Deep Love – Love, Sex & Poetry


Deep Love – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I want spiritual love
With you
I need
The deepest connection
To your soul
Anything on the surface
Won’t be enough for me
Will you dive deep
Into the ocean
Of our love
And source your
Own spiritual growth
Through our attachment
I need to
See your Soul
In the flash of your eyes
And know
I found a kindred spirit
A spirit capable of
Steadying my nerves
Calming my anxiety
And tuning into my needs
By just looking
Into my eyes
I need to
Hear your heart’s true calling
In my ear like
The beat of a drum
And feel my own
Heartbeat sync with yours
I need to
Feel your energy
Circle my body when
You are near me
Intuitively I
Bow in loving
Submission to the affect
Your vibration
Has on my spirit
I bow to your
In loving submission
I need to
Touch your deepest wounds
And heal them
With my love
I need to
Whisper love
Down to the
Tips of your toes
Until your body
Radiates the
White light of my love
I can’t be on the surface
With you
I must lose myself
In the flavor
Of your manhood
And dance
With reckless abandon
With you inside of me
I must be possessed
By our love
I must be yours
No holding back
No hiding
No running away
From the intensity
Of our flame
Burn your essence into
My being
Marking the soft skin
Of my breasts
As your territory
I must be your territory
It’s the only
Way I will be
In love
With you
I need to be
In Deep love
With you
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MBE💞💘Yesterday I was moved to write a dirty sex poem. Today I’m moved to write a love poem.

I read an article about Sufism And The Four Layers Of The Heart. When I read it, it was clear to me that I am a deep connector. Surface relationships aren’t enough for me. I want the deepest most spiritually profound love & I’m willing to work for it. I’m willing to give myself to our love 💋😉😈🙀🔥💋❤️😄👍
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I’ve always loved the song by Joni Mitchell

A Good F$&@^%# – Love, Sex & Poetry

A Good F$&@^%# – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’d like to
Give you
A good f*#%*#!
Right now
I’d like to
F$&@ you
Without worrying
How much noise
I make
Or Who will hear me
Scream your name
I want to
F$&@ you
Inhibitions or reservation
Looking across the table
I sat silently
And thought
I want to
F$&@ you
Mr. Blue Eyes
I want to
F$&@ you
Really good
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This is just a short little dirty poem for MBE. Just a little something to keep him warm for me until he comes home. It was inspired the other day when I was sitting at a table and I glanced across the room. As MBE was talking I thought to myself, “God, I want to give you a good f$&@^%# Mr. Blue Eyes! Yes, I Do!”💋😉😈🙀🔥💋❤️😄👍


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New York City – My New Comfort Zone


I have one major regret in my life. In my early 20s, I was offered a job at Bloomingdales in Manhattan in the Merchandising Department as a Planner. They had two positions for me to choose from in Housewares & Junior clothing. I agonized about the choice. I turned it down because the salary was really low and I couldn’t figure out how I could live on it. I didn’t know anyone up there. My family was freaking out & actually talked me out of it. I wish I would have taken the job. I wish I had the courage & support at that age to follow my own path. Since then,I go up to New York pretty regularly and I’m very familiar with the city. But, as much as I love living at the beach, I ❤️ NY. I regret I was too afraid to leave my comfort zone.

We all have a comfort zone. We all have a place where we feel safe, secure and comfortable. But, remaining in the comfort zone for too long shrinks our world, limits growth and keeps us small. Are you willing to walk the edges of your comfort zone and maybe even step outside to gain some freedom? Are you willing to let go of every security blanket you own and fall down the Rabbit Hole to live and grow through discomfort and fear?

I traveled alone up to New York City from Friday to Saturday for my birthday to face my new anxiety and fear of traveling alone out of my comfort zone. It had to be done. I was giving up a piece of my freedom by letting myself accept fear and anxiety.

I felt some anxiety building while I was in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ve been to The Met before. But, this time it was crazy crowded because the weather was bad. I couldn’t see the exits, people were banging into me and it was hot. I decided to leave instead of taking Xanax. I walked out the door and tried to get on a bus heading downtown. But, I didn’t have coin or a Metro card. The French guy behind me offered to pay for me with his Metro Card. Wasn’t that sweet? The Fair was $2.50. I gave him $3.00. He handed it back to me😄 We settled on $2.00. The kindness of a stranger in a foreign place calmed me down.

The weather was nasty on Friday. It was a drag. I kept thinking maybe I should just go home because being outside was not fun. Instead I took a time out in a Starbucks in the East Village and came up with a new plan. Early dinner and a movie in Midtown near the Hotel & Times Square. That’s when I noticed my phone was about to die🙀 I had a charger with me but no where to charge it🙀 I decided to face the fear of being phoneless😄😄 and just go with the flow.

