Soft Blue Waters – Love, Sex & Poetry

IRINA soft blueSoft Blue Waters – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’ve been diving
Into the deep waters
Of contemplation
And reflection
To see the truth
And understand
When you floated
Under my heart’s radar
And took a place
In my life
I’ve been trying to
My feelings by
Retracing the timeline
Of our affections
How things changed
Between us
That day
We locked eyes
And we blushed
There is new comfort
With you
In my world
I thought
I needed to know
How, when, why
My fate spun
Around your hips
And changed me
Changed us
To better
Growing, changing, thriving
Changed us
To better
Understanding now that
It’s been your
Quiet influence
Enamoring me
That I rose to
New occassion
And revealed my secrets
I speak my heart’s desires
To you willinginly
Come swim
In the deep brown pool
Of my warm eyes
I will whisper
My desires
Into your heart
As I float effortlessly
On the soft blue waters
That glisten as
You smile at me
Refreshing myself
In your warm glances
I leave my rational
Thoughts to the side
And I willingly
Lose myself
In the uplifting words
That announce my desires
In the swing of my hips
And the pout of my lips
I joyful proclaim to you
I am sparked with creativity
By your energy near me
I am free
In my disclosure
I am free
Joyfully I lay a promise
On your soul
It’s my kiss
For you to hold
From the distance
That will be
Between us
Hold this kiss
Until you return
Take comfort in knowing
Something good is
Waiting for you
Something good is
Waiting for us
One the other side
When the time
Is right
Something good
Is waiting for us
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I needed to process some thoughts I was having today. These words came out as an unformatted journal entry. I decided to edit, rewrite a bit and turn it into a poem. It says everything I felt like my soul needed to say to another today. It was intuition that motivated this poem. Almost as if one soul was communicating with another to offer words of reassurance and another responded in kind with words of soft blue waters. That is why I try to respect my soul messages. They come from deep within. I trust my instincts and soft blue waters.

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Irina Karkabi

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Lovers – Love, Sex & Poetry


Lovers – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s palpable
The tension
Between us
Is palpable
I feel it
Like a breeze
Blowing against
My nipples
Whenever we
Are near
No words
Are ever needed
I feel you
I know you
I want you
My nipples harden &
Point me
To you
To break free
My breasts
And feel the
Nuances of
My desire for you
Your beautiful eyes
Watching me
Remind me
That I am a woman
Who desires &
Lusts for
A man
My body cannot hide
It from you
I announce it to you
In the way
My hips swing for you
My body
Starts to move
Rhythmically for you
As my vagina
Readies for you
Opening like the flower
I wear in my hair
My body privately
Invites you
To touch
My bare leg
And make me shiver
With the stroke of arousal
Spurned through my body with
The cadence
Of your voice
You fan the flame
The intensity of our energy
Plays like a melody
That drifts from
Between my legs
And lays me openly
Against your chest
Running my hands over
Your body
I visualize myself feeling
Your energy
Under my touch
You make me purr
With awakened arousal
Only you know
What I am thinking
Only you know
What I am feeling
Only I know
You want me
Only I know
That one day
We will be lovers
Forming an alliance
Privately from the
Nakedness of my barest desire
To vulnerable recesses
Of your newly
Rejuvenated spirit
We strategize in unison
But still independently
We will be good together
In so many ways
Strong together
An alliance as deep
As it is erotic
Joined privately together
As You pass by
I turn my head and smile
Because I know
One day
One day
We will be lovers
I will be
Your lover💋❤️
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: It’s always interesting when I have a dirty little thought in the middle of my work day. I’ve had a few this week. Mr. Blue Eyes turning me on as usual with his shades of blue. Came home & immediately wrote this poem.

