How’s Your Suffering?

My Meditation teacher walked into the room tonight and asked, “How’s everybody doing with their suffering this week?” 😄 The question was half joking but it also was very serious because we’ve been working on suffering as catalyst for growth and change.

We all suffer for different reasons. Some of my worst suffering has been self-inflicted. It was caused by my attachment to things, people and expectations. I’ve learned to let go of things. I travel much lighter these days. While I am much better now at letting go of people who do not align with me spiritually any longer, I do still feel guilty when I have to distance myself from someone. That causes me suffering even though I know it is for my best interest. And, admittedly, I still get hung up on expectations. It’s a constant struggle for me to stay mindful and see when I am “expecting” something or attaching myself to certain outcomes. Expectations always lead to suffering. That’s a big concept to accept but think it over for while. You will see it’s true. Our expectations of situations and people set us up for disappointment. Learning how to control my expectations is my challenge and my biggest opportunity for growth.

Over time I’ve learned the only way to transmute suffering is to first invite it to the table with you. Live with it. Sleep with it. Own it. I’ve also learned suffering is universal. Everyone suffers in one way or another. Some of us cause our own suffering. Some of us cause suffering for others. Some of us are attached to our suffering and wouldn’t know how to live without it. But, those who are conscious are capable of transmuting suffering into a powerful agent of change and growth in their lives.

Tonight I ask you ~ How are you suffering? What is in your life that is holding you back? What are you attached to? Do you have expectations that are causing you disappointment?

I also ask ~ Who would you be if it fell away? If you stripped everything away – if you lost it all – your job, car, house, clothes and reputation, who would you be?

Can you sit in with your suffering and feel it? Can you sit in the middle of all the crap that’s rising up inside of you and just be still with it without trying to move it, fix it or put a happy face on it? Can you accept it?

Lastly, are you willing to let it go, let it all go to find peace with in? Are you willing to surrender into your suffering and allow it to change you?

(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Love, Sex & Poetry ~ The Surrender

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word surrender. Life forced me to be a fighter at a young age. I never backed down. I never surrendered to anyone or anything.

As I’ve expanded my consciousness in recent years, I’ve learned surrendering takes courage. Often the only way for us to end one chapter of our lives and bravely start a new one is to first surrender to what is in our life instead of holding on to what was. We must surrender to the truth in our lives and in our hearts to find peace and begin again.

Once I started to understand that surrendering was a way to transform any situation into a opportunity for growth I started embracing the moments of truth that call me to change and grow. This poem is born out of those thoughts

The Surrender
By: Linda A. Long

As I surrender
To what is
Without knowing
What will be
I lay my
Hopes and fears
At your feet
And acquiesce
To the intuitions
I hear in my soul
And see in my dreams
Nervously trusting you
More than
I’ve ever trusted
Another person
I put my fate
Into your hands
I’m trusting you
With my destiny
Without reservation
And growing
Through the experience
Realizing I
Broke through
The old paradigms
That prevented me
From love
In releasing myself
From the fear of loss
I’m timidly opening my heart
To you
Balancing myself
Ever so carefully
Releasing pain
From the past
And embracing
The possibility
Of could be
I surrender
To the budding love
I feel in my heart
And willfully
Allow my heart
To feel again
I surrender
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Art ~ Jonas Kunickas
Music ~ “Shut Your Eyes” By Snow Patrol ❤️ this song❤️❤️❤️

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Black Art

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Black Art
By: Linda A. Long

Under your spell
I am under the spell
Of your strong masculine energy
You command
My legs to spread
Ever so slightly in presence
In anticipation of your entrance
Into my haven
Wet for your enjoyment
The black magic
Your eyes spin
Over my body
Conjure my wildest desires
In the echo
Of my cleavage for you
Enchanted by
The rise of passion
When we are close to each
I nervously touch
My thigh as if to
Invite you to
Break free in the moment and
Touch the fire
Between my legs
As it Grows into an inferno
My eyes bewitching you to
Press me against
The wall
And feel my desire
For you
No longer embarrassed
By the sexual response
That my body has
To your presence
I’m no longer resistant
To the sorcery
You have over my body
I will show you
The passion
That burns
In my soul
For you
I will wrap my arms
Around you
And kiss you
Like a teenager
I will wrap
My legs around you
And pull you
To my wetness
Like the whore
Your voodoo
Makes me want to be
By your black art
I surrender
To the erotic yearnings
I have for you
And willingly submit
Myself to your command
I’m yours
I’m under your spell
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Art ~ Samarel –

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Crash

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Crash
By: Linda A. Long

I proclaim yes
As my hips
Glide across your hips
With each movement
The friction between us
Builds a momentum
Linking you
To my vagina
Pulling you
Deeper within me
Pressing myself tighter
Against your chest
Kissing your lips
My eyes meet yours
I pin your arms down
To the bed
As I surrender
In an erotic trance
Of the passion we share
Completely losing inhibitions
I lose track of place and time
All I know is you, us and now
All I feel is you inside of me
Your hand smacking my ass
All I hear is your voice
Pulling it out of me
Pulling out the words
Of my lust for you
Your voice pushing me
Into a chain of orgasms
Punctuated by you
Pushing hard inside
Of me one last time
Until we both
Melt into the peacefulness
We’ve found in this love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Art Samarel –

Music Yes, indeed. Crash into me Mr. Blue Eyes😉💋😈❤️🔥

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ My Erotic Catalyst

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ My Erotic Catalyst
By: Linda A. Long