I took the bus uptown and found a family owned Sushi place near the hotel that was amazing. Kodama Sushi on 45th & 8th Ave is awesome. If you go, get the Natural Black Rice Spicy Tuna Roll – AMAZING👍😄

I decided to see a 6:45pm movie instead of waiting until 8pm for a show. I was already tired and didn’t feel like napping & changing clothes. I decided on “Cinderella”. Well, here’s where I was really tested. I was in the AMC 25 in Times Square. As I kept going up floors and escalators, anxiety was building. Now remember, my phone was dying. But the time I got SIX floors up with no line of sight for the front door, my phone was dead and I was starting to panic. I decided to take Xanax instead of leaving BUT… I found out I didn’t have any XANAX in my bag🙀 OMFG! 😄 When I switched handbags at the hotel, I left my pill box in my big handbag in the room. So here I was SIX floors up, no line of sight on the front door, no phone and no Xanax. I took a Pepcid to stop my belly from tossing & turning(Anxiety stirs everything up.) I started to do my 4 count breathes and started weighing my options.

Well, it was then three 60 year old or so Asian women sat next to me. I was annoyed at first. Lots of open seats, why sit next to me? And then, the Disney short film “Elsa Celebrates Anna’s Birthday” came on before the movie. It was like they were singing happy birthday directly to me🎊🎂🍰And, the three little 60 year old Asian women were so adorable because they were giggling and laughing like they were 10 year olds. It cracked me up so much I completely forgot I was anxious😄😄😄 I LOVED the movie. And I loved the message in the movie, “Have COURAGE and be KIND” a perfect message for me at that time.

I woke up Saturday very rested. The sun was starting to breakthrough the clouds. I walked a couple miles down to Freidman’s Lunch on 31st & 7th Ave. Gigantic Menu with lots of GF options👍 I took the Subway back down to the East Village to go to Jennifer’s Way Organic Bakery at 10th & 1st Ave. It’s owned by Actress Jennifer Esposito(she used to be on “Bluebloods”). Jennifer has Celiac Disease. I wanted to buy some treats to take home with me. I then walked over 14th street towards Chelsea when I felt a shift in my Energy. I decided to sit for a moment and tune into my intuition. I felt my spirit & intuition say, “I’m done. We’ve done what we came here to do. Let’s go home”. I took the Subway back uptown and started my trip home.

I am going back up June 21st for Yoga in Times Square🙏😄😄 I would like to take the double decker tour bus Uptown and see Harlem, Hell’s Kitchen, Upper East & West. Maybe even a carriage ride in the park this summer😄👍

So there you have it. I was out of my comfort zone without a phone and Xanax. Guess what, I lived. I had fun. I’ll do it again.

If you go to NYC, here are some tips:

One note about transportation, I usually drive into the city or at least up to Red Bank & get the train. I took the a Greyhound Bus this time from Resorts Casino in Atlantic Ciry, NJ to 42nd & 8th Avenue. It was $42.00 round trip. The trip up was great👍 The trip back was ok. The 12:30 bus had a problem and had to go back to NYC from Hoboken. We changed buses. I paid forward the kindness the French guy showed me the day prior by giving up my awesome double seat to a blind guy with a service dog. They both seemed happy & comfortable 😄😄😄🐶

I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Times Square. It was nothing glamourous. BUT, the Standard room with King Sized Bed was beautifully decorated, the bed & pillows were comfy and it was exceptionally clean. It was $140 including taxes & tip. That’s a steal for Midtown Manhattan on a Friday night. I booked through Expedia two days before my trip. They let me check in at 10:30am👍It was perfect. It’s centrally located. I would recommend it for someone who is a thrifty minimalist like me. Someone who needs luxury probably should pay more to stay somewhere else.

I loved the Guggenheim. If you go, get the Free Multi-media headset to fully appreciate the architecture.

I took some Gluten Free snacks in my bag as I walked around. I didn’t want to stop to eat. But I did enjoy walking around with my Starbucks ❤️☕️

Places I ate were:
Kodama Sushi – 45th & 8th Ave (Times Square area) – $32 including tax & 25% tip. I got two rolls, Seaweed salad, extra Ginger & a Diet Coke. Get the Natural Black Rice Spicy Tuna Roll

Freidmans Lunch – 31st & 7th Ave (Midtown) – $31 including tax & 25% tip. I got Gluten Free Apple Pancakes & Chicken Sausage

Jennifer’s Way Bakery 10th & 1st Ave(East Village)
I got GF Bread, rolls & Whoopie Pie😄👍

Lastly, the owner of a local bakery let me know she saved me something special for my birthday & she would be in the store until 6pm. So, I drove over when I got home. A Gluten Free Double Chocolate Mousse Cake was waiting for me🎂🍰

Now for some music…I ❤️ the song “Empire State Of Mind” from Alicia Keys. Watch the video below.

