Miraculous Prayer to the Little Flower

Miraculous Prayer to the Little Flower

O Little Flower of Jesus, ever consoling troubled souls with heavenly graces, in your unfailing intercession I place my confident trust. From the heart of our divine Savior petition the blessings of which I stand in greatest need, especially

(here mention your intension.)

Shower upon me your promised roses of virtue and grace. Dear St. Therese, so that swiftly advancing in sanctity and perfect love of neighbor, I may someday receive the crown of life eternal. Amen.

I’ve said this prayer every day of my life since 1999.

1999 was the worst year of my life because my sister died.  She passed away in March. By September of that year I was in the deepest the depression of my life. I didn’t think I would survive it. 

One night around 2:00am I woke up and felt like I was in danger and needed to go to church. I pulled out the phone book and searched for local churches that were open 24 hours a day. Amazing I found one only a couple miles from my home.  By 3:00am I was sitting in church and praying. I stayed there all night.  I spent many nights after that sitting in that church and saying this prayer. I prayed to St. Therese for my Mother who was devastated. I prayed to God asking why he had to take my sister. I prayed to St. Therese to fill me with strength to get through this exceptionally hard year.  But, mostly I took comfort in just saying the words and resting my hopes, wishes and fears in St. Therese’s hands knowing they were safe. 

St. Therese is known as the Little Flower because she is symbolized by roses.  Many people who have received intercessions or have had prayers answered by St. Therese receive roses in some form.  I have been blessed with a continual shower of roses in my life since I started resting my faith in her hands.  People often ask why my faith is so strong given the things that have happened in my life. The only way for me to explain is to say I pray every day and every day I get roses as an answer.  That’s enough to keep me believing.

Over the last ten or eleven months I’ve said this prayer to St. Therese with the same intention each day.  My intention is love.  As my life changes and I grow I realize the importance of doing all things based in love, love of self and love of others. I also ask St. Therese for guidance. I ask her to allow my heart to know what is right for me and to direct my actions.  Thus far, she has not disappointed. The last year has been an amazing transformation for me. A prayer said and answered. 

Yeseterday I said a very special prayer to St. Therese with a message of love.  I asked her to surround and protect someone I love. I asked her to shelter him. I asked her to let him know that I love him deeply and truly regardless of our circumstance.  It was a heartfelt prayer filled with love with a very special request.  At the end of the work day I wanted to power walk on the boardwalk.  Parking was tight and I had to park my car on a street I don’t normally park on. As I walked up the street to the boardwalk I realized that half the houses on that street had a rosebush on their front lawn. After receiving a whole block of roses, I was pretty certain St. Therese heard my prayer of love. As my eyes welled up with tears I felt an amazing sense of relief. For some reason all I heard was “believe”.  Thus I stand here in faith still believing in love and prayer. Thus I stand here knowing  my love is in good hands.

I hope each one of you is blessed by a shower of roses today. Let love rain down on you like a waterfall and rest your worries in trusted hands.  Know that good things can come out of bad situations.   Rest your head on the chest of goodness and believe for once in your life Love is yours to keep.

Please enjoy

Love Reign O’er Me – By The Who – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.


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  1. TemptingSweets99 says :

    Wonderful message. Thank you.

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