As we drift
Through time together
And my world blends
Into yours
I’m realizing that
I source the creation
Of my erotic words
Through the heat your desire
You have become
The catalyst of creativity
Within my soul
How has this happened?
When did your tentacles
Wrap around my
Vagina and make it
Yours by the command
Of your voice
And the spark your eyes
When did you take
Possession of my erotic voice
And direct me to
Only write words of
Lust of desire for you
As I struggled to free
Myself from writer’s block
I returned
To the source
Of my erotic desires
And found my voice again
It was you
I found my erotic voice
In the lustful fantasies
Of our exchanges
While you are away
My body still churns
Passionately for the
Catalyst of creation
I now find
In the blue of your eyes
And sound of your voice
You nourish my passions
And feed my desire
Until you return
I will nourish my own desires
And covet your attention
In my most erotic thoughts
I will call out to you
From the depth of my vagina
And direct my nipples
To face towards
Source of your energy
I will rely upon my senses
To connect with you
And remind you
I miss you
And I just wanted you
To know
I miss you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Melissa Van Cleade ~ Sageword Facebook Page

“Thousand Years” ~ Cristina Perry

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Night Swimming

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Night Swimming
By: Linda A. Long

The water
Was warm tonight
As I floated
In the pool
Of your heart’s desires
The night air
Was gentle
On my skin
As you swam
In my thoughts
And pulled me
Under with you
Into the depths
Of our lust
Rising up
From under water
I emerge
Naked in your arms
I kissing your lips
For just a moment
You whisper my name
As you dive under
Sliding me back into your fantasy
One lap after another
I swam with you
In your heart
Never leaving you
I was with you
For every beat
Until I stepped out of the pool
Of your crystal blue eyes
And stood before you
I was wet
Wet with arousal
For you
My naked skin
Glistened in the moonlight
As you thought of me
Somewhere in the
Energetic flow
Of passions
That were simmering
Just under the
Swinging of my skirt
Your eyes
To linger
Just long enough
For me to notice
Your appetite
For me
You made me wet
Wet for you
I feel the hunger
The hunger
Pounding in your
Tonight you swim
In the watery depths
Of my hips
Swimming to forget
The throbbing
Of your cock
Swimming to feel
The water slide against your skin
Swimming in lust
For me as the
Hunger in your chest is
Growing insatiably
I am called to you
You called me to you
It is here with you
In the pool
Of our desires
I feel
A yearning
A hunger
An ache
Me to you
It challenges
My sensibilities
I see images
Of lust and submission
Before my eyes
In plain sight
Carefully obscured from
Public view
But open wide
For you to see
It’s in my trust
For you
That I feel most free
Free to play
In the playground
Of our lust and desire
It is here
I swim naked
And free
With you
Floating peascefully
In your heart
I swim with you
I swim
In your heart tonight
Night Swimming
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Samarel ~ Sageword Facebook Page

“It Must Be Your Love” by Etta James

Growing Pains 

They don’t call them “Growing Pains” for no reason. Have you ever seen a Caterpillar break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly? The transformation process is a struggle! But then one day the Butterfly emerges and realizes it’s true potential. It’s simply magnificent.

This summer has been quiet strange and somewhat intense for me as compared to last year because I’ve been having “growing pains” this summer. Mostly these pains are self-inflicted as I’ve challenging myself in different aspects of my life to break old habits, smash the old paradigms of my thought processes, let go what no longer serves me and rise to be my highest best version of my myself. Yes, quite a change from last summer. Last summer allowed myself to stay still, rest and enjoy living on the beach. This summer, well, living on the beach is great but it’s time to focus on the other areas of my life that perhaps I’ve been ignoring or neglecting.

In July 2010 I had a major heart event that was related to my Congenital Arrhythmia. This “event” which was not a heart attack but an electrical problem in my heart was the first sign that something wasn’t right my body. But then I believed ignorance was bliss. I got out of the hospital and met my “friends” for happy hour the next night. But that was just the beginning of what only can be described as a storm that totally ripped apart my life. Over the next year and half I continued to have rhythm disturbances. I wore a heart monitor for three weeks to be sure It wasn’t time for a pace maker. I took two medications every day and rarely missed a happy hour.

Well, the combination of too much medication and too many happy hours destroyed my stomach and polluted my Liver causing Non Alcoholic Steatohepitiis. That’s when happy hour stopped being happy. I was sick more days than I was well but I was still working full time. I hid how sick I really was from everyone including family, friends, coworkers & bosses. I hid it because I hadn’t made my decision yet as to what I was going to do about the situation. I knew my life would have to change. I wasn’t sure I wanted it bad enough. I wasn’t sure life meant that much to me to fight that hard. I wasn’t ready to let go and I sure as hell wasn’t ready to lose everything I thought I needed. “I thought I needed.”

I called my Mother after I had a doctor’s appointment with a specialist at Temple University Hospital in Philly. It was time for me to come clean with her. It was serious and she needed to know. She was the first the person I admitted the truth to. She was the first person I told just how sick I really was. I’ll never forget her crying into the phone and saying, “Linda, just so you know, I’m not strong enough to watch another one of my children die. If you chose to continue living this way and die, you will be taking me with you because I just can’t do it again. I can’t!”

Her words sat on my chest like an elephant. I almost couldn’t breathe when I got off the phone. After crying for a few hours I made my decision and started the hardest job of my entire life. I started reclaiming my spirit but diving into meditation and yoga. I started reclaiming my health but quitting drinking, smoking and eating gluten. I reclaim my emotional well-being by disassociating myself from people who as it turned out were just drinking buddies and not real friends. I reclaimed my heart from an unhealthy relationship and man who treated me like crap.

