Warmth Of My Body – Love, Sex & Poetry


Warmth Of My Body – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I like
When he’s near
Even if we don’t
Talk to each
I just like
When he’s near
The energy
In the air
Is different and
My body reacts
As he moves by
His energy
Brushes against mine
And I know
It’s him
I like
The way it feels
When he is near
Images of him
Flash in my mind
They pass the day
My body churns with
Restless energies
Giving rise to
I saw myself
Stopping him
As he passed by
And gently running
My hand down his back
I wanted him
To feel the warmth
Of my touch
I wanted to reach out
And take
His hand and rest it
In my cleavage
I wanted him
To feel the warmth
Of my body
I heard myself
Whisper in his ear
“Touch me
I want you”
I wanted him
To know
He is wanted and desired
I envisioned
Laying back
On the table
While he
Felt my body
For the first time
I felt the warmth
Of his cute ass in
My hands
As I pushed him
Deeper into me
I wanted to feel
The warmth of his body
Inside of me
I want him to
Brush up against me and
Fan the flames
Of our passion
That lives and breathes
Every time we are
Near each other
Leaving me
Restless with desire
It is his face
I will see as
My hand
Moves down
Between my legs
I take pause
And reach for
The battery operated fun
In the nightstand
It’s always ready
To satisfy the need
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Note: I walked behind my secret flirtation today and took notice of his cute little ass😉 it sparked dirty poem 👍😉😊

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Duong Quoc-Dinh

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Now I Know … Love


A friend of mine died this week. He had a horrible progressively debilitating illness. While I am sad he passed away, I am grateful he is no longer suffering. His death brought some strange emotions to surface for me and gave me a point of reflection on my life.  This blog is born out of my reflection and the choices I made in recent years.

Standing at the fork in the road of your life is never easy. The longer you stand in the place of indecision the worst it is. While it is always best to be cautious and give due-diligence to major life-altering decisions, at some point you have to just pick a direction and live with the consequences. Indecision is form of paralysis.

About three years ago I stood at a fork in the road in my life. I knew the life I was living was unhealthy. I knew I was settling for less than I deserved. I knew I was settling for a life less than my capabilities. I knew some of the relationships and friendships I valued most were unhealthy and co-dependent. But, I just wasn’t ready to let go.

I held on. I hoped what I thought I was experiencing wasn’t true. Maybe it would it get better. Maybe it would work. I held on so for long that I cascaded slowly into a life-changing depression right in front of everyone’s eyes while still hidden from view. Simultaneous to the existential crisis I was experiencing in my life three years ago, my body also started break down. It is my view now that my body was reacting to stress. And, actually my body did for me what I couldn’t do for myself. It was my illness that gave me the push to let go and start over.

Letting go of alcohol was easy. Actually I never really thought a lot about it. It was making me sick. Therefore, it had to go. I really never looked back with regards to drinking. While I miss the social outlet it provides and I miss the social events that are linked to drinking alcohol, I don’t miss drinking. I have a lot more money now that I am no longer a bar-fly. I am healthier now that I no longer drink and I never have to worry about drinking and driving.

Letting go of people and relationship proved far more complicated. Yes, I will admit there were a few people I just had to be completely eliminated from my life and never look back. But, many others just slowly drifted out of my life. As my life changed and they changed, we just didn’t resonate with each other anymore. For a long time I would get melancholy when I thought of my old life. Part of me didn’t understand why I couldn’t be healthy of body, mind and spirit and still live the life I was living. It wasn’t until this week when I had to revisit the past that I realized if I didn’t break completely free, I would not have been able to start over and have the life I have now.

I am better, stronger and wiser today. I love myself today. I couldn’t say that three ago because I didn’t really know myself. I didn’t know my power. I didn’t know I could have peace in my heart every day, EVERY DAMN DAY. I didn’t know I didn’t have to accept people being insensitive just because “that’s the way they are”. I didn’t know a lot… Now, I know…

Now I know God put me on this path for a reason. While I can question it and doubt it at times, figting the flow of my life only complicates things. Instead of worrying that I am perhaps not strong enough to do what life is calling me to do, I now find it easier to live by intuition and have faith that the small voice inside of me is my inner wisdom. I will be ok. Everything meant to be always finds a way to be. Now I know…

