Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Sex & Champagne

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Sex & Champagne
By: Linda A. Long

Join me
In the comfort
Of my bed
We will honor
The day
Of your birth
With Champagne
A Champagne brunch
Drink it from my mouth
As you kiss me Frenchly
Drizzle it down my body
As you
Suck it
From my nipples
Massage it
Into my breasts
As you mold them
To the shape
Of your hands
Line my back with
With bubbly kisses
Until you bite
My ass as
You feel
The wetness between my legs
I will be
Your brunch
Eat me
Satisfy the hunger
That builds when
We are near each other
Savoring every part
Of my body
As you sample
The flavors of
My desire for you
Pour the last drops
Of sweet bubbly
Into my pussy
And drink it from me
Hold me
To your mouth
Like a goblet
And drink me
Drink me down
Taste the divine mixture
Of Champagne and
The juice of my pussy
As it runs
Down the edges
Of your mouth
Binge on me
As I moan
Your name
When you are
Full of my juice
Slide your cock
Inside of me
And thrust
Thrust until the
Last bit
Of pent up desire
Explodes into me
Leaving me full
Of your energy
Lying next
To you
Smelling of your
Sex and Champagne
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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MBE’s birthday is later this week. I’m starting his birthday week today by turning up the heat🔥I offer Sex & Champagne to start off the week for him. The little naughty voice inside of me told me he needs it from me today. He needs it BAD😄😈❤️💋🔥😇

Photo Credit ~ Nude Photography

Music “Do You Wanna Touch Me” ~ Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Pennies From Heaven

It’s a common belief by spiritual practioners that finding coins in your path is actually Spirit communicating with you. I remember hearing that a long time ago. But, I forgot about it until just recently.

It’s been my practice to use my strong instincts and intuitive nature to make important decisions for myself. I find I’m happier this way and I make better decisions. Additionally, I’ve noticed in the last year that my intuitive gifts and my abilities to receive messages from Spirit has stregthened. A good friend who is a professional Psychic told me it’s because I’m open to them and they know I hear them. She also told me I’ve always had the gift. I just never really accepted it, trusted it or nurtured it. In the last year, I’ve been nurturing it and have noticed it strengthening.

In recent weeks I’ve been feeling like big changes are coming in my life. It almost feels like God is getting me ready for something. Choices are being laid before me and I’ve been called to trust my ability to make good decisions.

Last Monday morning I asked my deceased sister, Sandy, a question related to work. I said to her, “Give me a sign. Yes or no. I need a yes or no. Then I’ll know what to do.” The question I asked was “Am I meant to be here – in this place, doing this work and with this man?”

Around 10:00am I found a brand new shiney 2015 Penny with Heads facing up under my work chair. I rolled over it. At first I didn’t think much about it and then I remembered Pennies From Heaven😉 My Psychic friend told me earlier this year that 2015 was a big year for me and someone close to me. Big changes; good changes. She told me my whole life would change for the better by the end of this year. I took the 2015 Penny as confirmation of what she said. I also intrepreted finding it on Heads as, “Yes, you are meant to be there, doing that work, in that place with that man.” 😄👍

In the last of couple months a few friends have been encouraging me to buy a condo in the building I live in now. I love it here. But, I’ve been reluctant to buy as I feel like more is coming to me. The last week I let my rational mind control me. I actually started thinking about working with a realtor. This was on my mind all morning. As I drove home I asked Spirit, “What do you think, Yes or No? Is it a good idea for me to buy a condo?”

I was in my bedroom changing my clothes to go for a walk on the boardwalk. I moved my purse off the dresser to find my keys. It was then I saw something shiney under my Himaylian Salt Lamp. I found another shiney new 2015 Penny but this time it was on Tails. I took a picture of it because I couldn’t believe it. At that moment I heard in my heart my sister say, “more is coming. You deserve more. 2015!” Finding the penny with Tails facing up meant NO. Don’t buy yet. More is coming. WOW😄👻

Spirit you are welcomed to chat with me unless I tell you I want privacy😉 And, I absolutely love the Penny thing👍😄

Keep your eyes open for your own messages. Your angels and guides are trying to help you. Trust that little voice. Believe in that strange coincidence. Know you are loved and your guides are trying to protect you. Lastly, be on the lookout for coins. Spirit especially likes to toss coins to get your attention.

(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Here’s the penny I found earlier today👍😄
The Music is, of course, “Pennies From Heaven”. I chose Sarah Vaughn as I love that old style sound.

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Serendipity

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Serendipity
By: Linda A. Long

Speak to me
From the depths
Of your passion
I promise
I will hear your voice
I will follow it
As it leads me
Down into the
Center of your universe
I’ll will lay naked on
The floor of your world
With my arms and legs open
To feel the weight
Of your body
On top of mine
I will press my ear
Against the wall of your soul
From this distance
And listen to
The pattern of your speech
As it
Regulates my heart rhythm
And syncs it up
With yours
Whisper to me
In the naked hush
Of this genuine love
We found
I will lay open and ready
To glide into your
Dreams tonight
On the wings
Of our spirit guides
As the Angels
Open our eyes and hearts
To our future
Together we will
Push against
The old paradigms
We will breathe new
Breadth into each other
With each kiss
To my lips
You will motivate me
I ask you to
And grow with me
Call out to me tonight
Shout across the waters
And lay yourself
Peacefully in the reassurance
Our deepening trust
Spinning around each other
Your world is
My new comfort zone
I am where I belong
Near you
You are where you belong
Near me
We were meant
To find each other
For a reason
I’m called by a power
Deep within me
To follow the sound
The sound
I now know is your heart
Beating with mine
It gets louder
As I get closer
Until the moment
I look into
Your beautiful blue eyes
My nipples raise
To your attention
I’ve surrendered myself
To the union
Our destinies
Come grow with me
Stretch to the limit
Of our capabilities
Free fall
Free fall into kismet
I’m finally ready
I am ready and excited
Are you ready
For the
That found us
Sometimes you find
The best things
When you are not
Looking for them
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Well this poem started coming to me as I walked six miles on the Boardwalk this afternoon. I was actually thinking that MBE’s Public Speaking skills are a gift he should show off more. I hope he gets the chance in the future to show them off more because he’s really quite good & connects with his audience well. Maybe he can do TED talks😀

I was thinking about this because I hate Public Speaking. I took a course in it in college & dropped it because I couldn’t give my first oral presentation without coming close to passing out with anxiety. As a natural introvert being in front of so many people is very stressful to me.