That was the day I said, “What the fuck! How did I let things get this bad? How did I neglect myself this much? Why didn’t I see it before now?” Nothing like a Mother’s Guilt to open your eyes to the truth. My Mom is and always has been about “keeping it real.” But, now I can say my Mother not only gave me life but she also saved my life that day with her words. I am 100% healthy now. My Liver is 100% healthy. My arrhythmia is for the most part stabilized. It only acts up occasionally. But I only take a very low dose of one medication. I’m still a non smoker and I still don’t drink alcohol. While the Liver specialist said I could have a glass of wine, beer or champagne now and again, I don’t indulge because it can and has adversely affected my arrhythmia. The Premature Atrial Contractions & Tachycardia that I get are innocent for the most part but can really freak you out especially when you wake up out of a dead sleep feeling like your heart just stopped. It’s not worth it.

But, back to the reason I am writing this blog. I didn’t mean to retell my story. If you follow my blog, you probably read it before. I’m very proud of myself for having the balls and determination to reclaim my life and pull myself back from the edge. But, I’m still struggling some areas of my transition. As a natural introvert, alcohol used to grease the wheels for me and help me interact socially without constant anxiety. Going to happy hour was a social outlet and after my first drink I was actually quite extroverted, popular, fun, animated & chatty. But this new authentic Linda is more reserved and quiet. It’s hard for to enter new social environments especially alone.

Some friends from my former life invite me happy hour with them and say, “Oh, come on. You can come out. Just drink a soda!” That cracks me up because I tried it. I order a soda and I am ready to leave after about an hour. They knock back two Martinis or glasses of wine and nurse the last one begging me to stay until they finish. Meanwhile, it’s hard for me to understand their version of English and I get a headache from the noise. It’s not fun. I LOVE going out to Dinner! I enjoy going out to Dinner! Can’t we please eat a meal together while you drink? Then I can enjoy dessert and coffee while you nurse your after dinner drink. We will both be happy😄👍 But, it doesn’t seem to roll that way. I would go out dinner ever Friday night I could find someone who didn’t need to go to happy hour. Thankfully, I do have a few true friends who make an effort for me and will have dinner or go out for coffee with me.

As I’ve stepped away from the bar social scene and my old crowd, I’ve been exploring other interests. But honestly, a lot of these activities require me to go into new groups, new environments by myself for the first time. That is very hard for me with nothing to grease the wheels for me. Last night I went to a new Drum Circle on the beach a 1/2 mile from my house. I went alone. I didn’t know anyone. But, I pushed through my anxiety and did it. I enjoyed it. The facilitator also owns a Yoga studio which is perfect. I will go back. It’s was a first step in finding a new social outlet and new tribe of like minded people.

I was telling my story about last night to my friend, Brian, earlier this afternoon. He and his wife own Herban Legend in Smithville, NJ. I bought my Djembe Drum from him last year. After I told him the story, he got a big smile on his face and proclaimed, “I am proud of you and you should be proud of yourself!” He made me laugh. I felt like I was five and my Dad just told me he was proud of me. I then told him next I was going to go to an Open Mic Night on a Saturday night at the local Coffee Shop and read some of my poetry. He laughed and told me I was starting to talk crazy and winked at me.

This brings me back to my first sentence. They don’t call them “growing pains” for no reason. But if you want to grow, you have to leave the comfort zone and be extraordinarily horribly uncomfortable time to time. There is no way easy way around it.

Well, now I will be working up my nerve to read my poetry out loud at the Open Mic Night some Saturday Night. I will tell you this… It won’t be tonight😁 I grew enough last night. It’s time to chill out and just “be” for a while😁👍

Are you experiencing “growing pains”? Are you pushing yourself to expand and be open? Tell me your stories! Motivate me! Inspire me! Challenge me! But, most importantly, grow with me!

(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Art by; Jonas Kunickas

The song “Daughters” by John Mayer has always been especially moving to me. The truth is my Dad dying when I was seven was very traumatic for me and honestly fucked me up a bit in relationships. But, thankfulky, I have a strong Mother who not only gave me life but saved my life too. I’m the best Linda I’ve ever been. I’m finally ready to share myself and my life. I’ve finally grown enough that I am ready to let someone in.


Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Afternoon Sex Dream

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Afternoon Sex Dream
By: Linda A. Long

I woke up
The sun was out
But I still
Felt like I was
Drunk in a dream state
I was sitting
Eye to eye with you
We were naked
I was perched
On your lap
You were holding me
Tight against your chest
We were moving
Like a wave
Feeling confused
I stepped away
To get my bearings
I saw us
As if in another realm
I was here in my bed
You were there
In another meeting
Yet somehow
We were together
Making love
In my bed
In the middle of the afternoon
I saw myself
Crashing into you
I smelled the soap
On your skin
I felt your hardness
Grow with each
Thrust of my hips
I heard you
Whisper my name
As you bit my shoulder
I watched us make love
In another dimension
Where we were together
My pulse was quickening
As I felt your lips
Burn your desire against
My chest
I cried out
Your name
As my body
Surrendered to the
Power of your touch
In our shared vision
Off in the distance
I was watching us
Yet I was still feeling
Your skin hot against mine
I watched as you
Took possession
Of my hips
And moved them
With your hands
I listened
As I moaned
With each thrust
Of your hips into mine
I begged you
Begged you for more
As I lost myself in the love
I saw in the
Brilliant blue of your eyes
As I came one last time
I slowly kissed your lips
And let you go
I felt you slide
Back to your other reality
As I rolled over
I realized
I just had the most
Intense dream
About you
While I was taking
An afternoon nap
I fucked you at 3:00pm
In my afternoon sex dream
Was it good for you?
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Photo Credit By: Samarel on Sageword Facebook page
I LOVE this song❤️💋