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Jack Vettriano

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The Red Thread – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Red Thread – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

This morning
I woke up
Next to you
And smelled the scent
Of your skin
As you laid sleeping
In my mind’s eye
I crawled up next
To you
Just to feel
The warmth of your body
Next to mine
I needed comfort
You were
On my mind
Almost as if
You were calling to me
Offering your shoulder
For me to rest
My head
I sensed you
Wanting me
I needed you
The power of
That sentence
Leaves me breathless
I needed you
I’m not sure
I’ve ever felt that before
A need
While I take some time
To wrap my head around
This new feeling
For me
I reflect on our paths
As they Crossed
And continue to entwine
As the red thread
Pulls us to our destiny
Sews us together
As a tapestry
And blends our energies
Into something good
I am not afraid to
Need or want you
In my life
I am open
For you to see
It’s a risk
I’m willing to take
The goodness
In our connection
Ever deepening
With the passage of time
Gives me
A safe place
To land my
Desires, hopes, wishes
And fears
I lay them
On your chest
And tie them
Around your heart
With a red thread
I tie my heart
To yours with
A red thread
I am tied to you
By The Red Thread
Of Destiny
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: This poem was inspired by the Chinese Legend called “The Red Thread of Destiny”.

I normally use artwork with my poetry but I felt this one needed the quote about the red thread with it❤️✌️

I’ve been feeling lately like perhaps a red thread has connected me to another for some time but we are only just now seeing it.

Writing A Dream – Dreaming Big


July 7th – my deceased Father’s birthday. I know he still looks out for me because July 7th has always been lucky for me. On July 7th, I call upon the power and energy of my Father’s memory to dream big! I believe in dreaming BIG! I believe in laying all of my hopes and wishes out for the Universe to shape and deliver. On July 7th, I call on the Law Of Attraction. On July 7th, I will use the power of Intentions and Affirmations to super charge my dreams and inspire the magic within me.

One of the Intentions I’ve been reciting for the last few years is “I am happy and grateful I am a New York Times Best Selling an Author.” I have a book idea I think could have wide appeal. It is based on a real-life people and events but I will use creative writing/fiction to enhance the story and tie it together. I got the idea from handwritten postcards, photos and letters my Grandfather(Nap) to my Grandmother(Anna) while he was away at sea with the US Navy. Nap was career Navy. He retired with 35 years of service in 1950. He sent Anna a postcard, letter or photo once a week from all over the world when he was at sea. Nap and Anna were my Father’s parents. I will use the postcards as the outline of the book. At least this is what I am thinking.

The box of postcards and letters is in storage at my Mother’s house. I am going up there on my day off this week to pick them up. I plan to lay them out in chronological order, take a picture of each and start assembling the story from there. Then I’ll make a storyboard & outline. It’s the beginning of a plan. But, I can see the completed work in my mind’s eye.

The reality of this project is huge. I’ve saved vacation time at work if I need to take a couple of weeks off to write. Below is a rough list of things I need to get this going:

*I need a writing “coach”. I’ve never written a book. Not sure where to begin. I need someone I trust so I can bounce stuff off of and ask for advice.

*I want to publish this book the traditional method. If my dream came true, I would go for hardback release. Then I’ll release paperback and digital formats. Self publishing is my last choice. But, let’s remember I am dreaming now and I believe in dreaming BIG. So, hardback release with a major publishing house it is.

*I want to go to Writers Intensive workshop and take the outline with me. That will help me refine it and get feedback. I would prefer going to NYC for this but I guess I could travel for the right the workshop.

*I am researching “Pitch workshops” where you bring your idea to the workshop. They help you refine your “pitch” and then you pitch it to a publishing house.

*I am not opposed to having writing partners a long as they know the story belongs to me. The postcards and letters are a family heirloom. I started collecting them during a genealogy project. They tell a beautiful story during an important time of our Nation’s history. I would like to honor the memory and tell the story.

*I need a MacBook and an Air printer with scanner. I was trying to live with just my iPad for simplicity. But, if I am going to do this project, I need a Mac Book.

*I need to go to San Antonio, TX to do some research. My Mexican great-grandmother, Nap’s mother, immigrated to there & my grandfather was born there. The story begins there.

*I need someone to tell me I not crazy for thinking this big and dreaming this big :-)

I am posting this deeply personal Intention and dream to get some vibrational energy behind it. I am hoping to use the power of the Law of Attraction and then let magic take hold.

If anyone can offer some professional advice on this work of love for me, please comment or send me a message. Please no Debbie Downers or reality-check comments. I know the reality. I’ve done my research.