Now I know love needs to start with yourself. Self-care isn’t optional and nurturing others while failing to take care of your self is short-sighted. Now I know…

Now I know I deserve more than I was accepting in the past. By settling in life I was lower my value in the eyes of Universe. I was getting exactly what I believed subconsciously deserved. Now I know I deserve better. Now I know…

Now I know Oprah was right, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.” My love, while given freely, will not save anyone. We all have our own Karma to work out. Me enabling people or remaining co-dependent with them only puts them at a disadvantage in life. They never have the opportunity to find their own personal power. Now I know to believe people when they show me who they are. Now I know…

Now I know I am ready for real grown-up mature love. I see myself honestly and accept myself lovingly. Now I am capable of giving of myself openly and freely. Now I am the best Linda I’ve ever been and will only get better and stronger with the passage of time. This Linda is completely self-actualized and is ready to be loved. Now I know…

Now I know when I look into the eyes of goodness that I deserve it and want it in my life. Now I know…

Now I know how to love and be loved.

Now I know … Love

Note: This post is lovingly dedicated to Jimmy Gillian. Jimmy was a friend who died this week after a long battle with MSA, Multiple Symptom Atrophy, a degenerative neurological disease.  He once told me I was “good”. I was one of the “good” people in his life.  I think of that often and how good it made me feel to have a friend who thought that of me. He will always be remembered. I am sure his bright handsome smile is lighting up heaven.


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Intuition – Love, Sex & Poetry

Intuition – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I wish
I could explain
I wish
I could
Put into words
Words wouldn’t
Make sense
It’s deeper
Than the surface
It can’t be explained
It’s felt
It’s not seen
Nor touched
It’s sensed within
My soul
It’s a knowing
It’s a feeling
It’s a vibration
I am still cautious
What if I am wrong?
What if my instincts are off?
What if I am reading
Into something
That isn’t there?
Hard to know
What to think
Without confirmation
There is a feeling
A feeling within
My soul
That we are
That you hear me
And know
How I feel about you
It’s a knowing
A feeling
A hope
That my words
Reach you
And fill your heart
With hope and desire
Affection and restless desire
Through the Universe
On your soul
I have no confirmation
Of receipt
Only an intuition
An inner voice
That says you
Are connected to me
So I write for you
We are in
That moment in time
When everything falls away
And it’s just us
Together alone
I will write for you
It’s a knowing
A feeling
An intuition
A hope
That we are connected
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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As I stated before, I don’t always know where my poetry comes from. This poem is another example of words just flowing out of me easily and effortlessly. I don’t plan it out. I don’t think very hard about what I write. The process for me is more instinctual than intellectual. It’s more organic in nature. It just happens. I write in the moment based on feelings, intuitions, senses and energies that I feel. A friend called my poetry “channelings” – meaning that I am channeling spiritual energy into words. I liked that explanation. It makes sense to me because that is how I feel sometimes when I write. I feel like something is moving through me, like someone needs my words and my intution answers their call.

Here’s a true story about intution that happened to me about two weeks ago.

A couple of Fridays ago, I was really stressed out. I promised a friend I would attend a seminar about living with Cancer with her on Saturday morning. From the moment I woke up Friday morning, I had a strong sense that going on Saturday to that seminar would not be emotionally good for me. I was feeling sensitive, meaning I was feeling very open to energies,  and I felt the highly charged anxious energy that would be in the room on Saturday would not be good for me on this particiular day.

I hesitated telling my friend that I wasn’t up for going with her. I wanted to be her support and didn’t want to disappoint her as many others have.  I was going to go anyway. I was planning to meditate and light some sage the night before in preparation.

As the day went on, my anxiety grew. I kept thinking. “I need to tell her how I feel. I need to just say it. She knows how supportive I’ve been. I need to be honest with her about how I feel. She knows I am sensitive to energies. I just feel like tomorrow won’t be good for me.” I decided I would call her after work and explain how I felt. But, throughout the afternoon I was thinking about what I needed to say to her and how to say it without disappointing her. I was just trying to take care of myself. Well, she beat me to the punch. Around 3:00pm that day, she sent me a text message that said in essence, “I was thinking if you are not up to going to the seminar tomorrow, it’s ok. We can just meet for dinner afterwards. I’ll be ok by myself.”  