It struck me today that MBE and I are total opposites in so many ways. Yet, we seem to be wildly attracted to each other and good for each other. We compliment each others skill set and fill in what the other doesn’t have. That makes us a good team. I guess opposites do attract.Not sure where we will end up. But, the ever growing mutual appreciation is quite beguiling😀😁😈💋❤️🔥🙏

Music: I seem to be on a Kid Rock kick lately😀 This one is a love song with Sheryl Crow, “Collide”

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Sageword Facebook Page

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Reborn

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Reborn
By: Linda A. Long

Nuzzling my face
Into the soft spot
Of exposed skin
I taste your skin
And feel
Your chest hair
Against my face
Wetness in the
Simplest of exchanges
You ignite the
Evolution to my soul
And drive me
Into the insanity
Of our shared visions
I feel your heartbeat
Saying my name
As I rest
My hand
On your chest
And feel
Your chest hair
In my fingers
Answering your call
I linger slowly
Ever so slowly
I bow to the intoxication
I feel drowsy
In the drunkenness
Of your masculinity
Over my soul
And close my eyes
As my head spins
With sensual delight
In gratitude
For the erotic words
I feel traveling
From my wet vagina
To the tip of my wet lips
You returned words
To my being
Lost in the nuances of life
I lost my voice
Of passion
But I found my words
I found my erotica
In the soft blue flash
Of you that strikes like
Lightening through
My eyes
Sending a message
To the deepest part
Of my sexual goddess
Calling to you
My God
To serve with me
At the altar
Of our lustful and desires
You put the sex
Back into my words
And swung them
On my hips
Until you
Licked me deliciously wet
In the simplest exchange
I am reborn
I am erotically reborn
In the magic
Of our spiritually
Intoxicating connection
I am reborn
Through you
With legs spread open
To relinguish
All control
Into your hands
I receive you
I am reborn
In the power
Of our exchange
I receive you
I am reborn
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Praise God my mojo is back😈❤️💋And it returned in the simplest exchange with MBE. As we spoke, I noticed his chest hair poking through the opening of his beautiful blue golf shirt. In a split second, I felt a flash of heat between my legs. I turned around almost giddy with wetness☺️ Poetry was about to explode out of me. I had to control myself as to not chase after him and hug him💋😈❤️

I knew evetually my mojo would come back. I just needed to move some emotional baggage out of the way to let sexual creativity come through.

Music: I love Kid Rock’s cover of “Feel Like Making Love”❤️😈💋🔥 I think MBE & & I need to put “The Mile High Club” on our joint to do list for obvious reasons ✈️ Watch the video 😈😉 You will see why I mention it😉

Photo Credit:
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Deserving ~ I Am Deserving

“When I was little, I picked up a flower and put it in a vase. After a few days, it died. I asked my mom why and she said: “You can’t force a flower to thrive somewhere it doesn’t belong to. And now I have realized that people are like that too.” ॐ – Author Unknown – Retrieved from Sageword Facebook Page
In an effort to turn the course of my thoughts and release the heaviness of emotions I’ve been struggling with recently, I’m writing another therapeutic post to make some space for creativity again.

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been pushed to a fork in the road. I feel like life is calling me to make choices that will determine my future. I wasn’t really planning to do this now. I was hoping to be like everyone else I know and just coast along in life. I was hoping for once what I have would be all I would need. But, life doesn’t work for me that way. Maybe it doesn’t work that way for anyone? Maybe I’m just more open about it and more willing to change and grow.

Part of what brought me to this place is a feeling growing inside of me. A feeling growing inside of me that is saying I deserve more. I deserve more. I deserve to work to the full capacity of my intellect, talent and skills. I deserve to have satisfaction in my daily activities. I deserve to be in a relationship with a man who is capable of giving me all of him. I deserve to have a healthy body. I deserve to have peace in my life, my body and my mind. I deserve more.

You’ll notice that nowhere in that last paragraph did I speak about being rewarded for my efforts. That is because I don’t think that way. I truly give and help people because I enjoy it. I have no ulterior motives.

In recent weeks I’ve been helping someone at work during a transition time. I offered to do it because I knew he needed the help, he’s very appreciative for the help and I enjoyed doing it. I wanted him to see the level of support and service he should be getting. I wanted him to know he deserved more than he was accepting. That is why I helped him. I wanted to show him by example what he deserved. I don’t seek rewards for those efforts. That’s not what I’m about. I don’t expect anything in return from him other than “thank you Linda” which he has said numerous times👍😄

But, in helping him see he deserved more, I saw I deserved more. We are like mirrors to each other. We show each other what we need to see, what’s holding us back, who we can be and what the possibilities are for ourselves. Through him I’m opening myself up to wanting more. I’m diving further down into myself and using our connection to source profound growth and personal evolution. Some connections are deeply spiritual and have the capacity to spark movement in stagnation.

At this time of reflection in my life, I’m also practicing great caution. I’m looking before I leap. I’m considering alternatives. I’m taking my time. There’s no rush. Things may work out for me organically without a lot of effort from me. But, I must be willing now open my eyes to what else is available to me.

A friend gave me some advice the other day. She said, “Linda, I’m going to tell you what I tell my kids. Open your eyes and look. You’ll either find you like what you have and choose to stay where you are or you will find something that’s better for you, something you like better. Look. You’ll know if it’s time to leap. Trust your intuition.” I suppose that’s what I’m doing. I’m looking.

I am looking for more because I now know I deserve more. How do you know you deserve more? It’s when you can no longer accept less…

(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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The Music is “Driving” By Will Ackerman
This is absolutely favorite piece of music. I close my eyes and tears well up from from the emotions in the chords. The year after my Sister died I was in a pretty deep depression. The truth is I had an emotional/physical/spiritual breakdown. I didn’t know how to live without her. In some ways, I still don’t. In that challenging part of my life, I relied on music to help me get through the long nights. I found this song on the “Conversations With God” CD. I wore the CD out twice. This song especially brings me great peace. It’s almost like it was telling me it was ok to be sad and cry. And, it’s reassuring me that I am being guided and protected by Angels.

Photo Credit:
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Inconvenient Heart

“She had a very inconvenient heart. It always insisted on feeling things ever so deeply.” ॐ – John Mark Green

I have a lot to say this evening. I’m choking on everything I have to say this evening. It’s just that I can’t get the words out of my chest. They are shoved so far down my throat from me holding them back that they are stuck in my chest. Please bare with me as I write this therapeutic post to give myself some freedom and breath.

I’m “sensitive” and extremely empathetic. I am a good psychic too – when I allow myself to be. I spend a lot of time shutting down energies, voices, vibes and intuitions to have some peace in my life. The noise gets to be too much. I am trying to learn how to use my intuition without getting overwhelmed by all the messages I receive. I know this all may sound strange. Some of you won’t understand. But, this is my reality.