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Taking On Anxiety


 I’m writing this post on a Greyhound Bus Traveling from Atlantic City, NJ to Midtown Manhattan. I’m going to NYC to take anxiety head on. 

Anxiety. You don’t know how crippling anxiety can be until you have it. My cousin got Panic attacks when were young. I used to help her through them. But I never understood how humbling they could be until I had one. 

A few years ago I started having some health problems. Anxiety rode along with those issues. Over time my body healed. Physically I’m pretty much the healthiest I’ve ever been. I feel good. My body is strong and emotionally I’m very stable and balanced. But, unfortunately, anxiety has remained. 

I don’t have anxiety every day. Actually most days I don’t have it. But, new social situations, large groups of unfamiliar people, speaking in front of large groups, traveling out of my comfort zone of South Jersey & Philadelphia often triggers an attack. 

I’ve been working with a Psychologist to gain coping mechanisms and to control my anxiety with rational thought. One thing I’m working on is to turn off the rambling thoughts of the “what if” thinker. What if my Arrhythmia acts up while I’m out of town and I can’t get to a hospital? What if I eat something that makes me sick? What if I have an allergic reaction? What if I can’t get home? What if…What if…What if…My what if thinker is very active and very irrational. I’m learning to acknowledge the irrational thought and tell myself the worse won’t happen and I’ll be ok. 

In recent months I’ve taken strides to address the social anxieties. I’ve been forcing myself to participate in group events. I even went to a baby shower at work the other day to force myself to interact more. I’m naturally inclined to be quiet and an introvert. I can’t guarantee I’ll ever be super talkative, chatty Kathy or Miss Congeniality. But, at least, social anxiety will not hold me back. 

I’m an independent, self-sufficient kind of girl. I’ve learned to not need anyone and to only rely on myself. I’ve always taken off on my own for road trips, solo yoga retreats and weekends in NYC. I enjoy doing it. If I could find a job similar to the one I have in NYC, I would even consider living in the Village. I love it.  But in recent years, anxiety robbed me of my ability to travel independently. I won’t stand for this any longer. I won’t lose that part of myself. I refuse to give in. I came up with a plan to reclaim my life and travel independence. 

Saturday, March 21st is my 48th Birthday. I am taking my anxiety head on by going to NYC alone  Friday to Saturday. I’m going to enjoy some art, catch a yoga class or two and enjoy the city I’m so familiar with and love.  People offered to go with me. But I need to do this alone.  I almost chickened out. NYC is expecting 3-5 inches of snow today. I’m going away. I’m wearing UGGs,I packed warm clothes(scarf & hat) & I packed my Xanax. I’m all set 😄👍 On a side note,  The dude sitting behind me is snoring and will quite possibly suck me into his hostile with his next breath 😄😄😄 

Amelia Earhart said, “Fears are paper tigers.”  In other words, we make things worse and bigger than they actually are. I’ve learned through my life that most fear is irrational. Today I’m breaking through one of my paper tigers👍😄  

Follow the Twitter Feed on the right sidebar of my Blog for updates throughout the trip. I’ll post a blog when I get home with a recap of my trip.   


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St. Patrick’s Day 2015 – Dirty Limerick – The Pet 

2015 St. Patrick’s Day
The Pet – Dirty Limerick
By: Linda A. Long

There once
Was a man
With brilliant blue eyes
His eyes
So beautiful
They gave me
Wet thighs
His boyish
Good looks
Unassuming charm
Heighten my
Arousal and
Made my defenses disarm
Perhaps it
Was his smile
That made
My bra unsnapped
Or maybe
It was his
Voice that made
Me want to
Dance on his lap
As I lay
In bed
Out and nude
It is him
I am thinking
It’s putting me in
A lusty mood
Bend me over
My devilish Ladd
I’m a wee bit horny
Won’t you spark me
Just a tad
Mr Blue Eyes
Knows how to
Make me wet
I enjoy his
I like being
His little pet
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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My annual St. Patrick’s Day Dirty Limerick wasn’t that hard to write afterall. I just thought about MBE❤️👎💋😈
I’ve been a fan of the Irish band the Corrs for a long time. I love the song “It’s only when i sleep”. ❤️

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Watch Me – Love, Sex & Poetry