My eyes welled up with tears when I read the text. I couldn’t believe what I reading. She got the message I was trying to send – telepathically – she got it! Over a Sushi Dinner the next night we talked at length about it. She said she just kept getting a sense from me that I wasn’t up to it for some reason.   Once I explained why I wasn’t up for it,  she understood.  She knows my abilities and knows when I feel extremely sensitive(open to energies) that I need to protect myself.  The funny part was – I said to her, “I’ve been working on sending people telepathic messages – testing it more or less.”  She said,  “You are doing a good job. It worked! I got it. Loud and and clear. I got it!”   This was a confirmation to both of us of the strength of our connection and of the power of the bond that we have.

Embracing and nurturing my intutive nature changed my life. I make better decisions. I am more in tuned with those I love. I am relaxed about life. My focus is actually sharper because I’ve learned to shut off the noise around me and only hear what I need to hear. Everyone has intuition. It’s just a matter of learning to trust your instincts. As you learn to trust your instincts, your intuition becomes stronger. I encourage everyone in my life to tap into this ability. Embrace it. Develop it. Nurture it!

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A Kiss Until Later


A Kiss Until Later
By: Linda A. Long

Thoughts of pressing
My breasts against
Your chest leave me breathless
With desire
My body
Is in tune to
Your desires
And responds in kind
With hardened nipples
And wetness
Between my legs
Only For you
My desire
Is yours
Only yours
At a distance now
Fantasize about me
Think of how
You want me
I’ll See it
In my mind
Hold my hands
Kiss my lips
Press me
Against the wall
And taste me
Fuck me
The way you long to
I am here for you
In our place
Where your thoughts
Reach my body
Spark my words of desire
Inspire me to write
For you
I write for you
At a distance
I feel you powerfully
Connecting with me
Strongest connection
I’ve ever felt
To a man
You come to me
And hold my hand
Smiling at me
I close my eyes
And feel your energy
Move through my body
You tell me
You are with me
You are here
You ask me to
Write for you
Write for you
I hear you
My body awoke restless
As if you
Had me in the
Most passionate ways
In my dream state
In the middle of the afternoon
You had me again
Leaving me
With a kiss
Until later
My body
Full of lust
Waiting desire
For you
Come back
To my dreams
Touch me again
Think of me
I’ll sense you
Wherever you are
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I was feeling a bit blocked and just didn’t feel like writing poetry. I got a spark earlier in the day from Mr. Blue a Eyes but nothing was flowing. I was really nauseous and exhausted today. I left work right after lunch as food didn’t make me feel very good. I fell into a deep sleep on the sofa. 💤

Around 300pm I woke up after having a dream that felt so real I couldn’t believe it was a dream. In my dream, I was standing on a platform waiting when Mr. Blue Eyes walked up the steps to the platform and took my hand in his and smiled. He said, “I’m here. talk to me, write for me.” I moved my body slightly because I didn’t want anyone to see us holding hands. I closed my eyes, pressed his hand to my heart so he could feel my heartbeat and I could feel his energy in my heart. He grabbed my hand tighter. I felt him intensely. Then I woke up in my living room on the sofa at 300pm in the afternoon looking around. Intense👍 Worth taking the afternoon off sick just to have that dream😊

I believe you can’t have dreams that vivid about someone unless they are thinking of you too. The dream inspired me to write this poem and broke my writer’s block😊💋

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Arthur Brahinsskiy

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Moon On The Water

The Moon on the water tonight is gorgeous. I took this picture from my deck. First time it was nice enough to be outside on the deck at night. I enjoyed the sound of the ocean and the Moon on the water.



Loving Presence – Love, Sex & Poetry

Duong_Quoc_Dinh_Tutt'Art@_(67)Loving Presence – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