I mention this today because I’m picking up someone with a heart so heavy I want to hug her when I am near her. I picking up someone who is so anxious I have anxiety attacks when I’m near her. I’m picking up strong masculine beautiful energy telling me he needs me more than he can say right now. But mostly, I’m picking up the energy of my sister, Sandy, who passed away 16 years ago.

Sandy is whispering in my ear, “you’re not done yet. Nope, you are not done. Go on. Get up. Come on. Get ready.” She’s pushing at my back and saying, “go, go.” She’s telling me more – more is coming. More is waiting for me. Beautiful things lie ahead for me. It’s confusing. As much as I love her presence, I trying to interpret the message she is delivering to me. Is it about my health, my love life, my career, my family? For now I suppose I’ll just enjoy her being here with me. But for tonight I told her to shut up and go haunt my Mother👻 I need some peace. I’m tired of working and trying so hard. I just need to be….be nothing for a few hours.

I had a good bit of frustration this week. I pretty much reached a breaking point and had to just get stuff off my chest. I didn’t get many answers. But today someone did pull me into a conference room for a follow up conversation that made me feel a little bit better about a professional frustration. I was very grateful for heartfelt conversation we had and now I see the bigger picture. I get it. I also decided to take advantage of some free coaching sessions with a career counselor. I thought talking with an objective third party would be helpful for someone who is goal oriented like me. If for no other reason to affirm I’m in the right place, doing the right work for the right reason. I believe in looking at all areas of my life with a critical eye. It’s time for me to do it professionally. Let me be clear. I’m not unhappy. I like where I work. I like the people I work for. I’m very fortunate and lucky to work where I work. But, I also feel it’s time to stop floating along and set a plan for a destination. Unfortunately, my need for immediately clarity doesn’t align well in my work environment. I hoping I’m not writing about the same frustration a year from now😄

Just because I wasn’t miserable enough this week…I got a surprise visitor. I was rather enjoying not having a period. But, on the flip side maybe the cysts are gone now. I had blood work on Wednesday and almost passed out. They told me to go home and lie down. I had to drink some straight up Coke because my blood sugar crashed. But the good news is the blood tests confirmed I am not Diabetic or even Pre-Diabetic. My Fasting Sugar & a1c are absolutely normal. However, my Glucose crashes into the low 50s 3-5 hours after meals. Therefore, I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia. This means: when I eat, my body over-produces Insulin which crashes my blood sugar. Simple Carbs & high Sugar meals cause a greater increase in Insulin resulting a blood sugar crash. Treatment plan: eat or have a snack every 4 to 5 hours & limit simple carbs & sugar. It’s manageable & can be controlled with dietary changes. Reactive hypoglycemia and an increase of Insulin in my body is causing me to struggle to lose weight and is causing gynecological issues too. It’s causing ovarian cysts & missed periods. Crazy when you think of it. My doctor told me three to six months of sticking to the sugar restrictions should be enough time to stabilize my blood sugar. I should notice lots of positive results.

And just because I can’t end this post without an attempt to get some erotic poetry mojo back, MBE looked really cute today. As I was standing next to him looking at him straight in the eye, I thought to myself we look good together and we’re good for each other😉❤️
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Life is best when lived passionately
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Music: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd for Sandy

Rescue me

People who are “sensitive” or are Empaths often have trouble being in places that are crowded, with bright lights and loud noises. The energy that is created in those environments can be overwhelming.

Last night I went to see Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett & Frankie Ballard at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ with two of my nieces who are 31 & 32 years old. The concert was sold out and it was crazy crowded. I could feel anxiety growing inside of me all afternoon. I was moving through it and refusing to take Xanax. I was trying to use breath control to release the mounting anxiety. As the music started pounding so did my chest. The screaming, hollering and flashing lights – well, it damn near made me past out from my heart pounding out of my chest. My hands were shaking as I reached into the pill case in my purse to find Xanax.

In my head I went through scenarios as my chest pounded and my head spun. I didn’t tell my nieces anything. But, I was thinking, “what if I pass out? I don’t want to ruin the show for the girls. Should I leave? They are not good in a crisis. Where is the fucking Xanax?.” I found the Xanax. I remember a little trick my doctor taught me about breaking off a piece and putting it under my tongue to get it into the blood stream quicker. I slowly felt everything calm down and within15 – 20 minutes I was absolutely fine.

As I was watching the show I was thinking about what happened. I realized it has happened at least three times in similar situations. It happened last night. It happened last summer when I saw Darius Rucker at the Borgata and that night it hit just as the lights started flashing, people started screaming and music started pounding. And, it happened when I went to see Joel Osteen in Harrisburg. He was in a sold out Stadium. It was much like a rock concert.

In my younger years, I had these feelings too in some situations. But I assumed it was because I didn’t like large crowds. But, I started realizing it is not anxiety in the traditional sense. It’s over stimulation anxiety. My senses were over stimulated.  A lot of “sensitive/Empathetic people experience this. The emotions of the people surrounding me. The pounding music. The screaming. The strobing lights and being stuck in the middle of a long row with no easy way out. It was all too much for my senses.

My choices are to stay home and not participate in these types of events or I can do so knowing I’ll need Xanax to do it. I had a wonderful time my nieces last night. We made memories and enjoyed a night together away from the rest of family. I was glad I went and glad I had Xanax to rescue me. That’s why Xanax is called a rescue medicine. I’m not too proud to allow myself to be rescued while enjoying life with people I love.

Below are videos from country artists I saw last night. But, “Somewhere With You” by Kenny Chesney is still one of my favs😄👍❤️
After finishing this post, I started thinking about how my heart was beating last night. I have a Congential Arrhythmia. It’s innocent but it can be triggered by lifestyle choices. It did feel like I was out of rhythm when it was happening. I googled it. There is some correlations to loud Bass to the electrial impulses of the heart. An arrhythmia is an electrical problem. It has nothing to do with structure, plaque, cholesterol or age. It electrical impulse issue. I have an appointment with my Cardiologist at Penn in Philly for an EKG & checkup on June 17th. I’ll ask him about loud bass sound at concerts and my arrhythmia. Because it makes sense to me. Xanax definitely leveled me out👍

