through the deep sea of emotions that vacillate from anger to frustration and eventually end in unwilling submission to a power that is bigger than I am. I am also going to blog my journey because there may be others out there with similar experiences needing support and encouragement. Perhaps, my words or experience will encourage someone to go to the Doctor’s and get a diagnosis early.  Lastly, I am going to blog about these experiences to help raise awareness about Endometriosis and Ovarian Cancer.


I was experiencing extremely painful periods, lower right abdominal pain and a myriad of other symptoms that I thought were unrelated until I learned they could be related.

If you understand the layout of a woman’s body, you know lower right abdominal pain can be a number of different things including:  Gastro (Colon & Appendix), Gynecological, Bladder and UTI.  The pain intensified just before my last period. I spent the better part of a few days trying to focus my awareness to determine where the pain was coming from.  I strongly felt it was Gynecological and made an appointment with my GYN.  I am very grateful I am very aware and in-tuned with my body.  I chose the right doctor right off the bat. I could have spent months going to the wrong doctor and wasting time when I really need an early diagnosis.  Thank God I got it right the first time.

My Doctor’s appointment was on December 4th.  My GYN said the pain I was feeling was definitely where my Ovary is located and he could feel something during the exam.  I had a Trans Vaginal Ultrasound the next morning. The Ultrasound showed a suspicious nodule on the right ovary. But, the Radiologist said they couldn’t give a definitive diagnosis yet. Therefore, I will be having a follow up Ultrasound in six weeks.  The Doctor told me Ovarian Nodules can grow pretty quickly. We should have a better idea if I am going to need surgery or any other treatment in six weeks.


In the meantime, we made an appointment for January 7th for me to start GnRH Agonists and Add Back Progesterone therapy to start a drug induced Menopause.  The Add Back Progesterone Therapy will help with the symptoms of Menopause.  Drug-induced Menopause will accomplish a few things:  it will reduce the pain (which I feel most of the time), it will stop feeding the growth and may shrink it, it will stabilize the growth and it will stop my body from forming any other additional nodules.


My GYN suggested I take some time to educate myself on Endometriosis, my treatment options and Ovarian Nodules.  He did caution me to remember most nodules are benign. But, surgery to remove the Ovary and/or a total Hysterectomy could be needed to eliminate the problem. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Suppression of my period could shrink the nodule and eliminate the pain.
  • Most women who are doing a drug-induced Menopause with Add Back Therapy have favorable results.
  • The only way to do a biopsy on an Ovary is through surgery.  During which they will determine if they only need a biopsy and Ovary removal or need to do more.  As I am 47 years old and will not be having children, a total Hysterectomy is valid treatment option for Endometriosis.
  • Bloating, gas, constipation, needing to pee all the time, and lack of appetite all sound like gastro symptoms and would not be related to a female cancer. But, I learned they are all early symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.  While I have had all of these symptoms in recent months, that doesn’t mean I have Cancer. I could just be having another issue at the same time.  But, now that we know I have an Endometriosis with an Ovarian Nodule we can’t ignore these symptoms.
  • While there is no Cancer on either side of my family, I am personally at a higher risk for Ovarian Cancer because I had my first period before I was ten years old, I never had children and I am now diagnosed with Endometriosis.
  • CA-125 blood test is not a good indicator for Gynecological Cancer in women with Endometriosis.
  • There are no early detection tests for Ovarian Cancer. It is often diagnosed late stage. Cancer research needs to start putting money into this instead focusing so much on boobs.


I’ve had my share of health issues the last four years. I am pissed off and tired. I still doubt if I have the strength to rally through this.  But, I know I have to get up and try.  I told someone how I really felt over the weekend and they got all uncomfortable and hurried off the phone.  GROW THE FUCK UP.  If I am showing up and being brave, you should too.  Be a man, be woman, buck up and have the courage to ride this journey with me.  I may not believe in my own strength right now, but I certainly need yours. Find it. Dig down and find it for me.


I am not saying I have Cancer. I don’t know that.  I ask for prayers that I don’t. But, right now I am standing firmly in the middle of a crisis and last thing I need to do is soften the blow for you.  I’ll be compassionate and considerate of your feelings. But, for once in my life, I am expecting the same in return.  I’ll be keeping things real. That’s the truth.  I told my Mother the other day that she sucked during a crisis, it wasn’t about her and she needed to get a grip because I couldn’t help her with this one.”  She called me yesterday to tell me she was sorry, she knows she sucks in a crisis, she knows she’s insensitive and self-absorbed and she was going to try to get over herself for me.  Lol J  Now, if a 75 year old hard headed little German woman is manning up and is willing to try and change, shouldn’t others who love me be willing to be brave for me? I’m not expecting much. Just a little support considering that’s what I usually give others freely.

My Sister cautioned me to be sure I didn’t say anything I can’t take back. I will remember that and not lash out at anyone. But, I will still speak truth honest, respectful direct truth!


I’m not sure what is going to happen.  I’m hoping and praying that this can be treated with only the Hormones. But, I suppose surgery would be ok too if it solves the problem. I need to get back to being a beach bum.


If you have a story to tell share or can offer some insights on this topic, please comment.

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