Watch Me – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Do you
Like to watch
The swing of my hips
As I pass by you
I swing my hips
In rhythm
For your enjoyment
Begging your
Beautiful eyes
To linger
In my essence
To raise your
To my erotic vibration
Do you
Like to watch
My breasts as they
Giggle while I
Walk towards you
Inviting you to
Slide your face down
Between my hard nipples
While you
Mold my breasts
To your warm hands
I beg you
To call my cleavage
As your home and
Lay your head
In my valley
Nibble on my
Voluptuous breasts
For nourishment
No need to hold back
I can handle
Your manhood
I can acquiesece
To your power
Indulging all
Of your sexual desires
In my realm
Of Sexuality
Do you
Like to watch
Me as I cross my legs
For your enjoyment
Opening just a little
Inviting you to peak
Up my skirt
To see my panties
Wet with
Lust for you
Saturated from
Fantasizing about
You all day
I am strong enough
To maintain my independent
Womanhood while dripping
With submissive
Feminity under
Your control
Would you
Like to watch me
As I touch myself
Moaning your name
The velvety touch
Of my fingers
As I slide them
Between my legs
Pleasure myself
With my vibrator
As you stand before me
I am intelligent enough
To stimulate you
In and out
of the bedroom
While still
Being your
Dirty little whore
Would you
Like to stand
At the foot
Of my bed
Watch me
Scream your name as
I look
Into your
Crystal blue eyes
I love you
Enough to be
My authtentic self
While naked
Before your eyes
I will stimulate
Your brain
While I
Moan for you
Watch me
My love
Watch me
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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MBE and I have a strong sex vibe going on lately. I feel like I’ve been channeling some pretty lusty fantasies. I’m enjoying it. It’s like watching a sexy movie in my head and then putting it into words for him👍😄 I think we are so connected because our attraction is physical and intellectual. We stimulate each on many different levels and it creates an unbelievable synergy between us😈🔥💋❤️We’re perfect for each other. No other way to say it❤️❤️😉

The heat has definitely been spicing up my poetry and I love it❤️😈 As an open minded, uninhibited and flexible girl, I’m always ready to share in his wildest desires❤️💋😈☺️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Oasis – Love, Sex & Poetry

Let me be
Your Oasis
Sleep sweetly in
The comfort
Of the warm blankets
On my bed
Before sunrise
I’ll press my
Bare breasts
Against your
Naked chest
To feel my nipples
On your warm skin
As my lips
Softly kiss your cheek
I’ll whisper in your ear
Wake up
Wake up
My love
It’s time
To make love to me
The wetness between
My legs aches
For your forceful
Wake up and
Pull my naked body
Into your arms
And lose yourself
In the comfort
Of my hips
Lush with nourishment
For your soul
Dwell inside of me
On a lazy morning
Until I erupt
Into orgasm
And scream your name
Lie back
My love
As I straddle your hips
And use you
For you own enjoyment
My breasts will bounce
As my hips
Find a rhythm
With you pushing
Deep inside me
Our eyes meet
Like lightening
You bring me to
Orgasm again
Wake up
Wake up
My love
I need to
Feel you inside
Of me
Bend me over
And take your
Pleasure from behind me
In the early morning hours
Onto the soft sheets
With me
When you finish
Stay with me
In our oasis
I want you
To stay with me
Forever in our
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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MBE is out of town👎but he was vividly on my mind😈💋It was late in the afternoon when I found myself having the most vivid erotic fantasy about waking him up with my naked body early in the morning to have sex. I sleep naked so I am usually naked in bed. If he was tuning into me this afternoon, he definitely had to be feeling some heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Good thing I wasn’t thinking out loud😉💋❤️

I just love this Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud” 💋❤️😈😘👍😇

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Moonshine – Love, Sex & Poetry

Moonshine – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’m feeling
Your anxiety
And I need to tell you
It’s ok
It’s really ok
It’s going to
Work out for us
I see it
In my visions
I feel it in our vibration
Do you know
I naturally gravitate to you
If you are in a room
My body automatically
Adjusts itself
To face you
If I hear your voice
I find it hard
To hide the smile
That tries to
Sneak across
My face
You pull me
To you
Your energy
Commands my
Almost two years ago
To this day
We sat in the same restaurant
Very close to each other
It was that night
I knew
Something changed between us
It was that night
I felt my heart started
To beat again
With desire, lust
Lust grew into like
And like is becoming love
It was that night
You crushed me
Into your soul
It was that night
I started to fall
Into the brilliant
Blue seas of your
Majestic eyes
And found my own
Weary heart start beating again
I gave up on love
I closed my heart
Out of fear of
Loss & pain
But that night
Almost two years ago
To this day
In the same restaurant
We were in last night
I sensed you
And knew
Life as we knew it
Would change
There are no guarantees
In life
But rest assured
I don’t make
Empty promises
And I don’t give
My heart & soul
Without hesitation
I know & understand
Our reality
But I also sense
The promise
Of our future
I can’t promise you
Anything will be easy
But I can promise you
You’ll have a friend
Lover and your biggest fan
Right by your side
Holding your hand
When you sit
At a table with me
In a restaurant
You will not be
Looking around
The room for anyone
Because love
Will be in your heart
And everything you
Want and need will be
Sitting next to you
Holding your hand
I will be the one
Lost in the moonshine
Of your beautiful eyes
Needing the comfort
Of your hand
To calm my social anxieties
We need each other
My love
The choices are
Yours to make now
As for me
The choice is made
It’s you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I believe our Guides & Angels give us signs. We just have to be open, aware and ready to receieve their messages.