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ean-Léon Gérôme

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Inside

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Inside
By: Linda A. Long

It must in the way
Your flame licks
Licks the embers
Of the erotic intentions
Resting between my legs
Spurning images in my mind
Creating dialog in my head
Making my body crave you
Like sugar at 3pm
In the afternoon
Craving your attention
Look at me
With those beautiful eyes
Pull the rising heat
Inside of me
Into you
Talk to me
My legs quiver with lust
Float with me
On the river of wetness
Between my legs
Created by our desire
Relax into the place
Of you in me
As we wrap
Around each other
And entwine our worlds
I’ll nourish your desire
Inside of me
It must be in the way
My breasts swell with
Passion from the exchange
Of your eyes to mine that
Opens me
Without reservation
To all of your nuances
Our the tapestry of
Passion we’ve nurtured
Over time
Trusting you
Without hesitance
It must be in the way
Your eyes spun my soul
To create for you
That ignites my mind
With images
Of your body wrapped
Around mine
The core of my
Sexual being responds
To your movement
As if you are
Fanning the flame
The flame of lust
From you to me
Intentionally setting a fire
Inside the wetness
Between my legs
It must be in the way
We are moving closer
To each other
That makes my lust
For you burn brighter
Burn brighter
Shooting from my nipples
To your lips
Leaving you with a kiss
Until you burn
Burn inside of me
Until you are
Inside of me
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Sometimes you just need a guy on inside for a devilious plan to work😉😈💋❤️🔥

“Here Comes My Girl” by Tom Petty would be a good soundtrack for MBE to hear in his head when he sees me😉😄

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Sageword Facebook Page

Sugar, Sugar, Candy Girl ~ Part Two ~(REVISED)

I rode the Tram Car on the AC Boardwalk today. The Jitney drives like 100mph down Pacific Ave. The Tram Car drives like 5 mph on the Boarwalk. It was sloowwww. I could have walked quicker😄😄

I’m sitting on the third floor of The Pier in Atlantic City, NJ waiting for an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar. Since the iOS 8.02 upgrade on my 5C, Safari Browser has been hanging up & I’m getting a download error message on my iPad Air. Both worked fine before the “upgrade”. If it’s way of trying force people to buy the iPhone 6, sorry I’m not interested in paying $300 for a phone AT&T will give me for $100 in September. When Apple Texts me to come back, I’ll pause this blog & resume after the appointment is over. Now for the Sugar update…

I drove up to Philly for an appointment with the Reproducitve Endocrinologist. The drive up was enjoyable. I hit no traffic. I always make my appointments in the city at 11:00am to avoid rush hour. I enjoyed the view of the city on the Schuykill Expressway so much I missed the Vine Street Expressway exit and didn’t even notice until I got to the Philly Zoo. I took the West River Drive back into the city which has a fanstastic view of the city as well.

The Doctor’s appointment was interesting. It’s looking more like my blood sugar & Insulin levels spiking and crashing have been causing my hormonal issues. The Doctor told me a Hystectomy or any invasive procedure is off the table until we see how my body responds to the new diet. She said it could take six months to a year for the dust to settle. But we should have a good indication in another three months. In six months, the multiple Ovarian Cyst and missed periods may not be a problem because stabilized blood sugar should help both or I could already be in Menopause😄 I’m hoping for the later😉

I learned yesterday that there are Insulin Receptors on the Ovaries. High levels of Insulin in the body will cause Ovarian Cysts & interfer with Ovulation. While I wasn’t perscribe any medicine, I was given the following advice:

    Take a 1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon daily, preferably sprinkled throughout the day. It controls blood sugar and Insulin spikes.
    I was also told to continue the low sugar low simple carb diet.
    High Quality Organic Dark Chocolate in small portions is ok because it’s low in sugar and high in nutrients.
    The doctor also told me caffeine is off limits. It spikes blood sugar. Decaf may do it too. I told her I’m NOT giving up coffee but will be sure to drink decaf.
    Also, I may need another Bladder Scope in a few months after we see what happens with diet changes.

The Doctor gave me a prescription for a Pelvic Ultrasound for the future. She wants me to wait after next week to do it to see if I get a period. If the pelvic pain nags on for too long or if the crazy bad pain i had last week returns, she wants me to try & get the ultrasound while I have the intense pain. She thinks the pain I had last week was actually a cyst on my left ovary rupturing but since the pain subsided, no use having an unnecassary test.

It blows my mind that my blood sugar and insulin are the source of my gynocological issues. But, but knowing it, I feel empowered. I can do something about this. I can do something really good for myself by learning to eat appropriately for someone with blood sugar issues. I don’t need surgery and it’s not life threatening. It’s Sugar. Just sugar. I’ll survive without it.

I had dinner with my best friend last night. We do a one to one dinner once a month. It was wonderful, as always. She finished Chemo a few months ago. She told me last night she had a Pet Scan on Wednesday. There are a few new spots on her Lungs. She sees the Oncologist at Fox Chase which is a few blocks from my Mom’s house in Philly, on Monday. We decided to think good positive thoughts. She feels good and looks great; Nothing like when she was first diagnosed with Cancer two years ago. We agreed to not call the spots Cancer unless the Oncologist says that’s what is. She was diagnosed with Peritoneal Cancer two years ago. Peritoneal Cancer is a female cancer that is especially aggressive and often diagnosed late stage. She has been beating the odds thus far. It’s in God’s hands to ensure she continues to do so. 

Just spent two hours in the Apple Store. The boy genius wiped both devices clean and reinstalled my backup. The problems should be corrected. However, the workaround for the phone issue is to use the Chrome App as my browser instead of Safari because Chrome didn’t have a load issue on 5C. If the problem comes back on the iPad, I’ll have to reset it as a new device and not reinstall a backup but recreate instead.
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Like A Boss

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Like A Boss
By: Linda A. Long

Spun around my hips
His words
Wrapped around my hips
Like bondage
To the wetness
That rested in
The place of my desire
Like a boss
He made my arousal
Rise to his command
Blushing with
The hardness of my nipples
Hidden yet stimulated
He slowly pulls
On my thread
And releases
Our passions
In the smallest exchange
He arouses me
Like a boss
Fuck me
Like a boss
I whisper to his
Most primal desire
I want you to
I say it
With my eyes
You have been
Making me wet
All day long
I serve the King
With the energetic force
Of his presence
I see his desires
As they stir
My juices
My mind flashes images
Of me
Looking him straight
In the eyes then
Slowly slipping
My panties down
Unzipping his trousers
Pushing him down on to a chair
Lifting my skirt up
Over my hips
And riding him
Riding him
Like a boss
Like a fucking boss
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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I enjoyed today😉💋❤️😈🔥 MBE🔥

Also, I felt good. Nothing hurt. Sugar Withdrawal is tapering off. I had a craving & a bit of a headache late afternoon but it wasn’t too bad👍

I was driving when this poem came to me. I pulled over and wrote the beginning to just get out of my head👍