I am a dreamer. I have always have been. I believe anything is possible. I will not put limits on the possibilities. This will be a labor of love. Love for my father. Love my Grandmother, Anna, who died when I was seven. And, love for the Grandfather, Nap, I never knew. His photos, postcards and letters reveal a wild passionate soul and in him I find a kindred spirit.
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Barbara Cole
NOTE: I chose this artwork because I thought she looked like a dreamer…
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The Power Within Me – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Power Within Me – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There is something
Powerful simmering
Within me
I feel it
Growing slowly
Over time
Each day
It’s vibration pulls
Stronger at my heart
Each encounter
With you
Brings out more of me
It’s the
Power within me
It’s powerful
It Lives and breathes
Between us
I acknowledge
The magnetic pull
Of our energies
And feel the
Affects of our
Energetic collaboration
Two plans
Merging into one
Gaining strength
With each passing day
I hear you at times
When I am silent
As if you are
Filling me in on the details
And asking me
To be your partner
We’ll grow together
We’ll make a plan together
We can do this together
Hang in with me
Believe in
The power within us
We will be together
It’s just
A matter of time
There’s a force
Within me
Pushing me
To dream
A little bigger
Work a little harder
But rest easy
In this life
We are creating
Yet together
There is
A wind blowing
Through my life
It is moving me
Closer to you
With each step
I take towards
My personal goals
I feel my path
Merging with yours
As if destiny
Planned this for me
For us
From the start
As if fate
Knew we would
Be good for each other
Trusting nothing more
But instincts
I listen to my intuition
And hear the
Invitation to our destiny
Understanding more
Now than I did
Knowing the best
I have within myself
Will only get better
With you in my life
I see it clearly now
The power within me
There is a powerful
Force moving in my life
It speaks your name
In it’s echo
It is good
I know it’s good
We are good together
Good together
You and I
Are good together
You spark
The power within me
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I am writing this while sitting on the beach at 6:00pm. That is my new pattern. I’ve been waiting until 3 or 4 to come down to the beach because it’s quieter, less people, the Sun isn’t as strong. It’s nice✌️ today I have been Enjoying a really nice vibe. I am feeling very reassured and supported. It is nice.

I could see myself in the artwork I selected for this post. I like to wear flowers in my hair. It’s hard to do with my hair at its current length. But when It is longer, I wear flowers in it on the bottom and to the right for a Mexican look. I feel a connection to my Mexican Great Grandmother, Margarita Villa Reale Long when I do it. ✌️😉❤️.

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Light My Soul On Fire, Please…

Elaine_Murphy_-_Irish_Fashion_painter_(16)If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know sometimes I post poetry while other times I use my blog as my Diary. Blogs are online diaries. I used to write in a secret little book that had a lock and I hid it under my bed. I grew up and eventually started writing in journals. Up until a few months I was still writing in a private journal because I was afraid to post my inner most thoughts on my blog for fear of judgment. I am over that.

Recently, I decided to start sharing more of myself on my blog. I decided to let the readers see more of me. That was a conscious choice. Many people out there are searching for something meaningful to read or looking for something that makes them feel less alone. If my words can help someone feel connected, then why should I be afraid to reveal myself on my blog? With this in mind, I started including a NOTE with my poems a few months ago. The NOTE is a narrative about the poem so the reader knows what/who prompted the poem. This practice has been well received because many poets do not do this. By doing this I am exposing myself to the reader without hesitation.

While reading my blog may give many great insights to the workings of my mind and my feelings, it’s not my whole story. It’s only what I choose to share. To know my whole story, one must know me personally. One must look into my eyes with honesty and reveal part of yourself to me in the exchange of when our eyes meet. It is only then I will feel the connection which will allow me to open up all of my secret places for you to see. I have no fear in laying myself open like a book for easy reading for those in my personal life who I trust completely. If I feel connected to you and I trust you, I will allow you to see it all. I need to look people in the eye and read their energy before I can really trust someone. That is just the way it is with me.

During a period of self-reflection, I had to accept one of my truths. I am goal-oriented. Once I achieve a goal, I get a little depressed. It’s like I get there and say “now what?” This makes me want more, push harder, dream bigger. It can be a real pain in my ass.