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Flustered

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Flustered
By: Linda A. Long

With the words
Hanging off my lip
I find myself
In front
Of him
My thoughts were swirling
What was it
I meant to say
To this man
With the beautiful
Blue Eyes I love😘❤️
Oh yes
That’s right
I remember
You are ever so cute!
I blushed with a retraction☺️
No, that wasn’t what
I meant to say
I don’t even know
Where that came from
I meant to say
You’re hot🔥
Damn it!🙀
No, I’m sorry
It’s hot🔥
I meant to say
It is hot🔥
Temperature hot
You are not hot
Well, it’s not that
You’re not hot
This isn’t going well
Am I red?☺️
Because I feel red
And hot🔥
My head is spinning
I might pass out
Yes, I’m going to pass out
Mouth to mouth please
Shut up Linda💋
Just shut up already
He is teasing you
And you are falling for
That devilish little sparkle😈
In his eye as you
Melt in front of him
Or maybe just
Crawl under the desk
And hide
Under the desk
Need anything Blue Eyes?
You know, while
I’m down here
Anything at all
Ahh, Now he’s blushing☺️
Good girl
Oh look
There’s that pencil
I dropped
It was right
Between his legs
Are you warm?🔥
I’m very warm
I might have
To take off some clothes
As I was saying
Yes, back to the
Task in my hand👍
It’s hard but I’m enjoying it
What was that?
Oh yes,
I’m over-achiever
I’m quite an eager beaver
Yes the Beaver
Is quite eager😈
It’s just that you
Have me all flustered☺️
In that ever so cute…
Sorry, yes!
I do talk when I’m nervous☺️
You should put
Something in my mouth
To shut me up💋😈
Can you think of anything
I could suck on?😈💋
Anything at all?
I don’t know when
To shut up sometimes
I may need spanking😈
Or a fucking😈
Or a spanking😈
And a fucking💋❤️😈🔥😱😇
Oh the possibilities
Are endless
Don’t you agree?
Oh sorry
I drifted off
For a minute
While you were
On the phone☺️
I am ready to talk
About the task
In my hand
I mean
At hand☺️😉
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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“I want to love you wildly. I don’t want words, but inarticulate cries, meaningless, from the bottom of my most primitive being, that flow from my belly like honey. A piercing joy, that leaves me empty, conquered, silenced.” ॐ

~ Anaïs Nin
Art by Jack Verrtriano

Music by: Stevie Wonder

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ A Suggestion

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ A Suggestion
By: Linda A. Long

May I offer you
A suggestion
For your consideration
Something for you
To think over
As you begin
To dive deeper
Into my soul
And source your own
True calling through my spirit
May I suggest
You take refuge
In the welcoming
Depths of my eyes
Yet unsettling
Promising loyalty
But commanding
Your attention
May I suggest
You close your eyes
And listen
Listen to what you know
To be true
In your heart
Fracturing what you’ve known
With only a glimpse
Of what could be
Hanging on the edge
Of where my
Heart meets yours
You’ll find peace
I promise
May I suggest
You rest
Your weary head
On my soft breasts
And if it pleases you
Only if it pleases you
Remove my blouse
Unhook my bra
And suck nourishment
For your soul
From the tip
Of my nipples
May I suggest
You take your respite
In the comfort
Of my hips
Soft, open and here
To support you
But only
If it pleases you
Only if it pleases you
May I suggest to you
We complete the
Circle of our deepening desire
And lie in the midst
Of my balanced
Yet passionate energy
Root yourself
My strong confident hero
Like a tree
In my moist soil
Perfectly fertilizer
To support the
Growth occurring by
The merging on our souls
Only if it pleases you
My beautiful blue eyed friend
Join me
Out on this limb
We are hanging on
As our worlds
Start to entwine
May I suggest
You look into my eyes
And trust these words
Written by your loyal friend
Our souls were meant
To find each other
Lies off somewhere
In the distance
In the space
Between what was
And what will be
There lies the power of now
Awaiting our hearts
To heed its calling
And bring it into creation
If it pleases you
Only if it pleases you
May I suggest
You fuck me
In a manner that
Helps you let go
Of what no longer serves you
And releases you into
What will sustain you
Kindly consider my suggestion
My dearest most beautiful sir
My body is your sanctuary
Kneel at my altar
And lick me
To set yourself free
A suggestion only
If it pleases you😁❤️💋😈🙏☺️🔥😇
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

“I want to love you wildly. I don’t want words, but inarticulate cries, meaningless, from the bottom of my most primitive being, that flow from my belly like honey. A piercing joy, that leaves me empty, conquered, silenced.” ॐ

~ Anaïs Nin
Art by Alicia Besada

Music by: Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning

My Intentional Difference Exercises 

I’m in a growth spurt☺️😁 Reflecting and evaluating myself to facilitate growth and new opportunities both personally & professionally. I’m working with “Your Intentional Difference”, a Coaching book to help identify what makes me different & how to harness that difference to affect growth & change in my life. A link to purchase the book on Amazon is below.