The music is “Cowboy” from Kid Rock. I love this song. I remember seeing Kenny Chesney at the Linc a few years. When he sang this song, Kid Rock joined him on stage and stadium went berserk😄😄 I’m not huge country music fan. But, country music concerts are a fun especially when they add some rock. I’m going to another country concert next Friday night. Two of my nieces are coming down to my house & we are seeing Florida Georgia Line at Boardwalk Hall. The funny thing is I could not tell you one song they sing. But, the girls really them and wanted to come down the shore for the weekend. So, I am going to see Florida Georgia Line with them😄👍

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Sugar Sugar Candy Girl 

Hello. My name is Linda and apparently I have been a Sugar Addict for a long time. I really had no clue. Being a Sugar Addict doesn’t have the same stigma as being an Alcoholic or a Drug Addict. It’s almost a joke to think my drug of choice is Chocolate Mousse Cake, a cookie, Red Sour Patch Kids, and, yes, Venti Nonfat Chai Lattes☕️😄 But, now that I am in the tenth day of my Sugar Detox I see things clearly. And, believe me, I’m feeling the withdrawal symptoms. Sugar Rehab maybe have been a good choice👍

I see now that my love affair with Sugar started a long time but not in the forms of candy or cakes. While I don’t remember being a huge fan of sweets when I was a child, I do vividly remember finding beer as a teenager. There’s nothing like a cold beer on a Friday night or Tuesday afternoon. I really liked beer for a long time. But there’s no sugar in beer, right?

My palate matured in my 30s and I found wine. I never liked the cheap-ass sweet fake wine, White Zinfandel. My wine aficionado days started the moment my former roommate put a glass of expensive buttery Chardonnay in my hand. As my love of wine grew, I became a red wine snob. 🍷 I liked delicious spicy dry Reds. Argentine Malbec wines were my favorite. But, there is no sugar in red wine, right? It’s dry not sweet. Well, that’s what I told myself anyway.

I wasn’t eating cake, cookies or candy. But, I was having a couple glasses of wine every night to unspin my brain and decompress. By 3pm the cravings started and I knew by 6pm I would be into my second delicious glass and savoring every minute of my indulgence. A few years ago having a couple glasses of wine every night didn’t seem like indulgence to me. It was just a way of life. Everyone did it. It’s a socially acceptable norm for people to come home and uncork a new bottle of wine they haven’t tried yet. And, wine is good for your heart, right? Wine is not Sugar. It’s better for you than Beer because it doesn’t have Carbs. For that matter, a shot of Tequila is better for you than beer because it doesn’t have carbs.

Let me keep it real for the drinkers out there. It doesn’t matter if your drink of choice is no carb or low carb, Alcohol adversely affects blood sugar. There is plenty of scientific evidence to prove it. I was telling myself lies.

Do you see where I am going with this? Whether I was ignorant by choice, willfully blind or just basking in the sun on the Isle of Denial, I was really very clueless and bit reckless with my body. Back in those days, I was willing to party hard and take drugs to offset whatever ailed me. There are meds for everything now. You can live the worse lifestyle, be 50lbs over-weight but still have perfect blood tests because of the wonders of the pharmaceutical industry.

Three and half years ago, I made a conscious choice to clean up my act and set my course on a new future. I quit drinking Alcohol and smoking cigarettes on the same day. I decided that day to take responsibility for my sick body and own my shit. I sat in the middle of the storm in my life and chose a new future. Honestly, I don’t miss smoking or drinking. I do miss the flavor of wine. But the flavor of wine will never taste as good healthy feels. I remember that everyday. When I quit drinking, I picked up a bitch of a sweet tooth. In came the new nickname, Chocolate Mousse Girl, at the local gluten free bakery🍰☺️🙀

Almost four years later, I’ve put on a couple pounds, I’ve been having hormonal issues, I’ve lost some hair and slowly my body was trying to tell me something. It was telling me my hormones were messed up and I needed a hysterectomy. Lol😄 That’s right! Let’s do surgery instead of doing that Glucose Tolerance Blood test three hours after eating a meal, Doc! 😄 Really, I’m good with that. Well, I was good with that until a Doctor tricked me; She took an un-fasted blood test on the spot in her office which revealed Hypoglycemia which is a pre-diabetic condition. That bitch called me Insulin Resistant. 😄 She had to be wrong.

Well, the bitch gave me a protocol to follow, asked me to have few other tests and come back in early May or June for followup. It wasn’t until two weeks ago when I started having a flare-up of pelvic pain that I revisited her comments about sugar affecting hormonal balance. She told me too much Insulin, which is a hormone, can throw all hormones out of balance.

I took a five mile walk on the boardwalk and walked home eating like ten pounds of Red Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish. When I got home, I threw out what remained in the bag and started Sugar Detox. The first five or six days were fairly easy. But, since Saturday I’ve fighting a war of wills between the angel and devil. The Devil is having intense sugar cravings and saying, “sugar, sugar, oh, honey, honey, you are my candy girl….” 😄😈 And the Angel is saying “you won’t beat me bitch!”😇

My doctor told me if I absolutely needed a sugar/candy fix , a small piece of 88% Dark Chocolate is fine as it is very low in sugar and has health benefits. I have indulged once or twice. I am experiencing some crazy physical issues. I read the sugar withdrawal symptoms are no joke. I’m dealing with it by drinking lots of fresh Ginger Tea and using Wild Alaskan Caught Salmon Oil & Tumeric to fight inflammation in my body. I’m also taking Natural Calm Magnesium Powder at bedtime. It’s been helping me sleep. All in all I’m getting through it. Detox can’t last forever. Thank God. I got this! I’m doing it like a boss…

As of right now, I’m not using any refined sugars😇 I’m not drinking anything sweet😓 I’m not eating any dessert or candy. I’ve only had a piece of dark chocolate twice. I’m only eating Complex Carbs instead of Simple Carbs(See graphic below). I’m eating fruit. And, I will allow myself a piece of cake and some indulgence as a treat once in a while. But, sugar doesn’t tastes as good as healthy balanced hormones will eventually feel. That’s a fact. And that’s why I’m doing this.
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Thought I would share some sugar facts:

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Sageword Facebook Page

Proud To Still Be Hot, And A Mess…

I am a hot mess this weekend😄 I’ve had some intense lower left Pelvic Pain and I’m having some Sugar Withdrawal symptoms. I’m a sugar lovin’, Pre-menopausal frustrated hot mess. But, thankfully, I have a good head on my shoulders. I don’t panic. I have common sense and a good sense of humor about the crazy stuff my body is doing lately.

I’ve been absolutely exhausted which I think is my body adjusting to my new low or no sugar lifestyle. Trust me, I would be satisfying the cravings of my sweet tooth all day long if I wasn’t told I’m Insulin Resistant which is Pre-Diabetic. Thankfully, it’s reversible with lifestyle changes. It would irresponsible for me to ignore the symptoms as many others do. It frustrates me. But, it is also within my control and it is causing hormonal fluctuations. So, it’s time to Sugar detox and move forward in life with stabilized blood sugar.