What’s your pleasure
Tell me your fantasy
Speak your desire
Put your trust
Into my hands
I won’t
Let you down
My lips
Will be sealed
With your kiss
I feel pressure in the air
A feeling of pressure
Sitting heavy
On the chest
The weight of
Life’s decisions
I write to
Offer support
Find a haven
In my eyes
Look deep and
See my desire
Feel peace
In my voice
Close your eyes
And know
I am here
To offer support
And give you
What you need
Know when I am near
You are
Believe those
Words to be true
And when the time
Is right
Take your
Respite in my arms
And revitalize
Yourself between
My legs
I promise
To always be
A friend first
A lover second
An independent
I promise
To always
Help you navigate
The challenges of life
So you can
Be better
And achieve
Your wildest ambitions
I am a nurturer
Let me nourish you
You don’t have
To do it alone
I am here for you
When you are
Ready to talk to me
I am here
To be
Your friend first
your lover second
And a loving presence
In your life
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE: Sometimes I honestly do not know where what I write comes from. Words just flow out of me. Not sure why. But, I felt like this is what needed to be said.  Words of genuine caring and affection were needed to be said rather than words of lust and sex.   Genuine caring and affection…

Photo Credit:
Duong Quoc Dinh, 1967 ~ Body painting

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Meet My Pet Elephant, Shanti


Meet my pet Elephant, Shanti. He spoke to me one day as I walked by him. After about a week of thinking about him, I decided it was time to bring him home.

Elephants are good Feng Shui in homes or offices. They symbolize good luck, protection, wisdom and fertility. While I am not looking for fertility at this stage of my life, I always need protection, good luck and wisdom.

To support my friends with tusks I also made a donation to World Wildlife Fund in Shanti’s name to help preserve And protect African Elephants from poachers.

Hanging this picture brought tears to my eyes and made me very happy.
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Flirtatious Foreplay – Love, Sex & Poetry


Flirtatious Foreplay – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. long

The Feeling comes
From deep within
It rises up
And presses
From inside my breasts
To be broken free
My name is desire
It shouts
I hear it
Whenever he is near me
And it speaks
In a language only
He can hear
It writes
In words
For only him to read
It lives
It breathes
It passes from
Me to him
A gift
From my vagina
To him
A gift
Of lust and wetness
Waiting for him
Waiting for our
Moments alone
When nothing can
Stand between us
Nothing can
Stop him from
Touching me
I feel it move
Inside of me
Ignited by his
His voice
Feeling the goodness
Of his energy
Wanting it
On me
Inside of me
Near me
I want to hear it
Whispered in my ear
I want to feel it
In his lips
Pressed into
My cleavage
I enjoy our
Flirtatious foreplay
But I am also
Looking forward
To our moment
Of surrender
I feel it coming
It’s coming
I am ready
To surrender
In our moment
Of honesty
Lies a beginning
Of something new
For both of us
Something that is
sensual and primal
Sweet and good
I share this with him
As I wait for
The day I share
My body with him
And see my pleasure
Reflected in his
Beautiful blue eyes
Standing on the
Threshold of something
Powerfully good
For both of us
I place my desires
Into his soft hands
And enjoy our
Our flirtatious foreplay
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I kept having thoughts today about how cute Mr. Blues Eyes looked. I wanted him to pull me into a room and touch me. I want to feel him. With each passing day my desire grows deeper. As much as I am sexually attracted to him I am also drawn to him on a deeper level. I could just eat him up he’s so damn cute. When the time is right and we are alone, I will be sure to show him my feelings rather than just writing them here. 💋😘😊

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Antoine De Villiers

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Seven Ravens (Long post)


March 31, 2014 - I took some online quiz to find out what my Spirit Animal was this morning while I was laying in bed at 4:30am.  It said I was a Raven.  The description said, “In some mythologies, the Raven represents the Creator. It is a dark, mysterious, and highly intelligent animal. Like the Raven, your soul is filled with creative energy. You will make something that others will be in awe of…”.

It reminded me of the the “Seven Ravens” poem I wrote a couple years ago and it also reminded of the post I wrote last year at a time of reflection.  The last three years of my life have been nothing short of unbelievable. These three years of my life were filled with complete honesty and authenticity. I stripped everything away and truly saw myself.  I learned to love everything I saw in myself even the things that aren’t pretty. I survived, overcame and blossomed in spite of opposition, naysayers and negative forces.  I rode out the highs and lows. I made changes and choices. I found the courage to let go of anything and anyone who held me back, wasn’t good for me, spoke negatively about me, didn’t wish me well and wasn’t healthy for me in body and spirit. None of it was easy. But, I did it.  I choose it every day. If I could chose between my life ten years ago and my life today, I choose today.