For example, I moved into my dream condo on the beach January 16th. I’m in love with my condo and I love living on the beach. It was the best decision I ever made. It’s July 1st and I am already thinking “what’s next?” People tell me, “Enjoy the beach. Relax. Enjoy where you are this summer. Take a break from change and just be.” But, they don’t understand I can’t. I never could. I am already like, “Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. I am here. I love it. I can go to beach every day. Now what? I want a bigger place ocean front place. Hmm? What do I have to do to be able to afford a $1 million house on the beach? Well, I better get busy…” This process happens to me all the time. It drives me crazy sometimes. But, it is who I am. It’s who I’ve always been. As soon as I reach one goal, I am looking to the next one with a brief period of boredom and depression in between. Right now I am in the period of boredom and depression while waiting for the next thing to light my soul on fire. I think I enjoy the chase of running down a dream… Well, this scenario got me thinking. This is something any man or friend who truly cares about me would need to know because it’s who I am. And, then I started thinking what else would someone need to know? And, well, a few things came to mind and I wrote them below:

*As far as women go, I’m not going to be easy. I will challenge you. You must show up.

*I expect more from myself which means I will expect more from any man in my life.

*I am independent because life taught me at a young age to not depend on anyone but myself.

*I am self-sufficient because I learned how to provide for myself.

*I am pensive. That word has been used to describe me since I was a teenager. That’s not going to change. I like to think. I am deep. Any man in my life will have to be willing to dive deep with me because I can’t skim the surface. It’s unnatural for me.

*I don’t like small talk. I would rather hear your story – your real story. Tell me what you value. Tell me what is meaningful in your life. What was your greatest pain? What was your greatest victory? Tell me your authentic truth. I promise I won’t walk away. I won’t judge your history. I’ll respect your honesty. But don’t skim the surface with me because I won’t understand. It’s vitality important for me to understand you.

*Honesty is the best policy with me. Say what you have to say. Don’t hold back. I will return the same honesty to you. Dialogue with me, argue with me or even disagree with me. Just don’t shut me out. Let me in.

*I am a passionate, creative force in this life. But, I’ve learned to temper my spirit over the years. I don’t need you to ground me. I can do that for myself.

*I need to be reminded the sky is the limit. So what if I fail. Get back up. Shake it off. You got this. I got your back. We can do this. We can do this. Push me to be better. I will do the same in return.

*I am opinionate. I don’t like people who don’t have an opinion. I especially don’t like men who can’t make a decision.

*The stronger you are in character and conviction, the more I will desire and respect you.

*I get emotional sometimes. Sometimes my dreams and goals are so important to me that is crushes me to think I can’t achieve them. My ambitions for my life are so big that I’m going to have to change, grow and stretch to reach them. Sometimes that is going to overwhelm me and may even swallow us whole. Sometimes that is going to exhaust me and maybe you. Sometimes that is going to make me cry. Ride the wave with me. But, I guarantee I AM WORTH IT and YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME. No matter what happens to me, I’ll wake up tomorrow and get back at it.

*I am good time in bed… just sayin’ in case reading this blog hasn’t made that clear. lol:-)

*I am an Empath. I wish I wasn’t. I’ve been this way since I was small. I only recently started to learn how to manage it. Sometimes I am sad for no reason only to find out I am “feeling” someone. Once I know that, I am relieved and I can clear it out. But, sometimes it takes time for me to figure it out. Last week I was really sad for no reason and also had a very strong vibe about a friend. When I called her, I found out her husband asked for a divorce. As I listened to her heartache, I knew why I was sad. And, then I was no longer sad. It’s a hard concept to grasp and an even harder one to live.

*I am telling you now… I am getting there… wherever there may be… I am getting there. Don’t sign up unless you can ride this wave and are willing to push your own boundaries to achieve your wildest dreams along with me.Photo Credit:
Elaine Murphy – Irish Fashion Painter

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I Am Changing

all those years of darkness could make a person blind, but now I can see. I am changing. I am going to be better than I am…

My brain was spun up today. When I left work, I felt like I needed an exorcism to get the demons out of my head and purge my thoughts. My Thoughts were heavy not only with work things but also with a little self doubt. Doubting Thomas paid me a visit today and I spent most of the day keeping myself focused on work so I wouldn’t over think my life.