As for the lower left Pelvic Pain, it was pretty intense last night between 3pm and 3am. I was up most of the night. Tramadol, a Narcotic pain killer, wasn’t even taking the edge off of it at first. The Doctor taught me how to triage myself when I get pain like that. For example, the pain was on the left not the right. Therefore, it was probably not Appendicitis. I didn’t have a fever; it probably wasn’t an infection. I was passing Urine, Stool & Gas; it probably wasn’t a Kidney Stone or a Bowel Obstruction. I had pain and sensitivity in the lower left Ovarian area but wasn’t throwing up. I wasn’t nauseous. I wasn’t bleeding and I could stand up and move around. I thought it was most likely an Ovarian Cyst; that really bummed me out. I think it acts up when I ovulate and that means a Period is on the way. BUMMER. Once I have another Period, the 12 month Menopausal clock is reset. We start counting missed Periods all over again. But, I also wondered if the radical change in my Blood Sugar could be affect my hormones enough to cause the Ovarian issues. I spent some time at 1am this morning Googling that. And, guess what? Yes, blood sugar levels can affect ovulation.

Back to how I got through last night…While it would have been nice to get hooked up on a Morphine drip for a while in the ER, it didn’t seem necessary. I also knew I had a followup for Bladder Scope with the Gynecological Urologist on Monday at 3:45pm. She can do an exam then. Instead of paying a $125 copay for a Morphine drip, I made some Ginger Tea from fresh grated Ginger. I broke out the Heating pad and took the Tramadol every six hours. The pain slowly subsided. But, I didn’t really sleep until this morning.I stayed in bed late. I also cancelled my plans to go up to Philly for dinner at my niece’s house. I needed to slow down & take care of myself.

It’s occurred to me this weekend that “growing old gracefully” isn’t possible. It’s not possible. It sounds nice. It seems like words of wisdom from your prim and proper grand mother. But, it’s not reality. At least not in my world. For example, my Mom is a 75 year old Great Grand Mom. She can talk trash with the best of them and trust me she can make a Saint lose their patience and bang their head against a wall. Let’s not even talk about the F-Bombs she drops and her “keep it real even if it hurts” communication style. My Sister is a beautiful 53 year old Redhead. She wears tattoos proudly and, since her kids are grown, she’s reverted to being a teenager herself. My other sister is 54. She made an announcement at Sunday dinner not long ago that she was no longer bailing anyone out of jail😄 That statement should tell you a lot about tempers in the Long Family and how graceful my tribe is as a whole🙀So, why should I be any different?

Seriously, I’m going be a train wreck. You know, the type you aren’t sure you want to look at but can’t take your eyes off. And guess what, I’m ok with it. I’m ok with it because I’m going to share what learn about health issues so people are educated. I’m going to talk about the stuff other women are too embarrassed to say like Vagina, enjoying sex and, much to my surprise, totally shaving all the carpet off is not recommended by Docs. I was told to let it grow out & trim instead😉 The carpet protects the sensitive areas from unwanted invaders. But mostly, I’m going to speak the truth. Hopefully, others out there will know they are not alone.

As my Mother has said, “Getting old ain’t for sissies and I’m no fucking sissy.” 😉😄😇😂 I’m proud to say I’m almost 50. I’m almost in Menopause. I’m almost a Diabetic but working on reversing it. I almost have the carpet completely shaved now because apparently I didn’t know women actually need a little carpet😉 I’m almost a lot of things now. But, I am still HOT and I’m a bit of a mess. Yes, I am now officially a hot mess🔥🔥💋

The Music is “Blister In The Sun” by the Violent Femmes. I spent a lot of fun, crazy drunken nights in the 80s & 90s dancing at 2:00am to this song. I saw the Violent Femmes at The House Of Blues in 2007. My girlfriends and I all turned 40 that year. One of their husbands bought four of us tickets. Things that happened night still crack us but my lips are sealed…😈💋❤️

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Life is best when lived passionately
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I Love Coupons

I love coupons👍😄 One day in the future I shall nonchalantly slip this into MBE’s hand one day out of the blue while we are being very serious☺️ Just to have a little fun and see his reaction😉 ☺️ When he redeems it, I’ll keep it. I’ll use it during one of my orgasmic emergencies at a surprise time & location😄😉😈 It can be a little game we can play to keep things spicy😈🔥💋🙀😇  

I’m feeling very tired today. But, apparently I still have the energy to do some  planning – some wickedly delicious planning of sexual activities for the future with MBE😉 I’m a planner by nature; he knows that😉 He has some exciting times to look forward to. I guarantee that👍😄🔥

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Changes, Menopause & the Vajayjay 

If you’ve been reading Linda Long Writes for a while, you know I’ve been a roller coaster the last year or so with regards to my hormones & gynecological issues. In 18 months, I’ve had only 9 periods. I’m not heart-broken about this😄 However, it’s not normal and I’ve had pain and other issues. I spent most of last year’s holidays on the sofa with a heating pad on my pelvic region because I was in chronic pain. I was told I had Endometriosis. That made no sense to me as I was skipping periods not having extra long periods.

So, around Christmas I decided I was done dealing with local docs and I was done being told “it’s your age. You’re peri-menopausal.” That meant I don’t know why your hormones are fucked up. But, here, take this drug for Endo and see if it helps. I’m an educated patient & consumer; nothing goes into my body without research. No drugs thanks. Let’s get to the source of the problem. I’ll take a pain med when I need it.

In January I started seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist in Philly, Dr. Maureen Kelly. She has been very beneficial and helpful. Early on, she told me my hormones were causing a lot of my symptoms but my Uterus was most likely source of my problem. She also felt something abnormal on the outside of my Uterus, most likely a fibroid. The MRI showed nothing.

The doctor wanted to do exploratory Laparoscopic surgery to see what in there. But, she decided to hold off and be cautious. I’m allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs. She didn’t want to put me through anything invasive that could cause a lot of pain if it wasn’t necessary. As I can only take narcotics or one Tylenol for pain. And, she said if I am on the threshold of Menopause, monthly painful cycles will stop and I’ll stop growing fibroids. Mother Nature will solve the problem. In my appointment with her in February,she gave me a list of things to do before I came back in June and while we waited to see if my Period came back.