I’m about half way through the book now. I’m taking a break to review and reflect on the exercises I completed thus far. The first exercise was to identify three words which are my Critical Outcomes, in other words, the words most used to describe me. What’s my Brand? My three words are pretty strong words.

Honesty – It’s important for me to honest and authentic on all levels with myself and others. I chose to be authentic in my words and actions so people can trust and believe in me. This makes me a pretty good employee. I try my best. I have the best intentions. I have integrity.
Undaunted – I’m not daunted when things are difficult. Disappointment motivates me. I like to prove people wrong. In some regards I’m fearless. I will gladly stand up to a bully, I don’t back down. I would rather stand alone than be in any clique. I don’t follow self appointed leaders. That pisses people off sometimes because they can’t manipulate, control me or threaten me. But I have the utmost respect for people in leadership positions and often seek their counsel.
Determined – I’m determined to succeed in life. I’m determine to be a kind, caring, compassionate person while pursuing my own goals. I will overcome obstacles between me and self awareness. I’m determined to do what others think I can’t do. I’m determined to stand my ground. If you take a swipe at me and try to knock me down a peg because you think I need to be, guess what? You just triggered that part of my brain that tells me to dig my heels in further, work harder, grow more, open myself up more and succeed in spite of your attempt to push me down. Remember this… I won’t swipe back. But, I’ll remember and use the experience to grow. Because I am determined it is important for me to do what others say I can’t do. It motivates me to prove them wrong😁 See how that works? Motivation can come in many forms. As Christina Aguleria sings, “Thanks for making me stronger!”

The next exercise was most revealing because it actually helped me work through a professional issue I’ve been having. It was an exercise to identify my Driving Passion.
It started with answering the following questions:
What keeps me up at night?
What do I think about over and over again?
What ignites my creativity?

My answers were:

What keeps me up at night?
The hunger for growth.
The need for self-awareness.
The craving for knowledge and learning.
Serving others with my abilities and skills.
Making a meaningful contribution in this life and at my work.
Expansiveness – The need to expand my mind & experience.

What do I think about over and over again?
Self evolution
Self development
Ways I can help others succeed
Staying grounded and open to change
Strategizing solutions to problems
How to make things better personally & professionally

What ignites my creativity?
Problem solving
Helping others
Unanswered questions
An open mind

What is the one thing that motivates me?
Self awareness
Making a meaningful contribution
Proving my critics wrong
Standing strong in the face of adversity
Motivating and helping others succeed

After I completed this exercise and I reflected on a current professional situation. I realized what the problem is. I, by nature, need to grow, expand, do something meaningful. While I feel like I’m being held back from growth for the convenience of others.

I inherently need to creative problem solve and relate with others while I feel some of my current responsibilities are restrictive and better suited for someone who more on the clerical level. It doesn’t mean I’m a “Princess”. The talk of my critics is more reflective of their negative nature than mine. It means I know who I am. I know what I am capable of doing. I know what I need to do authentically as part of my nature.

One of my blessings is that I’m lucky enough to learn quick and be good at most things. But it can be a curse when it seems I am held back or pigeon-holed because I do something well because I am a professional and I take pride in my work.. Yet, I despise doing it because it is restrictive and holds me back from expansive work. Just because I am good at something doesn’t mean I should continue to do things I’ve outgrown. It does mean that it is time for me to work with my leadership to use me to my fullest potential. The solution can come in many forms one which is being a dedicated staff member to a group that works to support the organizational mission or a dedicated staff member in managing our Portfolio. It’s perfect fit for someone like me. I’ll discuss this with my leaders later.

I am hoping to work it out to the benefit of all parties. I don’t want to leave where I am for a few reasons. But, I realized I am at a breaking point on this issue which I have been trying to work out for two years. If I am forced to do it without an exit plan in sight & it can’t be worked out, I know now I am willing to let go, move on and try something new. It is causing me a great deal of stress, anxiety & unhappiness. It has to change or I have to change. I may not know what I want to be when I grow up. I realized I don’t need to know that. I like being a Jack of all trades with wide skillset. Opportunities will present themself as long as I am willing to change and let go, if necessary. I do know who I am and I know I need to do work that is authentically aligned with who I am. That is happiness for me. That is authentic for me because it’s part of my DNA. And, that is the crux of the problem I’ve been navigation recently.

So glad I am reading this book. It’s already been really helpful this week. I’m very grateful to one of my Mentors/Coaches for suggesting it. I am also glad I stepped away from the situation for a few days and took a staycation. It helped me work though a few things and gave me the space I needed.

The quote above by Frank Underwood on “House of Cards” resonates with me. Treading water(Standing still)is drowning for me. I guess I need to make sure people are aware of that ☺️🙏

Music “Listen” by Beyonce from “Dreamgirls”. Yep, Listen Up!

