Imagine – Love, Sex & Poetry


Imagine – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Of your body
Tight against mine
I can smell
The sweetness
Of your breathe
I can feel
The heat of your closeness
My heart beats
In tandem
With yours
Can you
Feel my
Nipples press
Against your chest
Or my leg
Wrap tightly
Around your hips
To pull you closer
If you
Quiet your mind
Can you
Feel your heart beat
In tandem
With mine
A life with me
See my body
Naked in
Your embrace
Feel my hips
Resting on yours
My mouth
Against your lips
In a slow passionate kiss
Create a memory
With me
Before it ever happens
With me
Let’s imagine
How it will be
A new reality
For us
In me
As I believe
In you
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE: “Co-creation” has been on my mind today. When two people connect with each other through the power of their minds and co-create; it is powerful. Two souls creating together is spiritual as well as sensual.

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About Linda Long Writes

I am an individual who believes in man's ability to overcome adversity and triumph. Life has taken me on many journeys. But, the most important trip I've taken is the one that leads right down into the bottom of my soul. That's where I live. I am an open person and willing share, encourage, and befriend all like-minded individuals. I live and practice the Law of Attraction. I practice Gratitude and Giving every day as a way to source my own personal and spiritual growth. I am Yogini and plan to pursue teacher training in the next year or so. As for my blog, my blog is written from the heart and is about my quest to the best I can be in this life. And, I also post my authentically written poetry on my blog. A couple of notes about my blog: 1. I post three to five times a week depending on inspiration and the flow of creative juices. 2. I ’m always looking for inspiration. Please feel free to send me a message with suggestions or suggested reading materials. 3. My blog is considered a “lifestyle” blog. It is based on self reflection and personal experiences. At times, my blogs can be a bit heavy, deep or overwhelming. But, at other times, they are just plan filled with the nonsense and garbage in my head. Either way, they are honest, genuine offerings coming from within my soul and, hopefully, touching yours.

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  1. Sweets says :

    Love this!

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