First,the Doctor requested I have Pelvic Floor Evaluation & Physical Therapy which basically amounts to P/T for the Vajayjay and Kegels. They also breakup connective tissue that becomes bunched up from lower pelvic pain and cysts. I’m doing this now and I am finding it very helpful. If anyone would have told me I would have the strength of my vagina tested, I would have thought they were out of their mind. As it turns out, my vagina is in pretty good shape for a 48 year old near Menopause. My Vagina scored 3.5 out 5😄😄 I asked, “who scores 5 out of 5?” She said, “20 year olds.” 😄😄 I can almost crack a nut or at least get a good hold on a cock😉 I was also told to keep the Vagina toned and lubricated with either regular intercourse or regular use of a vibrator😉 No joke. I was really told this in a P/T appointment. It’s been one crazy trip😂 A lot of women lose interest in sex because their vaginas lose tone & essentially dry up. Then sex hurts. No worries. I won’t dry up😉 I’ve been a fan of vibrators for a long time😉 I don’t need a man to keep my vagina loose😄 But it certainly is more fun with a partner. Hmmm… Makes me think of Mr. Blue Eyes….😈 I digress….

Next on the Doctor’s punch list was a scope of my Bladder to confirm there wasn’t any Endometriosis or dysfunction in my Bladder. I did this today. It was a big pain in my ass, Figuratively and literally. The shot of antibiotics they gave me in my ass hurt😄 The scope showed my Bladder is in good shape. But, she said my Uterus is pushing on my Bladder and it looks like a Fibroid or a Endometrial growth is on it. Nothing serious. But she also said if I’m on the threshold of menopause, that issue will clear up when I stop having a cycle. The hormones won’t feed the growths anymore😉 Menopause is looking better and better😄

Next on the Gyn’s list was for me to give up my Sugar Addiction. My blood work showed I had hypoglycemia. It could eventually lead to Diabetes. It’s probably the reason I gained a few pounds in the last year. It can cause my hair to thin. And, Sugar alone will cause volatile swings in female hormones.

Oh my fucking God! I already gave up cigarettes, alcohol, gluten, shellfish & now you are fucking with my sugar????? Well, it took a while for me to reach acceptance on this one. Actually, it only happened last week😄 I’m working on quitting sugar. I switched to black coffee. I’m actually enjoying the taste of the coffee more now. I have a four week plan I’m working so I don’t put myself into withdrawal😄 I’m still allowed a little and Dark Chocolate is approved in small doses. No one, I mean not one person better fuck with my Dark Chocolate🍫🍫🍫

I need to call my Doc in Philly & make my follow up appointment. Not sure what will happen. But, considering I’ve skipped a few periods, I’m thinking we’ll wait and see if it’s done. The bummer is you have to skip 12 periods before you officially are in menopause. As of right now, I want it done and over with. I’m not up for surgery. But going to the specialist in Philly was the best thing I could have done for myself. She was very thorough. I got answers, support & results.

In case anyone needs a Reproductive Endocrinologist, here’s her website:

Society Hill Reproductive Medicine
Dr. Maureen Kelly
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Life is best when lived passionately
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I chose “Landslide” for this post because its about handling life’s changes & reminds me of my sisters. In the last 16 years, I haven’t made it through the song without tearing up. Sad and happy tears.

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Poetry – Who Are You

Poetry – Who Are You?
By: Linda A. Long

Heart of sorrows
I carried you
As if you were
My child
I protected you
I sheltered you
Heartache still
Knocked on my door
Love still
Broke my heart
People still died
Heroes still
Betrayed my body
Heroines still
Tried to break me
All of the attacks
I tried to prevent
Still happened
They still happened
There were times
When I laid
Down my sword
I was tired
Weary from
Constantly having
To stand up
When others chose
To lay down
There have been times
When I closed my eyes
Because I couldn’t
Handle seeing the truth
It’s not easy
Being a warrior
It’s not easy
Finding courage
When you your
Heart pounds
With fear
I am a natural
Born warrior
I don’t give up
While I may
Lay down and rest
My head
And I may
Tell myself
That I am done
I know at the end
Of the day
I will rise up
And fight again
You can choose
To be defeated
Or you can chose
To go down fighting
I know which
One I am
I know who
I am
Do you
Who are you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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This is a work in process. I may rewrite it. I wrote it while waiting in a surgical center to have an outpatient procedure.

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Try

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Try
By: Linda A. Long

I have peaches
Waiting for your return
I felt them
This morning while
I was in the shower
You were on my mind
I was aroused
My nipples grew hard
As I stroked the tips
Of my breasts
I thought of you
So far away
You are far away
I wish I was with you
I would step
Out of the shower
And slide my
Clean wet body
Back into bed
Next to you
Ready for you
To taste
Open for you to lick
The juice
Of my body
Would nourish you
Before you
Leave for work
I want you
More than
I’ve ever wanted
Any other man
You tap into
The very core
Of what inspires me
And what motivates me
I will gladly
Put myself
In your hands
I thought about you
This moring
And the juice
Of my body
Running down your cheek
I lick the corner
Of your mouth
For a taste
Just before our lips meet
Tasting the sweet
Fruit of my body
In your mouth
You were in thoughts
As I lay in bed tonight
I will
Touch my wetness
In gratitude
To you
For returning lust
To my life
Sparking my intellect
Feeding my passion
Slowly entwining
Your life around mine
You and I are connected
You make me
A little harder
For that
I thank you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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MBE leads me by example and that inspires me. He’s also damn cute and that makes me wet. He makes me try to be better💋❤️😈🔥😇

The music is one of my top 10 favorite songs EVER:
Janis Joplin – “Try”. I even stole a line in of the song in the poem❤️💋

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Erotic Highway

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Erotic Highway
By: Linda A. Long

I’ll pave
The road
To hell
For you
With soft kisses
From my lips
To your cock
I’ll smile to you
Angelic in passing
But you always know
My thoughts
I want to
Ride the
Highway to hell
With you
I paved it with
My naughtiest intentions
The path
Down to my vagina
Is lined with
Delicious dark chocolate
Lick and savor my decadence
Lick your way down
Before you
Eat me as
Your last meal
The highway
To hell for us
Starts with the fire
Between our eyes
Sealed with a kiss
On the lips
As you get off
In the wet
Center lane between
My legs
Drive your desires
Into me
Like a Lamborghini
And know
My legs
Lay spread
Open for you
On the highway
Into erotic hell
Look into my eyes
I’ll grab hold
Of your ass
Drive your cock
Down deep
Into me
Along the flaming road
Of my vagina
I’ll hold on
To your hips
With legs
I’ll wrap tightly
Around your waist
As you ride
Down the
Highway to hell
With me
Ride me
Into hell
Ride me
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Sometimes it doesn’t take much to spark a lusty poem. I saw an
AC/DC t-shirt today. And, thought MBE should lick ME like a lollipop while we are on a highway to hell anyway😉🍭😇❤️💋❤️😈🔥😇