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Open Heart

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Open Heart
By: Linda A. Long

Where will
Love take an
Open heart
Will it soar
High enough
To kiss the
Moon goodnight
Will it dive
Deep enough
To unlock
The hidden rooms
Of a sheltered heart
How far into
The caverns of
Growth and change
Will an open mind
Allow a willing
Soul to travel
Will it unlock
The doors of
A soul
That are closed by
Fear and uncertainty
Swing open
With new conviction
Will a trepidatious nature
Release into a place
Of trust and faith
Where only
Angels and spirits
Can guide you
How clear can
Eyes that are finally open
See the future
Are the images
Finally coming into focus
Are the choices becoming apparent
How far are you
Willing to open
Your life to the possibilities
That stand before you
Are you willing
To go wherever
Authentic love
Will take you
Are you open to change
Are you open to love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Photo Credit By: Samarel on Sageword Facebook page

Music: “Come Away With Me” ~ Norah Jones

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Erotic Leadership

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Erotic Leadership
By: Linda A. Long

Sex me
Be my lover
Now, tonight & always
Command my attention
To focus
On your hardness
As you stand before me
Guide my mouth
To the source
Of your distraction
It is in your
I will find freedom
Freedom to submit
To my growing
Erotic desire
For you
Trusting for the first time
I put future
In your hands
Take me
Into the future
My dear leader
Pinch my nipple
And pull me
Into the depths
Of your world
Where I will
Be at your
Pleasurable disposal
Each moment of the day
The art of seduction
With your eyes
Flashing brilliantly
Into my soul
Empowering me to
Be your most
Pragmatic lover
Lead me
Into the maze
Of your sexual fantasies
With your gentle
Hand resting
On the base of my spine
To reassure my
Surrender into the
Joint erotic mission
Our souls have chosen
For each other
It is by your example
I will learn
How to please you
With just
The brush of my
Hand against your thigh
It is through the communication
Of your eyes
I will sense your enjoyment
As you watch my bare legs
Exposed under my skirt
Easy access
For you
Unlimited access
To the wet waters
Between my legs
My sensual world
Is easily
At your fingertips
Images of our daily encounters
Flash in your mind
You shift
In your seat
As I pass you
The sway of my skirt
Invites you to
Take my hand
And lead me
Down onto
The surface of your work
Where I will open my body
To your command
It is under your
I shall blossom to
Reach my full
Erotic potential
Under your leadership
I shall
Flourish with
Unbridled passion
Under your command
I shall rest my faith
My faith is in your hands
You are my leader
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Note: Yup, MBE knows I’ve been researching “leadership” lately. This poem represents some of my thoughts on the topic. lol 😉😈❤️💋🔥💥

Photo Credit By: Samarel on Sageword Facebook page

Music: I always thought this Madonna song was sexy “Justify My Love” 😈💋❤️

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Kismet

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Kismet
By: Linda A. Long

There has to be
Something pre-destined
About Connections
Such as ours
Our lives were always
Meant to merge
At this time
In this way
As if it was
Planned like this
From the start
As the layers
Of our attraction
With the passage
Of time
It’s the complexities
Of our combined
Energetic force and
The pure power
Of our union
That I find most
Rewarding and engaging
You make me better
As if we were two halves
Who are slowly realizing
We make a better whole
The force of our
Joint evolution
Makes us both stronger
And creates growth
Where there was stagnation
As we weave together
and move
In and out
Of each other’s experience
We are turning our
Otherwise mundane lives
Upside down with
Unexpected passion
Renewed enthusiasm
And for me
The emergence of
A strong belief
That something bigger
Than us individually
Is happening to us
As if by divine intervention
The Angels
Turned our heads
To each other
Until we finally
Opened our eyes to the
Person right
In front of us
To see the potential
To reach for something more
And found the courage
To finally demand
What we both rightfully deserve
In our lives
There had to be a reason
We lived our lives apart
Until only
Finding each other
In recent years
Perhaps we weren’t
Ready for the intensity
Of our union until now
Maybe we both
Still had to grow
And yes,
Perhaps we both still
Had karmic relationships to complete
But now it feels like
Your karma
Is with me
Just as my Dharma
Is in you
As our shared intentions
Effortlessly align
I no longer
Can image
A life
For myself
Without you in it
Tonight as I write
These words
I live in this moment
Of intense truth
And perhaps
For the first time
I see true kismet
In my life
It has to be kismet
There’s no other
Explanation but
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check


Note: Just musing about some deep shit tonight and, of course, MBE😁💋❤️😈🔥😇

Photo Credit I like this photo. I found it on a google search for “erotic couples”💋😈

Music: “When Love Comes To Town” ~ U2 & B.B. King

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Lean Into Me

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Lean Into Me
By: Linda A. Long

Lean in
Lean all the way in
Come close enough
Until you
Are held safely in
My aura
Stay here
And refresh yourself
With the soft gentle
Vibration of my essence
Warm and inviting
To your weary mind
Come close
Breath the sweet
Scent of Lavender
That surrounds my body
Let it soothe your
Racing mind
And slow down
Your vibration
Until you are in
Perfect sensual harmony
With me
Lean into me
Follow the key of gratitude
Into my soft ample cleavage
Until you see
The top of my bra
Holding my nipples back
From sliding into
Your mouth
Watch my breasts
Rise and fall
With each Inhalation
I pull you further in
With each exhalation
I surrender erotically to you
Until all of me
Is under your control
Lean in close enough
Until you are close enough
To feel
My warm breathe
Against your cheek
And see my legs
Quiver ever so slightly
As you move
Ever so closer
To the source
Of my fire
Balance yourself
Gingerly between
The arch in my back
And slight separation
Between my thighs
Wanting to touch me
Under my skirt
Lean in
Close enough
To hear my
Heart race with
Excitement for you
As your eyes meet mine
Hang for a minute
On the curve of my lips
Inviting you
For a taste
Taste me
Lean in
Until you hear
Me whisper
My desires
Into your ear
Softly saying your name
Wrapping my
Sexuality around
Your waist
I’ll pull you tighter
Until you are
Inside of me
Swimming in my
Erotic waters
Come further inside me
Until we explode
With lust
Yes please
Lean into me
Lean in
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Note: People have been using the phrase “lean in” a lot lately. I guess it stuck in my head. Lean in MBE😈💋❤️🔥😇

Photo Credit
The Marilyn Monroe nude collection from 1953. You find the images just about anywhere online.