When I got home from work, I looked at the ocean out my window. I knew I needed my happy place. I walked the boardwalk listening to iTunes. Just as I got back home “I Am Changing” from Dreamgirls by Jennifer Hudson came on. As I walked up to the ocean barefoot I listened to words of song and realized – I am changing…. I’m sailing into unknown waters without a compass. The unfamiliarity is creating the self-doubt and playing tricks on my mind.

It’s not easy being out of the comfort zone. Everything changed in my life – for the better. But it still isn’t easy. Sometimes you just need a kind word, encouragement, a friend or even a hand to keep you moving forward instead of looking behind.

By the time I got home I was crying. It felt good to finally give into the pressure. I don’t let people see when I am cracking. But the last couple weeks I’ve been cracking and struggling a little to hold it together. Tonight I finally had enough.

I can’t even tell you how much better I feel now. Watching the ocean and listening to the song seemed to break something open for me and it was good. I am changing…I going to be better than I am

Looking Down – Love, Sex & Poetry


Looking Down – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Did he see me
Did he notice
I couldn’t help myself
He was standing before me
I kept looking down
My thoughts kept
Going down
On him
I was trying
To control myself
But I couldn’t
He looked so cute
In blue
That’s my mojo
It’s back thank God
He brought it back
But now
Now it starts again
It’s been missing for a week
And now
At the very wrong time
Oh well
Now I am
Thinking about
Going down on him
Get it together
Did he notice
Where I was looking
No he’s looking straight ahead
Did he see me
Glancing at his waist
No, he’s focused
Did hear me
Lick my lips
No, he’s talking
I like his voice
Call me later tonight
Blue eyes
I want you to talk
To me tonight
I’ll moan for you
Stop Linda
Mojo later
Look up
Focus on his face now
Don’t look down
Just don’t look down
He looks very kissable today
Handsome and self assured
I want to kiss him
I’d like to be on my knees
In front of him
In front of him
Oh my goodness
I keep looking down
I hope he doesn’t
Make any eye contact
Look ahead
And I’ll keep looking down
I’m getting a little
Turned on by him
This is awkward
Very awkward
Not a good time
Focus on taking notes
That’s right
Look at his cute face
I’d like to run
My fingers through
That streak of grey hair
And hold it in my hand
While he licks me
While he goes down
All the way down
On me
I don’t think he noticed
I glanced down
His waist Is in front of me
I’m looking down again
Does he know
I keep looking down
My thoughts kept
Going down
On him
All the down
I couldn’t stop
Looking down
I’m going down
On him💋
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: Well, I had a bit of Writer’s block for the last week. I’m not really sure why. But I have my suspicions. Well, today Mr. Blue Eyes was standing in front of me talking to a group. I ended up in front not by choice but to help out with stuff.

Well, him standing in front of me & talking did the trick; it got my creative libido going. This poem is actually what I was thinking as I was innocently sitting there in front of a full room trying to control myself. Lol😉 I was laughing in my head while paying attention to the conversation.

I enjoyed the stimulation for many reasons. He sparked my mojo and my intellect. That’s why I like him. He’s smart. I like smart men. Well, it’s part of the reason I like him. I also like his confidence and I am totally turned on by his strong Alpha Dog personality. I like men who are in control – always have.

If he did notice me looking down, would I care? Probably not. It’s a mutual attraction. Maybe he would even like knowing I ENJOYED the view and he broke my writers block🙏✌️✏️😘. I am grateful to him✌️❤️😘

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Ocean Front Dream Home

I am writing this post today to remind myself dreams do come true and I simply must stop putting limits on them.

I grew up “in the neighborhood” in Philly in a family of “city people.” They prefer the concrete to sand. My best friend’s family would bring me on vacation to the Jersey Shore with them every year. And, that’s when I first noticed I felt better with sand between my toes and that I could breathe easier when I could hear and see the ocean.

Last summer I set an intention that I wanted to live in a condo by the beach. On January 16th, I moved into a condo in Atlantic City on the 7th floor of a high-rise. I have a balcony and an ocean view. Yes, the Intention I set for myself last summer came true. 👍👏 I can see the ocean every day.