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Preppy Muse

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Preppy Muse
By: Linda A. Long

Spin me something
Erotically delicious
With your thoughts
And tell me a
Naughty tale
A tale
You only tell
To me
In the words
Of your fantasies
The most primitive part
Of my being
And let the whore
That lives
In the deepest part
Of my soul
Loose with
Wetness for you
You make me wet
My preppy blue eyed muse
I’m waiting
In our secret fantasy world
I need you to
Command me
With the dominance
Of a powerful lover
Would you like to
Bend me over your desk
What erotic game
Will we play today
As my eyes meet yours
I know
You hear me
As I purr for you
Seduce me
As if you are
A warrior returning
From battle
And I’m your
Insatiable nymph
Fuck me
In your ear
It’s so loud
You hear it
As if
I am standing
Next to you
Only you can
Hear me say
Fuck me
Like you own me
My Muse
Fuck me
Like you own me
I purr for you
Brand my body
With your signature
So there is no
You are my
I see
Under the preppy
Blue Oxford
Is the heart
Of a man
That beats
Wildly for the
Catch of my eye
I hear your cock
As you walk by
Calling to me
Come unbutton
My shirt
And place
Your hand on my chest
Just for a moment
Before you slide
To your knees
In front of me
Unzip my Khakis
To reveal
My lust for you
I’ll brush your
Hair away from
Your eyes
Just to
Look down at your
Big brown eyes
And watch
As I slide in and out
Of your mouth
He said,
“And the value of the
Work Breakdown Structure is”
That quick
With the click
Of a slide
On the screen
I’m back in my reality
Waiting patiently
To finish my fantasy
And write this
Naughty poem
For my preppy muse
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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I’ve been in a training class this week. My thoughts drifted a couple times. MBE has been looking really cute. I like the preppy look on him. I could lick him like a lollipop🍭😉💋❤️😈🔥😇

The Music is Alicia Keys “If I Aint Got You”

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Advice To 16 Year Old Self

  A friend from high school asked me last week “What advice would you give your 16 year old self?”. After attending our 30th Reunion with her today, here’s my reply…

If I could go back and give my 16 year old self some advice, I would say:

Love. Don’t let your fear of loss keep you from loving

Pray. God will always have your back. Praise & thank him through your circumstance.

Write. Your passion is writing.You are good at it. Make your living writing.

Spirit: You are most happy when you are spiritually & emotionally grounded. Use Yoga & meditation to ground yourself.

Alone. Walk your own path even if you walk it alone most of the time.

Happy hour. Don’t go every Friday night. It will eventually lead to trouble & is a big waste of time.

Drums: Buy a Djembe Drum & bang the shit out of it.

Money: It’s good to be comfortable but you are & always will be a minimalist in all aspects of life.

Intuition: Trust your God given instincts & intuition.

Intellegence: Apply yourself & use your God given intelligence.

College: Stay in Philadelphia Textiles(now Philly U) & finish your degree & go right for a Masters Degree. When you finally finish your BS at 40 years old, you’ll wish you had more time to keep going.

Breathe: You will make yourself sick by not breathing and stressing too much.

Relax: Take the pressure off of yourself.

Belonging: Belong to yourself first. Remember, you are just fine the way you are & do not shrink to fit into any crowd.

Let Go. Let go of anything that no longer serves you or grows you. Leave behind anything or anyone who attempts to hold you back or bully you into following them.

Move: Take the job in NYC when you are 29. You’ll regret turning it down.

Passion: Live, write, love. Pursue life passionately and don’t be afraid to fail.

HeLp: Ask for help when you need it.

Talk: Do not internalize your ferlings.

SBA: Thank your single Mother for struggling to send you to a private all girls high school. The girls you will meet there will become your life long friends.

There’s more… but, I’ll stop here.

Oh yeah, BUY Google and Apple stock at the IPO😉

(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Future Of Lust

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Future Of Lust
By: Linda A. Long

There’s a quiet energy
That passes between
You and me
When we are near each other
It opens my legs
In quiet submission
To your masculine power
Yielding to the force
Of the femininity
The throbs deep
Within until
I am wet
It’s the energy
That passes between
The two of us
That creates a force field
Of sexual wanting
A knowing of desire
An electrified
Unspoken agreement
Between us
That fills the air
Between my breasts
With the intensity of lust
Our intensity
It made me nervous
In the beginning
Almost anxious
With excitement
Nervous with embarrassment that
That my face would
Show the lusty intentions
That ached quietly
Between my legs
For morsel of your attention
The glance of your eye
The engagement of you
In the erotic world
Of my thoughts
And poetry
As time has passed
I’ve grown Accustomed
To the affects of
Our intensity on my body
I must confess
Your presence nourishes me
I’m not a talkative person
I could sit without
Saying a word out loud all day
But, somehow
You hear me
You hear my thoughts
And know I need you
Your body
Leans into the me
I feel your warmth
Rise up thighs
And wet me with desire
I feel your spirit lift
In the connection
As my quiet words
Fall on your lips
In a private kiss
Of acknowledgement
That you are
The lightening to my spine
I hear your pace quicken
With a spark
From the private space
We’ve created with
Each other
In our very public world
I see
I see a future
In the blue of your eyes
Where I am
The very best
I am capable of being
And you are
The center of
My world
Splitting my legs open
And burning your
Name into me
On the tip of your manhood
I see a future
Where you are supported
Loved and admired
And I write you
My desires
With my nipples
On your chest
I see a future
Where my hand
Belongs resting
In the warmth
Of your palm
Losing myself
In the blue
Of your eyes
I wrestle
Today with impatience
Because the future
I see for us
Is so beautiful
I want it
I want you
I want
The future of lust
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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I looked at MBE today and saw the future. I heard him speak today and knew he was pulling words out of me. As my mind drifted for a moment, I took a couple minutes to grab my phone & write the first couple lines of this poem. I wrote just enough to give me a prompt to pick it up & finish tonight. I learned when I’m sparked & I start hearing words in my head I need to stop and at least scribe a line or two as a mental bookmark. Then I can go back to whatever I am doing.

The moment made me giggle to myself and blush a bit☺️ Just as I was finishing the sentence & getting ready to put my phone down, MBE walked by on his way somewhere quickly. We looked at each other. I may have jumped a little because his timing was almost psychic and felt like he caught me in the act of writing about opening my legs for him in quiet submission 🔥💋☺️😈 I almost felt like he knew what I was thinking or maybe wondering if I was writing him something☺️

The music is The Fugees with Lauryn Hill singing “Killing Me Softly”

Photo Credit:
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