The numbers 11:11 have spiritual significance. When you find yourself looking at the clock at 11:11 or any sequential number, your Angels & Guides are talking to you & trying to give you a message. You can Google this to read about this phenomenon.
These little signs & signals happen to me all the time. I routinely hear doorbells in my sleep. I hear loud squeaking noise in my sleep, I was told by a Medium, my Angels are talking to me subconsciously when that stuff happens. I’m very open to the dialogue.

Since last night I’ve been getting a pretty strong MBE vibe. I was thinking I wanted to reassure him for some reason but didn’t exactly know how. I wanted to just say the words that are in this poem to him❤️👍😄 I was driving around today doing errands and buying birthday presents for three family members. While I was thinking about this poem and the words, MBE flashed in my mind’s eye. I looked at the clock and it was 11:11am👍😄❤️👏🙏

I’m a big fan of Frank and would love to “fly” to the Moon with my MBE✈️😄❤️💋😘

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In The Sand – Love, Sex & Poetry

In The Sand – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

If I wrote
I love you
On the beach
Of your heart
The tide
Of my love
Would wash through
Your body
And ride the
Majestic blue seas
Of your eyes
Into the depths
Of my soul
The words
I love you
Would course
Through your veins
And nourish you
From the tips
Of your limbs
To deepest part
Of your being
My love would
Be all you need
My love would
Shine its light
Into your heart’s
Hidden caverns
and bring
Joy to where
Sadness once lived
If I wrote
I love you
On the sand
Of your soul
My love would
Spiral a protective shield
Around you
And keep you
Safe from harm
My love would
Be your shelter
My love would
Be your haven
If I wrote
I love you
With a shell
Into the beach
Of your heart
I would leave you
A promise
From my heart
To yours
My heart will always
Beat in tandem
With yours
My soul
Will always
Recognize you
As its mate
I write
I Love You
In the sand
As a sign
From God
That you are
You are Loved
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I saw the below photo on Instagram of the words I Love You written in the sand. I didn’t think much of it when i saw it. But, I guess it was in my subconscious. While I was participating in an online meeting today, I was sitting at my Dining Room table looking at the ocean. As if lightening to my creative soul, MBE’s voice wrapped around my mind and pulled these words out of me after I logged off. Thanks! It was just what my creative spirit needed.

My favorite Dave Matthews song is below. “Crush” is a very sensual sexy song😉 Makes me think of MBE❤️💋😈😄👍😇🙏 

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Simple Truth – Love, Sex & Poetry 

Simple Truth – Love, Sex Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I need
The sound of
Your voice
To stir the
Juice of my creativity
You give me
The spark
That ignites
My words
Into a thousand
Images of lust
Laying in the
Shadows of love
I need
Your energy
Circling around me
Licking my nipples
Spreading my legs
Making me wet
With anticipation
Of our union
Joining your
Body with mine
I need
The flash
If your beautiful eyes
To reach into
My soul
Pull my love
For you out into words
I need you
To spark my words
I will write for you
I will write
Words of lust
I will write you
A story
Our story
I will tell you
About the first day
My heart raced
With excitement
When you were near me
I’ll tell you
About the day
Your eyes met mine
And everything changes
Between us
The simple truth is
I need you
I need you
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

I had to really work for this one😄Struggling to get some creativity going this week. I’ve been preoccupied with other things. I was running a low grade fever for over a week;it was making me hot & tired. That also stiffled my creativity. I’ve felt lazy, not eating right & sleeping a lot. I started an antibotic yeseterday. You know you need an antibotic when your chest, back & ears go snap, crackle & pop after you take the first pill😄 I’m off for a snow day today. I think I’ll be fine by tomorrow. And, MBE will be back tomorrow. The sexual energy flowing between us will hopefully spark a dirty poem😈💋❤️😄Not having any writing mojo is starting to irritate the crap out of me.