Music: Rhinnanon by Fleetwood Mac. I like this version from “The Dance”

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Love Again

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Love Again
By: Linda A. Long

When the moon
Shines bright
On the
Dark shadows
Of your mind
And you
Find yourself
Restless with
The heat of desire
Burning between your
Legs for me
Will you count
The ways
You would fuck me
Tonight instead
Of counting sheep
Do you see
My breasts bouncing
As if hypnotizing
You into dreamland
Where I wait
For you
With legs spread
While you lay
In bed tonight
Will you twist
One way
To forget me
And hope to escape
The pressure
Of desire throbbing
Between your legs
Do you turn the other way
And silently
Say my name
Knowing somehow
I hear you
You know
I hear you
Hearing you
Call my name
As if from deep
Within my soul
My heart pounds
With excitement
For you
My master
I lay naked
In submission to
The wanting
That hardens
Between your legs
For my attention
Only my attention
Just as you are
I count the orgasms
I have as I imagine
My vibrator
To be your cock
Fucking me
Knowing that
Some how
Some way
Tonight you know
I’m restless
Tonight you know
My thoughts
Are the fire
You feel between
Your legs
My body
Is the ache
Your feel
In the depth
Of your soul
Some how
Some way
Tonight you know
I am the
You now feel again
In your heart
You now know
I am your
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Note: If MBE was here with me tonight, he would be getting quite a workout😈🔥💋❤️😄😉

Photo Credit

Music: My absolute favorite Billy Joel song “You’re My Home”

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Edge Of Attraction

Edge Of Attraction
By: Linda A. Long

My leg
Brushed yours
Under the table
An electric spark
Shot up through
My body
Straight into
My vagina
I was wet for you
Sitting there
Wet for you
We couldn’t
Touch each other
Wanting to feel
Your hands
Against my skin
But knowing
It wasn’t the place
People talk
I listen
But my mind
Is thinking about
Your warm hands resting
On my thighs
Wanting you to
Slowly slide your
Hand up leg to feel
How I desire you
Touch me
I notice
You are restless too
Are you sharing
My thoughts
Are you drifting
Out of the
And drifting yourself
Between my legs
Where sex and love
Waits for you
Are you
On your knees
Before me
Tasting me
As you feel me
Orgasm on your mouth
As your fingers
Tap the arm
Of the chair
Are you wishing
You could slide
Them between
My legs
And feels
My wetness
As you loose focus
Of the task
At hand
Are you pulling
My spread legs
Onto your
Hard cock
And entering me
With pent up force
Of our attraction today
Pushing against
Our inhibitions
Trying to break thru
Into reality
Do you pull
Your thoughts back
From the watery
Depths between my legs
As you sit up
A little straighter
I close my knees
A little tighter
As try to free
Myself from the blue
In your eyes
As if this will
Return me from the edge
Of our attraction
Only to notice you
Watching me
Walk away
The river of lust
Flows between
My legs for you
As I sit
Back and wait
For you to meet me
On the edge
I am
Naked to your eyes
Laying on the edge
Of lust
In the swell
Of our attraction
I meet you
On edge of
Lust and love
You are not alone
In your thoughts
I am lying
There with you
On the erotic
Edge of our
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Note: I was thinking MBE needed some erotica from me today😈💋🔥😉😁😇Now that my four day migraine is finally gone I can finally write again🙏

When selecting images to use on my blog, I prefer to use Black & White Nudes that are suggestive and artistic without being pornographic. I also try to find images that tie into the story in the poetry. It took me a while to find this. I saw things I’ll never be able to unsee. lol😆

Photo Credit
Lindsay Garnett –

Music: “LA Woman” By The Doors
The rumor is Jim Morrison faked his death. I would like to believe that is true. I would like to believe that he saw that life was destroying him and he got out BEFORE it killed him.I will always love his voice❤️💋

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Without You

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Without You
By: Linda A. Long

I kissed you
Even if it was
Only in my thoughts
I kissed you
As you left
The crowded room
Could you hear
My heart beating
In the distance
I shifted in my chair
As my arousal for you
Churned between my legs
My nipples
Were erect under
My sweater
To sound of your voice
As you stepped
Out the door
I followed you
And kissed you
Before you
Leave again
Steal a moment
With me
In a dark corner
Wrap your arms
Around my waist
And share
An enchanted
Stolen kiss
Before you
Leave me
Take me
With you
I whispered
Your name
As the door closed
I’ll go with you
I said
With thoughtful intent
I’ll stay by
Your side
We’ll talk
Endlessly over dinner
And laugh
As we rush
To undress each other
Slide our bodies
On the soft hotel sheets
And spend
Each night
Making love
To each other
As if we
Are teenagers
And this is our
First love
I will fall asleep
With my legs
Crossed over yours
With my head
Softly on your
Where I will nibble
Just a bit
To wake you
Before daylight
You’ll fuck me
With dominance
Before sunrise
As you watch
The sun rise
Over my ass
You’ll taste me
One last time
Before you
Finally release
And collapse
On my back
You’ll tell me
We have to
Shower together to
Conserve water
You always
Make me laugh
I’ll oblige your request
And offer my
Wet naked body
For you to wash
With each sensual
Brush against my skin
I’ll give more
Of myself
In one final kiss
You’ll leave
I’ll stay in bed
And wait for
You to return
Take me with you
It’s boring here
I’m here
Without you
Take me
With you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
“Life is best when lived passionately”

Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Note:MBE goes away entirely too much for my liking. I may have to sneak away with him sometime😉 Just something to fantasize tonight while I’m trying to fall into Golden Slumbers…❤️😈🔥☺️

Photo Credit
Google search for black & white nude photography


“Golden Slumbers” by The Beatles

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Erotic Suspension

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Erotic Suspension
By: Linda A. Long

By thoughts
Of lust and desire
I hang in time
Naked and exposed
To your obsessions
I offer my body
As the souvenir
Of your conquest
Of my inhibitions
Broken by your
Masterful hold
Over my nipples
They arise
To meet
The slight tickle
Of your tongue
As the soft warm
Arousal spreads
Through my body
Taking your time
You savor
The slow build
Of my excitement
Rolling like waves
As you pay
Careful attention
To each breast
With your fingers
And your mouth
As my bodyresponds
To your with favor
I beg
I beg of you
For the pleasure
Of your touch
As my legs
Spread in anticipation
Of the warmth
Of your fingers
Making first contact
In the center
Of my wetness
With every moan
You press deeper
Until my body
Moves in rhythm
With the growing
Sensation of
I see in your eyes
Lick me
I whisper in a low
Voice echoing
Into your ears
Fuck me
I say
As I arch my back
And wait
For you to enter me
In this
Place of erotic suspension
Hanging in the privacy
Of the intentions we share
I wait
In suspension
For our next encounter
To nourish my
Creative spirit
Stimulate erotica
Written for you
In our game
If erotic suspension
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Note: I love the illusion of this photo. She’s hanging in a space in time as if put there by a man in some erotic game. If only MBE was an Illusionist – the weightless erotic fun we could have. He could suspend me for his pleasure in the middle of the room😈 It’s fun having a good imagination. 😉💋❤️😈🔥☺️

Photo Credit

Music: “Dream On” by Aerosmith – A great version with the California Children’s Choir in tribute to Boston Bombing Victims.

Visitation Dream

I’m not feeling particularly creative this week. I haven’t written any poetry since earlier in the week. Nothing is wrong. It’s just no words of poetry are coming to me. The creative Chi isn’t flowing as it normally does. Therefore, I am writing journal entry style blog to help get rid of the clutter in my head and move some things along.

I’m kind of surprised my creativity is not flowing this week. I’ve had stimulation from “Preppy Muse” that normally would have sparked a good sex poem. It sparked some good afternoon fantasies but words did not jump out of my head into my blog.

I’ve been very keeping good spiritual practices too which normal helps creative flow. I’ve been meditating, smudging, repeating mantras and allowing myself space to breathe. While all of my spiritual efforts have grounded me quite nicely, the relaxed vibe hasn’t risen any sexy prompts for poems. One of the benefits of the grounding practices I’ve been doing is that I’m not really picking up any emotional issues from others. As an Empath, I often get bombarded with heavy energies. It can be stressful and overwhelming for me. I think I’ve been able to tune the emotions of others out so well this week because I am feeling very grounded. I’ve been able to focus my energies more because I feel steady and strong.

When I got home last night, I turned on my Salt Lamps which are good for counteracting the overstimulation of electronics. Ive been sleeping better since I started using the Himalayan Salt Lamps for a few hours each night. The give off a very soft pretty light and they good for indoor air quality too. Follow the link to learn more about Himalayan Salt Lamps, I also burned some Sage last night to smudge, clean the energy, in my condo. I slept great and then I had a visitor😄👻😇

While I was sleeping, I started to have the sensation that someone was bouncing on my bed. Someone was moving my arm and telling me to get up and then I heard bells ringing. The interesting thing was I could not open my eyes or move. It was then I heard someone saying, “Linda, yes it’s me. I know you can hear me.” Half asleep but feeling kind of awake I found myself at the bottom of the staircase in my Mother’s home. I thought it was my Mother calling to me. As I started to walk up the stairs I realized it was my deceased sister, Sandy, standing at the top. I said her name. We both started crying as I walked up the stairs. By the time I got to the top, we both were telling each other how much we missed each other. As I went to embrace her, my arms went through her but I could feel her wrap her arms around me. She took me to a room. It looked like her old bedroom. And she told me she lived there now. She just wanted to see me. She said something to me but I couldn’t hear what she said. Then I heard her say, “about that, maybe you should do both of them at the same time.” I asked her what she was talking about. But I started waking up. I felt the bed move again. The bells rang again. And I slowly opened my eyes. It was 4:00am.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and I’ve accepted it won’t be the last. Visitations from deceased loved ones while dreaming is quite normal. However, it usually only happens to people who are open and ready for it. I hope she comes to talk to me every night and actually I hope she brings my Dad along with her sometime. The vision and her voice was as clear as if she was standing right in front me. I think keeping myself grounded with good spiritual practices is also helping my sixth sense be more receptive. For more information on Visitation Dreams,

Well, hopefully some poetry will tomorrow now that I got the clutter out of my head. It’s only 7:00pm and I’m having a hard time staying awake. I got a lot of sun today and it’s making me sleepy😄😴
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Photo Credit Unknown. found on Google image search.

Music: “Because You Loved Me” ~ Celine Dion


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