I am grateful that God gave me the choice.  Many in life do not get choices. I got them and I feel I took responsibility and owned my life and my actions.  I grateful that I am not afraid to show my vulnerability on this blog or to the people I care about.  I recognize a good soul when I see one and to them I will show all of me. I will NOT hold back or hide from those who I know belong in my life. I live in gratitude everyday for the life I am living now.  It didn’t happen by chance. It happened by choice. 

I choose today!

May 1, 2013 – I originally wrote the poem, Seven Ravens, in October 2o11.  At that time, I was sick, I was depressed and I was overwhelmed. And, a relationship abruptly ended after a horrible incident. It almost broke me that it all was happening at the same time. Sensing that the only way I was going to survive the storm my life was in was to relax in to it and just let go. I felt like if I didn’t stop resisting everything or if I kept trying to hold on, then I was truly was going to die.  I tried to do it my way. I tried to force my path. But, nothing was working.  I was filled with anxiety.  But, I was so afraid to let go of everything I knew. I was so afraid to change. I was afraid I would lose my friendships and my social life. I didn’t think I was strong enough to do what life was calling me to do. I was ready to give up rather than change.

Everywhere I went I was receiving little messages of comfort and reassurance from unusual places.  People out of the blue telling me it was going to be ok. Phone calls from people I lost contact with saying they had dreams about me. And, I was having recurring dreams of my decease sister and father holding my hand.  Talk about spiritual experiences!  

On one particular day I was exceptionally anxious. When I am feeling anxious I chant and visualize my lucky number seven. While doing this, I take deep breaths. This practice seems to work like magic at calming me down and returning me to peace. So, one day after I was chanting and visualizing the number seven I logged into Facebook. I started reading status updates and then I saw “Seven, a journey” posted on a friend’s status. It was so unbelievable that as I was chanting and visualizing the number seven to relieve anxiety as she posting the number seven as a journey.

I called her and told her about the synchronicity of our actions. She told me Seven Ravens landed on her window ledge at the same moment I was chanting and visualizing the number. Incredible! She told me about the Native American meaning of Seven Ravens. Seven Ravens is a Native American symbol of a journey. The Seven Ravens come to you to provide you direction and safe passage in your journey.  As the Ravens sat on her window ledge, she prayed. Then one by one she watched as each flew off carrying her prayers into the wind. She said the Ravens gave her great peace and comfort. They were a confirmation that the choices she has been making are good for her. And, now she knew for sure I was on the right path as well. In traditional Medicine cards, Ravens symbolize strength and healing.

That was 19 months ago.  If I only knew how my life would be changed. If I only knew how much healthier I would be. If I only knew my broken heart would mend. If I only knew I would find peace and happiness within my own soul. If I only knew those Seven Ravens were providing me a safe passage on this incredible journey. Would I have continued on knowing everything I would eventually change and give up? I don’t know. All I know is the friends that really mattered are still in my life even though I don’t go out drinking with them. They support me now in what I am doing. What I do know is that Yoga has been a refuge and safe haven for me and has provide me relief and sanity on some hard days. What I do know is that my world has opened up and new powerful spirits and come in and refreshed my spirit with hope. What I do know is that I am healed and back to living. I am changed forever and that was supposed to be my journey all along. I was jus too afraid and stubborn to give in. But, oh what magic happened once I finally let go…

To those seven beautiful ravens, thank you for providing me safe passage. I am eternally grateful.

Seven Ravens – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Did you hear that?
It was a voice
Gently calling your name
If I close my eyes
I can play its melody
In my mind
Calling to you
The sound calms my spirit
And nourishes my soul
Softly drifting
It carries me to sleep
The sound of your name
Carried by the wind
Nestled gingerly
On a leaf
Floating miles
To my window
As if to heal me
And bring My weary heart Peace
In its presence
I say your name
As low as a whisper
I place it carefully
On the backs of
seven ravens
And ask the ravens
To protect your journey
And to keep you safe from harm
They leave my window
And take flight
Saying your name
With a message of love
Seven Ravens journey
From me to you
They wait
to softly kiss
your ear
Preached on the ledge
They sit
with the melody
of my name
On their backs
to sing to you
Their song
Of love and peace
Seven Ravens
A journey
Follow the raven
© 2011 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Photo Credit
Fine Art Print Grimm FairyTale Seven Ravens & Girl 8.3 x 11.7 inches
by: Christina Lank
Retrieved Fromhttp://www.etsy.com/listing/114107463/fine-art-print-grimm-fairytale-seven?ref=market