I enjoy music from the “alternative” 90s & I think “Just Like Heaven” is the best one from The Cure❤️💋

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Cleaning Out My Head 

This is just a random post. It’s like a journal entry to help clear some space in my head to allow my creativity to rise to the surface. When my brain is focused on business stuff, it’s very hard for me to switch gears and be creative. For some reason this week I’ve been in a “I’m getting shit done mood.” Almost like I’m channeling a commanding energy. I’m usually more balanced. But the last few days I feel very stuck in my logical brain with little opportunity to visualize, dream and fantasize. It’s irritating the shit out of me. I’m struggling to walk this line between both sides of my soul. I struggle to suppress the logical thoughts to allow myself the luxury of drifting effortlessly into a fantasy. Some days I am better at skating back and forth between the two parts of my being. Some days I can allow space for both sides of my personality to peacefully coexist and flourish. Other days it’s one or the other. More times than not the logical part of my brain dominates because it’s how I make a living. Those 40 or so hours a week can tap me out of creativity and often keep me from my more passionate pursuits. Hopefully tomorrow my brain will be relaxed and free to write. 😄👍❤️


The song on this post was in my head today. I’ve always been a simple girl. By simple I mean “grounded”, down to earth. I’ve been called a “salt of the Earth” type of person. That’s what I mean by simple. I’m usually drawn to men with that same quality. MBE has that simple/every man quality. It’s one of the qualities I like the most about him.
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Naked Soul – Love, Sex & Poetry

Naked Soul – Love, Sex & Poetry

By: Linda A. Long
On the curve of
Your smile
My heart feels
The subtle stir
Of sexual chemistry
Our energy
Into a powerful
Sexual energy
Connecting my hips
To your waist
Sexual desire
Inviting your hands
To cup my breasts
And bite my nipples
It’s in this place
Of heighten sexual desire
The most beautiful 
Flower grew from 
The garden between my legs
And unapologetically 
Wrapped around your heart
Wanting your heart
To be the twin flame
To my own
My soul
Breathed in your aroma
And mellowed
My rough edges
Letting down my guard
In the ocean of
Blue waves I ride
 In the depths of your eyes
My soul
Heard your voice
Echo in the 
Deepest chambers
Booming into my fantasies
Dominating me 
In my dreams
As if you pat my ass
When you pass me
My soul
Calls to you
Nuzzle your face 
Into the curve
Of my neck
Touch your mouth
To my skin
And lick the salt
Of sweaty desire
It is my soul
That calls out to you
Do you hear it
Calling your name
Does the restless
Energy of my longing
Make you high
Wanting to stay
A while in this place
Of new beginnings
As two souls
Plan for future
You are pulling me 
Further into your world
I willingly lay open
My mind to the influence
Of your heart’s desire
 My heart recognizes you
Like an old friend
My body vibrates 
With lust for you
As if you were
My lover in a lifetime
Before now
Not long until 
You are lying 
Between my legs
And resting 
on my breasts
After you
Dominate and possess
My sexuality
It’s your soul that 
Calls to me
And strips me naked
I lay bare
In the curve 
of your smile
And leave my naked soul
In the palm of your hands
My naked soul
Is in the 
Palm of your hands
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I’ve noticed MBE smiles a lot more than he used to. I like it❤️ I was thinking how much I like his smile and how much I love when we have our little secret moments. This thing we got going is a lot of fun and I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better & better as we get closer❤️💋

On another note,I think I finally got my SEO rankings working on Google. My hit count was 50-100 per day. In the last month or so it’s been 100-250. I get a lot of traffic from the Art I post. Hopefully, visitors stop and read some poetry while on my Site. I’m not worried about getting comments or likes on my posts. That’s just a ego thing. I don’t based my life on comments & likes. But, it is still a dream of mine to get paid to write😄👍❤️ Writing is one of my passions. Yoga, drumming, nutrition & MBE being the others😉 Of course, not in that order. He’s #1😉❤️💋
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My Erotic Voice – Love, Sex & Poetry

My Erotic Voice – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Between you and me
There is an
Invisible stream
Of energy
You spark me
And ignite my
Body to vibrate
With lust for
The attention of
Your touch
It is in the
Sacred space
We’ve created
That I create
And write
For you
I write from
The safety
Of your
Words that
Fill my mind
With images of
Me on my knees
With my mouth
Wrapped around you
Tasting the lust
That rises up in you
When our energy meets
Rescue me
From this boredom
And break me free
I need to
Spiral down
All the way
Your body until
I lay naked at your feet
Begging for your attention
Pull me out
Of this mundane
Rabbit hole
And light
My imagination
With the
Tip of your cock
Brushing against my cheek
Teasing me
Onto the verge
Of organismic submission
It is in the stream
Of energy
Passing from you to me
That I find my
Erotic voice
And spread my
Words over you
As I will spread
My legs under you
The sound of
My erotic voice
It only knows
Your name
It whispers
Taste me
It moans
Lick me
It screams out
In ecstasy
Fuck me
Follow the sound of
My erotic voice
It will lead you
To my love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Just a little erotic poem to keep MBE warm tonight 💋❤️😈😘👍😇

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I just love Johnny Mathis and the words of this song…❤️💋

