It’s Summer – Don’t forget your EpiPen!

A 0.3 mg EpiPen auto-injector.

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It’s summer officially. My favorite time of year! But, that also means the Bees and Wasps are out. As I have a life threatening allergy to both, we don’t like each other very much. I carry an EpiPen everyday of my life in my purse.

I thought I would remind those of you, who are like myself, the importance of that Pen to your life.

Check the expiration date on your Pen. Expired pens will not give the necessary dose.
Make sure you always have your EpiPen with you.
Make sure the people you are with know how to give you a shot. Basically, you pull the top off and shove the needle into a leg or arm. No need to aim for the heart. lol. Just hit the arm, get to an ER or call 911.

Although it’s not always necessary to go to the ER after receiving a shot, it’s usually good to be checked.

I was just passing the info along as my doctor just reminded me of the importance of always having the Pen with me.

Peace, Love and Happiness
I wish you all sting-free summer!

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