Days Like Today – Love, Sex & Poetry


Days Like Today – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It was that
Kind of day
The kind of day
The fire
In her soul
Spoke his name
Not as a low whisper
But like a lion
It roared
For his attention
She is used
To busy
Schedules and
In passing glances
Those moments
Kindle the flames
Between her legs
And wet her
Lips with desire
But days like today
When they are
Separated by
Responsibilities yet
Only feet away from
Each other that
Leave her
Appetite for him
Licking her lips
Rubbing her legs together
Wanting him
Craving him
It’s the connection
She feels when their
Eyes meet
And the rush
Of energy when
They are near
Each other
She aches for
On days like these
Those moments
When words are
Only spoken
From his eyes to hers
She craves the most
In those moments
She is
Reassured that
He knows her desires
He sees her lust
She will not
Hide it from it
From him
It’s his
Her lust
Is his
His lust is hers
In those moments
She feels good
When he is near
She wants
To see him more
It’s in moments like
These she wants to
Opens her arms
And welcome him
To the safety
Of her hips
It’s on days like
This she fantasies about
Entering the room
And wrapping her legs
Around his hips
To pull him into
Their connection
And then she
Returns to reality
And remembers
Where they are
She shuts her light off
She leaves
While he stays
It was that
Kind of day
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: This poem was actually a journal entry about my day;-) I decided to turn it into a poem. I didn’t see my secret flirtation all day 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟lol 😈😜😄😘

Photo Credit
Italian painter Lucia Coghetto, known as Ghetto, was born in Mestre, Venice. She currently lives and works in the province of Vicenza.

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Fate, Destiny, Kismet – Love, Sex & Poetry (Daily Prompt – Que Sera Sera)


Fate, Destiny, Kismet – Love, Sex & Poetry (Daily Prompt – Que Sera Sera)
By: Linda A. Long

In and out
Of a fantasy
I am lost today
In my mind
Of a man and a woman
While my body
Feels his energy
Swirl in the air
Leaving me wet
Announcing desire
Passion smolders under
The surface
For a man
With the light eyes
And soft hands
Hidden from view
No one can see
But, he knows
He sees
When he looks
Into my eyes
He knows
He must feel it
Is rising
In my body
Like the tide
Trying to
To ground myself
Before it
Swallows me whole
Ground myself
In the stability
Of reality
Yet swim
Swim in our
Like energy
And entertain
Entertain my
Less than
Honorable intentions
For him
For us
Like a breeze
Blowing softly
Through the air
I send my
Intentions to him
Filled with
Lusty fantasies
A soft hand to hold
And a gentle kiss
Pulling him
Deep into the center
Of our connection
Over time
It feels good
Isn’t that how we
Are supposed to feel
I have no answers
For the future
An open mind
A loving heart
And a willing body
But for today
I am lost
In the deep
Forrest of my mind
Where reflective thoughts
Meet pensive desires
Writing in a parallel universe
Of spiritual connection
With passion rising
Through the kismet
Of our attraction
Linked through
My thoughts
To his
And suspended
Until his hand
His body
Joins in union
With mine
What is meant
To be
Always finds
A way to be
Rest easy
On those words
I tell myself
And promise him
What is meant
To be
Will always be
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Photo Credit
Siren Song – Victor Nizovtsev 1965
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Feeling Goodness


Tonight I tried to write a poem about a moment I had earlier today. But I just couldn’t get the poem to express what I was thinking or feeling.

I’m a Empath. I FEEL things intensely. Over the years I’ve learned how to manage the surge of emotions that can hit me in a moment. But every once in a while a moment occurs that is so good, so genuine and so real that is catches me off-guard – pleasantly, delightfully off-guard. One of those moments happened today.

Today I shook the hand of a man that I’ve had a crush on for a while. In that split second I felt his energy. It was good, kind and warm. After I walked away, I could still feel his energy on my hand. Almost like my hand was still in his. It was surreal. As an Empath I am used feeling energy but nothing like this. It felt good. That’s the only way I can describe it. GOODNESS. It felt like pure goodness.