Edges Of Love – Love, Sex & Poetry

Edges Of Love – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Against your chest
In the circle
Of your energy
I place my body
In the safety
Of your control
All fears into
Our union
I soften
In the light
Of your
Warm eyes
I’m falling deeper
Into you
I tried to stop
The fall
I tried to
Brace myself
And hold on
I tried to
Stop the fall
But one day
I blocked out
The chatter
Of my mind
I tuned into
Your soul
I rode the
Wave of electricity
Flowing from
You to me
Until I grounded myself
On the shores
Of your emotions
Laying in the sand
On the edges
Of love
I heard your heart
Open the door
And invite me in
Resting peacefully
In our sacred space
Is my heart
Vibrating on a frequency
Only you can hear
We speak
Our own language
I hear your heart
Call to me
With my intuition
I sense you
And I write you
These words
To rest your faith in
And steady your resolve
I write these words
During this time
Of change and stress
To nourish and sustain you
Until you lay
Peacefully with me
In tender moments
On the soft sweet
Edges of love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

I had a strong intuition that MBE was needing a soft place to land, a tender moment, some TLC or maybe just needed to know I’ll miss him while he’s away😄❤️💋😘

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I Serve My King – Love, Sex & Poetry

I Serve My King – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Share the space
In my fantasy today
Where you
Are the star
Of the erotic show
Playing on the screen
In my sultry mind
Drift sweetly
Into the place
Where you
Are my king
And my breasts
Are your trophies
Close your eyes
For just one moment
Share the space
In the naughtiest
Corner of my mind
If only to remind me
That you are
The emperor
Of my waiting hips
That drip with lust
And anticipation
To serve my King
Rule my world
As my benevolent dictator
And control
My sexual desires
As your servant
You own me
The soft whispers
Of my climax
And my deep
Lustful moans
As you penetrate me
I am your
Sexual servant
You open the kingdom
Between my legs
By piercing my fruit
And hold
Me down into
Sweet missionary
With your
Restraining arms
It is under
Your command
That I
In your stern yet soft
Yes, in this space
We share
I serve at the
Pleasure of my king
I humbly submit
To the pleasures of my king
I serve my king
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

I am protective with MBE. I don’t think about it much. It happens instinctually. I act on intuitions and I look out for him❤️ I suppose I want to make sure he knows someone has his back👍❤️
This spurned some racy fantasies about “serving” my king and him being on his back and enjoying the service❤️💋😈😄😉☺️

I also love writing lusty stuff for him. When I see him the next day there’s a little blush in my cheeks, lust in my eye and sway in my hips for him to enjoy. He knows what I am thinking. 😉💋❤️😈

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Dance Of Fire – Love, Sex & Poetry

Dance Of Fire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Standing in
The center
Of a fire
Set by two
Soul’s joined
Without conscious choice
Our souls
Recognized love
Before we
Allowed the
Possibility to
Enter our minds
To become reality
Standing in
The middle
Of flames
Licking my legs
With passion and desire
Burning heat
Up between my legs
Through my
Eyes into yours
Pulling your soul
Into the
The fire with me
Standing in the heat
Of two flames
Meant for each other
From the start
Anticipation of
A divine Union
I ask you
To slow dance
With me
To the music
Of our hearts
In the blaze
Of love
Slide your arms
Around my hips
Pull me close enough
That you can
Taste my breathe
And surrender
In my arms
In this dance of love
Dancing in the
Middle of our inferno
Love reunites
My flame to yours
To start new
Bask in the shadow
Of our flames
As we
Slowly dance
Talk to me
Until you
Have no more words
Caress me
Until the sun comes up
And lose yourself
In this dance of love
Step into the fire
And dance with me
Dance with me
In the fire
Of our love
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

I keep having an image of MBE and I flashing in my mind. It’s showing the two of us slow dancing without music. Just slow dancing and talking. Call it a vision, premonition or a plan but it’s really quiet lovely.

I watched “Jerry McGuire” again this afternoon. I ❤️ this song and love that movie. It always inspires me to live and love with heart.

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The Long Exhale – Long, Sex & Poetry

The Long Exhale – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

While you are away
I close my eyes
And picture you
In my mind’s eye
Suddenly you are standing
Before me with
Crystal eyes
Of affection
Hearing my mind’s call
I want you
With me
Exhale into
My heart
Here with me
I need you
Deeply immersed
In my world
To Explore the caverns
Of my
Maze like mind
I open the door
And let you in
Into my jaded
Yet hopeful heart
I draw back the shades
To reveal to you a
A fused soul
Blended halves
Into a whole woman
Exhale with me
You are the man
The only man
I invite in
Don’t remain
Out in the cold
I see a man
Standing before me
In perfect clarity
Walking a tight rope
Lusting for my
Company and spark
Of desire
Yet respecting
Your outgrown
Duty & obligations
Preparing for the future
While performing
Obligatory tasks
With the longest exhale
I feel your breathe
Relax when
You are near me
I’ve long since
Accepted you are
The first man who
Moves effortlessly
My need for intellectual
And my
Inner artist
Needing to express
Myself through
Words and erotica
Calling you
From the open door
I light your path with
The light in my heart
I Steady your heart
With the subtle
Gestures of reassurance
I send you strength
To remain focused on
Your best life
Waits for you
In the hidden
Brush of my
Hand in yours
In a lingering
Glance with me
You will find your strength
Exhale into
Love with me
Stay there with me
In the longest exhale
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