But it is time for me to raise the stakes in my dreams and dream bigger & bolder😉 My ocean front dream home is still out there. Actually, I think I’ve been watching it be built for the last six months from the windows of my condo👍

The model for a luxury townhouse is being built near me. Below are a few pictures of it. In case you can’t read the banner, some of the amenities include:
🔸ocean views
🔸5 floors, 4 bedrooms & 4 baths
🔸an elevator
🔸master bedroom is one whole floor
🔸fire places & wet bar
🔸two car garage

As I was walking home today, I talked to the sales person. The price is……
$1,590,000!. That’s a little out of my price range. Lol😜

Today I am practicing the Law of a Attraction & I am putting this home on my list for when I sell my first New York Times Best Seller or when I hit the lottery👍🙏

Today I am happy and grateful now that I live in my ocean front dream home✌️😉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏





I Thank You – ZZ Top

I absolutely love this bluesy sexy ZZ Top remake of a classic Sam & Dave Motown Classic “I Thank You”.

Cleavage Selfie


I can’t get my creative mojo going this week👎 I am totally getting in my own way. I’ve been a little “off” all week. I’m not sure why I just feel a bit disconnected.

Could it be the energy of tomorrow’s new moon making me a little crazy? 🌚Is it that damn Planet Mercury spinning backwards until Saturday that is blocking my flow of words. Hmm? 👎 My “Muse” is out of town. Did he take my erotic spark with him? Am I missing my “Secret Flirtation” and his beautiful blue eyes? 😉💋

Without creativity I am resorting to my cleavage for blog content tonight.


The Prize – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Prize – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Through my thoughts
Into my mind
You appear
Without invitation
And immerse yourself
Into the private
Spaces of my spirit
Where I keep
My true desires
Between my breasts
I feel your presence
From a distance
As energy
Blending with mine
And forging
An unspoken bond
That ties you
To me
With streams of
Good intentions
Laying out
To bare
The heart
As a traitor
To the Mind
Of reason and caution
The heart
Jumps off the ledge
And floats
Into the truth
That is between us
The heart
Hears no words
Of caution
Nor respects the warnings
Given by my
Mind’s guardian
Reminding me
To be sensible
And remember
The reality
The heart
My pragmatic advisor
And leaves me
Awkwardly taken with
Our possibility
Leaving me
Standing on the edge
And looking down
How I ended up here
Like this
So unexpectedly
With my guard down
And surprisingly
Comfortable with
Being so exposed to you
I have no answers
I suspect the Guard
Turned a blind eye
When you entered
Into the secret space
Of my heart
And now
Occupy its territory
I recognize
That battle was lost
Day by day
Month by month
And now
My heart knows you
As you slowly
Win me over
Take my heart
As your prize
Take my heart
As your prize
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I did a Meditation for creativity and expression today that focused on opening the Fourth Chakra with Blue light. The Fourth Chakra is the Throat Chakra and keeping this Chakra free of restrictions is essential for any artist or creative person.

Per Deepak Chopra, The Mantra used for the Forth Chakra during meditation is “Om Shakini Namaha” – I activate my creativity.

Powerful stuff! It slowed my mind down and sparked this poem.✌️❤️🙏👏👍

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Hester Van Doornum

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Summer Solstice – Doin’ AC

I celebrated Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, today. A friend of mine works at Landshark Beachbar. She asked me to walk down & she would make me a Virgin Margarita. So I walked the three miles down there and found her bar three people deep at 4:15 in the afternoon. We said hello and that was about all we could say to each other. Lol😜 I left. I only stopped in to chat with her👍

I did, however, find this guy playing the Fiddle

And another happy accident was the Do AC Sand Sculpting Competition was going on right next to Landshark. I LOVED it. Amazing artwork. Here are some photos.