As the day went on, the feeling of his energy in my hand faded. But it made me wonder if he felt anything like I felt. Did he feel as good as I felt the rest of the day? It also made me a little horny thinking about feeling his good energy on other parts of my body 💋

It felt like pure goodness. Goodness!
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit
Red Hot – Madison Moore

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Let Me Entertain You

Today had five girlfriends over for “lunch”. I can’t eat sandwiches because I have Celiac Disease and I am a Gluten Free. I decided to make a three course late lunch early dinner instead instead of casual lunch. I don’t drink alcohol because my belly is screwed up and can’t handle it without making me sick. But they all brought wine and beer with them. I provided all the food but they had to bring their own booze. And take whatever was left home with them because I would just throw it out.🍷🍻🍺🍸

I made an Antipasta platter for the Appetizer course. It had olives, stuffed hot peppers, aged provolone cheese, pepperoni and grapes. I also had fig spread, espresso Bellavitanio Cheese and rice crackers. For my hard core Gluten lovers I had Italian bread with seasoned a Olive Oil for dipping. 🍡

For the main course I made gluten free turkey meatballs with Romano cheese and stuffed with a wedge of aged provolone. I also served Wet Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil and a vegetable lasagna that was layered with Zucchini and a Eggplant. I had the tomato salad and lasagna catered because my kitchen is really small. I can cook but I don’t have the room to do it. 🍞🍝🍆

Dessert was gluten free cookies. Regular cannolis and cookies for my non gluten free friends and chocolate dipped pretzels for everyone. 🍪🍫🍬🍭

Everyone left with a bag of candy and a healing crystal that I bought for them. What a great day. I am thankful that I have the means to give my friends a nice relaxing afternoon with good food and an ocean view. 🍫🍭🍬




Peace & Gratitude a At The Beach

This was the view out my window on the morning of my birthday, yesterday!
I am very grateful.


Call Me Naughty – Love, Sex & Poetry


Call Me Naughty – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Some day when
You call me
It will dark
I will
Be sleeping
The sound
Of your voice
Will make me
We will talk
About things
And gingerly
Tiptoeing around the
Sexual undertones
We both
Will feel aroused
As I lay there
Listening to you
I’ll start touching myself
Hear me moan
I’ll tell you
How I want you
I’ll say your name
And tell you
How my
Body feels good
When you are near
I’ll tell you
That I got
A little wet
When I spoke
With you
Earlier that day
I’ll describe how
I want You
In my mouth
I’ll imagine you
Between my legs
While I listen
To you voice
Maybe sometime
You’ll call me
Before you fall sleep
And tell me
A naughtily bedtime story
You should
Call me
One night
When you are
Out of town
While I am
Laying in bed
Have phone sex
With me
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I really do have a dirty Mind sometimes. I spoke with Mr. Blue Eyes today. Although we had a very formal conversation as I hung up the phone I thought ” he should call me later tonight and we can have some fun.” 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Photo Credit:
Rob Greer

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St. Patrick’s Day 2014 Dirty Limerick


St. Patrick’s Day 2014 Dirty Limerick
By: Linda A. Long

There was a young lady from the city
She roared like a tiger
And purred like a kitty
The men adored her
Because was loose
While the women were
Jealous of her fabulous caboose
She was rumored to
Go to work commando
All the boys noticed
Especially Fernando
He was a horny sailor
From down under
She was hoping he was
Her new boy toy “boy wonder”
Up against the wall
Of bar they had foreplay
When suddenly the police
Showed up to their dismay
They had a warrant to
Arrest Fernando
He was a sexual deviant
From Orlando
As the Police whisked
Him away
The a Police Captain
Ask the young lady
For a roll in the hay
She quickly followed him
To his Police car
And that’s when things
Got a little bizarre
The tough strong
Police captain wore lace panties
And like to sing
Sea shanties
The moral of the story
Is a tale old as time
Don’t get caught committing
A vice crime
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I used the same photo as last year. I usually only use art on my blog. But I couldn’t find Irish themed erotic art:-)

