Fall Into Peace – Love, Sex & Poetry


Fall Into Peace – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
I’d like to swim
In the sparkling blue waters
Of your eyes
That glisten
When you look
At me
I want to grab
Hold of your hips
With my legs
And feel the safety
Of your body
Close to mine
Tie your soul
To mine
I promise
To keep you afloat
On the fullness
Of my breasts
And nourish you
With the juices
Made from my body
When you are near
Take comfort in me
As I dance on the edge
Of your heart
And slowly
All the way
Into me
Lay with me
And when the
Time is right
Fall all the
Way in
With me
Fall all the way
In with me
And let’s
Find peace
In each other
When the time
Is right
Fall into peace
With me
©2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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(C) 2013 Linda Long Writes
All Rights Reserved


About Linda Long Writes

I am an individual who believes in man's ability to overcome adversity and triumph. Life has taken me on many journeys. But, the most important trip I've taken is the one that leads right down into the bottom of my soul. That's where I live. I am an open person and willing share, encourage, and befriend all like-minded individuals. I live and practice the Law of Attraction. I practice Gratitude and Giving every day as a way to source my own personal and spiritual growth. I am Yogini and plan to pursue teacher training in the next year or so. As for my blog, my blog is written from the heart and is about my quest to the best I can be in this life. And, I also post my authentically written poetry on my blog. A couple of notes about my blog: 1. I post three to five times a week depending on inspiration and the flow of creative juices. 2. I ’m always looking for inspiration. Please feel free to send me a message with suggestions or suggested reading materials. 3. My blog is considered a “lifestyle” blog. It is based on self reflection and personal experiences. At times, my blogs can be a bit heavy, deep or overwhelming. But, at other times, they are just plan filled with the nonsense and garbage in my head. Either way, they are honest, genuine offerings coming from within my soul and, hopefully, touching yours.

2 responses to “Fall Into Peace – Love, Sex & Poetry”

  1. Thamyris says :

    My being answers “Yes! Yes!” while my intellect offers praise for the sharpened skill with which you crafted this masterpiece.

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