This one is my favorite. The eyes are so real. It’s called
“Art Comes To Life”


I also loved this one. It’s called “The Muse”


Here’s a Marble game made in sand


And a couple of other sculptures





The Fall – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Fall – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You’re taunting me
Teasing me
I’m trying to
Resist the flow
Of sexual energies
That is rising
I tell myself to
I force myself
To remain
Because I know
If I let go
I may let
All the way go
And act
On the impulses
My body has
When you
Hover around me
Taunting me
I swear you are
Taunting me
Teasing me
It’s our game
Of seduction
Sexual tensions
Bubbling just
Under the surface
I try to maintain
My sensibilities
But you taunt me
I love it
I love the way
You play with me
I would not care if I lost myself
It in a private moment
With you
I hold it back tightly
When others are near
I have to maintain
A little distance
But you play with me
You devilishly play with me
They can’t see
They can’t know
But I know you are
Playing with me
Teasing me
I feel it
Oh dear God
I’ve fallen for you
Loosening my grip
On the words
I feel the sensation
Roll over my body
I’m falling
I’m falling all the way
I don’t want to stop
I love the way you tease me
You haven’t said
It’s time yet
So I must
Pull myself back
And maintain some distance
As you circle around me
The words pop
Out in my thoughts
I whisper
I’m falling for you
Damn you
Taunting me
Dragging the thoughts
Of sex and desire
Right out of me
In the middle of a conversation
I swear you hear me
When I think sometimes
Synced up
Into each other’s minds
Do you see me falling into
Your beautiful eyes?
Do you feel me
Falling onto your chest
After sex?
Do you catch me
When I fall
All the way for you?
When I fall
All the way
Into your heart
You arouse me
Teasing me
Will you catch me
When I fall for you?
I’m falling
I’ve fallen
For you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Search

This Post was written for Today’s Daily Post Prompt. Page 29 of the cheap erotic book I looked at had the word “Taunting” on it. That caught my eye.

The poem is really just me trying to make sense of my thoughts from earlier today. It seemed like my “secret flirtation” and I had bad timing today. We just couldn’t sync up for any meaningful eye contact. But I did notice we were wearing matching outfits. So in that sense we were synced up😉

He was, however, near me talking a lot and I felt like it was almost taunting me or teasing me. I was trying very hard to resist because I find I just want to smile when he’s near me. 😊😊😊 Linda has no Poker face when it comes to Mr. Blue a Eyes but I try very hard to not give myself completely away. Long sigh…🙏💋😘😜👏✌️😉❤️

Soon – Love, Sex & Poetry


I actually wrote and posted this little story back on October 1,2013. I was reminded of it as I drifted in and out of lusty fantasies while sitting in meetings today. I would like to sit on the edge of my Secret Flirtation’s desk and read this to him sometime😉💋

Soon – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Lying back on his desk she spreads her legs and gently rests her black stiletto heels on his shoulders.

For months the sexual attraction between them lingered in the air whenever they were near each other. But today the brush of his hand against hers in passing set them on fire. Neither of them could contain the passion that exploded between them. Their eyes locked. Their lips touched. The electricity of his touch sent waves of arousal through her body and deep between her legs.

He pulled her sweater open and pushed her skirt up to her hips. His body shook with desire as he felt she wasn’t wearing any panties. In one swift motion he unzipped his pants and slid his self inside of her. Her moans got louder with each thrust. He placed his hand gently over her mouth and softly whispered “Shhh” in her ear.

Her orgasms came in a chain; each one was more intense than the last. The final one was so strong it pulled it out of him too. He softly collapsed onto her breasts in total surrender to this moment with her.

As the meeting came to a close they smiled across the table at each other. He had drifted off and had been fantasizing about her the entire meeting. As she was leaving the room, she brushed her hand against his in passing and smiled. There was something in the way she looked at him that made him wonder if she was fantasizing about him too the entire meeting.

Before she left the room, she looked back and whispered “soon” to him. It was that moment he knew for sure she would soon be his. He would soon touch her. For now they only met each other in their fantasies. But “soon” she would be his. “Soon” she would be his. It was just a matter of time.
(C) 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Search

Another poem turned into short story. It took me a while to flesh this one out. I wrote it old school with pen and paper; scribbling out and throwing papers away.