You See Me – Love, Sex & Poetry


You See Me – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In a flash
I felt you
In a flash
You bursted
Through my thoughts
Entered my body
Piercing my mind
Stimulating my body
From a distance
You touched me
You kissed me
You spread my legs
And took me
Each delicious
I felt you
Take control of me
You entered my thoughts
And stimulated
And dominated
My body
Out of the blue
You give rise
To the lusty
Energies that
Live below
The surface in my soul
Rise up
In the flash
Of your beautiful eyes
I surrender
In grateful submission
You burst
Into my soul
Let your presence
Be known
As if announcing
Your arrival
To my libido
Telling it
To get ready
For you
Preparing me for
Our inevitable moment
The moment
We join as one
Grateful submission
To you
I submit
You connect
With me deeply
You see
What lies
My remote exterior
You see me
I know it
I feel it
I like it
I like
That you
See me
In grateful submission
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE: Sexual dominance and submission between a man and a woman who trust and respect each other – turns me on….just sayin’😈
Photo Credit
Zhiwei Tu, 1951 ~ Romantic Impressionism painter

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Touch Me – Love, Sex & Poetry


Touch Me – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Press me
Against the wall
Share a moment
With me
Let’s not wait
Look into
My eyes now
Share a moment
With me
See the
Pout of my lips
Inviting you
To kiss them
Feel my
Heart beat
As you stand close
In a lustful rhythm
Slowly unbutton
The top of
My sweater
Make me breathless
With anticipation
Of your touch
Waiting for you
To dive into
My cleavage
My breasts
Don’t be gentle
Grab me
With passion
Grab me
With the passion
I see in your eyes
I love this game
We play
You turn me on
Before we
Let go
Kiss my lips
I want to taste you
Until the next
Time we meet
In secret
And share
A lusty moment
I will
Write for you
My fantasies
The words of
My desires
The longing
For you
I keep private
It’s just ours
Touch me
If only in passing
Hear me
Catch my breath
As the moisture
Between my legs
Craves your fingers
Steal a moment
With me
And touch me
The way
I’ll touch myself
Thinking about
You tonight
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: Nothing but sex and a secret flirtation on my mind tonight:-)

Photo Credit
Erotic sculpture in Jeju Loveland Erotic Park, South Korea

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You Will Know – Love, Sex & Poetry


You Will Know
By: Linda A. Long

I would like to
Tell you
My deepest
My most
Private fantasies
I want you
To know
I want to
Share with you
The rises
And falls of
My breasts
As air fills
My lungs
When you are near
I hide my
True feelings
I want you
To know
I want
To whisper
Softly in
Your ear
Words of lust
Tell you a story
My legs
That spread
Slightly apart
When you
Are in the room
I want to
Spin you
An erotic tale
As I kneel
Before you
In grateful submission
To wrap
My mouth
Around you
As you
Pause to watch
Me suck you
I hide how I feel
But I want
You to know
I would like to
Lie back
In front
Of you
As you work
Rest my legs
On your shoulders
Offering myself
To your pleasure
I want to
Give myself
To you
I want you to know
To know
My passion
I want to
Beg for
Your lips to
Kiss me
Before you
Give into
And enter me
I would like to
Lay on top
Of you
And press
My body
Tight against yours
As I make love
To you
I would like
To share my
Deepest thoughts
With you
In a glance
Of your eye
I feel your energy
I know
You want me
I want you
Every part of me
Wants you
Even though
I pass by
I want you to know
I desire you
All of you
Even though
I don’t engage
When we are
I will
Share my desires
You will know
In my arms
You will
Know passion
I want you
To know
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I was thinking today about how much I would like to tell my Secret Flirtation…

Photo Credit
Cesar Santos

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Living My Truth


Living My Truth
By: Linda A. Long

Revealing one’s soul
Isn’t easy
It’s like
Standing on
The edge of a cliff
You can
Fall either way
Fall into safety
Or fall into
In denial
Or shadowing
One’s true heart
Isn’t what
The soul’s
Higher purpose
The soul evolves
In moments
Of unedited
Who is standing
On the other side
Of the mirror
And saying
This is me
This is what I feel
This is my truth
Knowing it
And proclaiming it
Are different energies
You can know it
And still keep it a secret
But, once you proclaim it
You truly own it
Once you proclaim it
You live your truth
I write
My truth
First timid
Now secure
It’s my truth
It’s who I am
It’s how
I feel
I would rather
Be exposed
Than afraid
I’m ok with
Being vulnerable
My truth
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Photo Credit
Carlos Oviedo

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