I don’t know if he realizes it but often when MBE passes me during the day, he lets out a long exhale. He’s been away and I was thinking about that sound today. I was thinking about what is he thinking when he does it? What is he feeling at that moment of exhalation? Is it release of tension or is suppressed desire finding an expression? I feel the exhalation like the wind blowing against my cheek. I listen to the exhalation like I’m listening to a beautiful piece music. I close my eyes and allow myself to tune into his breath. I hope I am his exhalation, his release.

While I try tune out the noise from the daily traffic around me, I always somehow seem to tune into him and recognize his exhalation as the spark to my soul’s fire❤️😄

Hello. My name is Linda and I am a hopeless romantic. ❤️💋☺️😘

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Magic Man – Love, Sex & Poetry

Magic Man – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s magical
How you look
Into me
Know my soul
Almost as well
As you know
Your own
You shake the roots
Of my tree
Until my fruit
Lays in your mouth
Tasting me
And knowing
It’s yours
All yours
Pulling out
Of my core
You release
My fire
Into words
As if your eyes
Tell me
To write for you
And buoy
Your spirit
With the
Of promised affection
From the
Tip of my erect nipple
To the
Swirl in my
You stimulate
My soul
Into creation
You bring
Into my
And spread
Magic dust
Over my naked body
Tied with
Your Magician’s Rope
You play your tricks
To heighten my arousal
Black art
You practice
In the flash of
Your eyes to mine
You erotically
Make magic
Between my legs
You are
My Magic Man
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

MBE is Magic – just saying😄👍 This poem was inspired by the quote😄

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Flames – Love, Sex & Poetry

Flames – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

At the moment
Of your touch
I melt
Into the flames
Of your
Willfully I will
Submit myself
To power
Of your possession
My body
Is hot
The wetness
Wetness grows
Between my legs
Like lava from a volcano
The lick of your tongue
Starts an inferno
Burning your name
Into my ass
With your teeth
Biting me
Into a blazing fire
You are wicked
Teasing me
Controlling the burn
In my vagina
To Heighten
Every moment
We are together
The fire
Of our love
Strings one
Orgasm to the next
As I lay
In the ball of
Our Seduction
With fire
Blazing between
My legs
I lose myself
In the smoke
Of desire
Slowly moan
For you
To fan the flames
With the
Brush of your cock
Against my vagina
You melt me
Into you
I melt into
The flames
Of our desire
We burn
As one
In the Seduction of
Lust and desire
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check

Turning up the heat a bit😉🔥😇

MBE❤️ You give me fever🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Check out the sexy video 💋

“because they were randy and needed a good shagging!” 😉💋😈

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Seek And Find – Love, Sex & Poetry


Seek And Find – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

And you shall find me
Waiting for
The pleasure
Of your company
In my arms
For me
I will be waiting
In my bed
With an open heart
Welcoming breasts
Nipples hardened
By the touch
Of fingers
Anticipating your arrival
Reach out
for my hand
I will guide you
To the center
Of my fire for you
I want you
To feel the
Fire that
Burns inside for you
Slide your hand down
Between my legs
And feel my wetness
I am wet for you
Only you
Closer to me
Look me eye to eye
Let me loose myself
In the brilliant
Blue spheres
That pierce my heart
And ignite my body
Lay peacefully in
My energy
Let me nourish you
Let me sustain
Let me hold you
Tonight and forever
My words
To flow like a river
Words of love
Sex and desire
Written by
Spark of your presence
I can’t contain it
Hear me moan your name
With passion
I need you
I’m waiting
Me tight
Pull me to you
Forcefully love me
Your powerful spirit
My body
You know
It Belongs
To only you
Kiss me
My juice
Taste me
On your lips
I am moist
For you
I am ready
For the deliberate touch
Of your masculine hands
Take it
Take all of me
Undress me
Lose yourself
In my desire for you
Believe in my Friendship
Explore with me sexually
In the safety of our
Passion is ours
Claim it with me
And let’s find peace together
Seek me
And you shall
Find Love
© 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Original Content Check


MBE❤️ So Damn cute today I could barely keep my legs closed😈💋 I have to remind myself of where we are 😄My appetite grows more everyday😈 I want that FANTASTIC ENERGY all over my body💋 I am very attracted to that, and of course, the blue eyes❤️💋😈

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