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Stories of Sex & Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry

Stories of Sex & Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry

Listen closely
As you pass by
You’ll hear me whisper
From the corner of
My mind to yours
Words of
Sex and desire
I will tell you stories
For no one else
To hear
I will tell you
My desires and
Secretly lick
Your lips
With arousal
Be quiet and listen
With your mind
My breasts will
Greet you
They will be
Hard and erect by your presence
They beg you to look
Down my blouse
And find your way
Into my cleavage
Please give me more
Than a glance
They say as you pass by
Linger here with me
Won’t you linger
As my eyes
Meet yours
You will feel
My arousal for you
It Makes me
shift in my seat
My eyes will confess
To you that
My arousal for you
Makes me a little nervous
When you near
I get a little nervous
I will whisper these truths
To you quietly
Throughout the day
It is our secret game
I will speak
Of us
In our safe space
Where my mind
Is open to yours
For you to
See me
I won’t hold
Anything back
From you
For I know
You are true
In you
I see goodness
For you
I am open
As I stand
In your aura
You will hear
My lusty suggestions
Drift through the air
Sparking a fire between us
Listen carefully
Secretly travel
The terrain of
My womanly body
and tuck yourself
Into my dreams
My body invites you to
Find me
Listen to my thoughts
My body begs you
Come and meet me
At the foot
Of my bed
Lay me back
Under your control
As I whisper
Stories of
Sex and desire
In your ears
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Finder
Yes, let me whisper softly in that ear words of sex & desire… That’s what I was thinking today and that was the inspiration of the poem

Photo Credit

Brahinsсkiy Arthur. Painting
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Heartbeat – Love, Sex & Poetry

imageHeartbeat – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s soft and low
Almost unnoticeable
But I hear it
I close my eyes
And hear
A heartbeat
The rhythm
Is playing in harmony
To mine own
Rhythmic beats
That grow in strength
Stronger each passing day
A heart is beating again
Full with joy and desire
Alive with possibilities
And potential
A heartbeat
Races with excitement
As it stands on the brink
Of something new
Open and exposed
But not afraid
Speaking its truth
Without hesitation
Finding freedom
In the release
It’s a heartbeat
That only I can hear
I hear it
I hear it beating again
A heart beats again
I feel the rhythm
As my own
Not close
But not far
It hangs between
My breasts
And licks
My nipples
With the
Kiss of desire
It tethers me
With no objections
To a kindred spirit
I offer my hands to
Rest your
Heart easy
In my palms
I promise
To care for it
As my own
And nourish
This new light
With the warmth
Of my very own body
Lay your
Against my own
And pump
New blood through
Our souls
It’s a heartbeat
I hear a heartbeat
A heartbeat
That is in harmony
With my own
A heartbeat

(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Finder
Note: I don’t even know where this came from. It was just rolling around in my head today as I walked on the boardwalk and sat on the beach. I felt like I could hear a heartbeat. It sounded nice and made me happy.

Photo Credit
I am looking for it. I downloaded the image a while ago but lost the artist info. I have to check my Pinterest Art board again.

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Holding on, Letting Go

Holding On, Letting Go
By: Linda A. Long

Soft and serious
Is my mind today
Not enough space
For the luxury
Of light and easy thoughts
Some days are like this
Some days are serious
Looking back on my life
I see missed opportunities
Things that could have been
If I only conformed
Things that might have been
If I settled
For what I knew was less
Than I wanted or deserved
At a place of reflection
I am not weighed down
By the complexities of regret
I am empowered
By my fortitude
To stand my ground
There have been many
Times in this life
I’ve stood alone
Times I stood up for myself
And walked away
From people and things
I knew weren’t genuine
I am not sad
That I left those
Things in the past
I am not lonely
For the life
I knew wasn’t authentic for me
I am grateful
For the experiences
That made me better and stronger
Trusting my instincts
I am now standing
Confidently in my
Authentic self without
Feeling the need
To explain myself
Without needing approval
Or validation
I am authentic
I now know peace within
From this place
I walk into
My future
With a greater capacity
To love and understand
From this new place of peace
I can be a source
Of support, strength and compassion
To those I love
Stepping away from
The noise of the crowd
I finally heard my own voice
And followed the beat
Of my very own soul
To peace
While some look back
With regrets
I look back with
The person I am today
Was molded by the
Experiences of the past
And shaped by
The difficult choices
I had to make along the way
Life is a series of moments
When we hold on
And when we let go
But it seems to me
Our true character is more
Reflected in how we
Handle the moments
When life calls us
To let go than
When we try to hold on to
Something that
No longer serves our well-being
It seems to me
The defining moments
In life
Are those when
We must timidly
Let go
And try something new
With nothing more
Than hope it will all work out
In those moments
We are our most
In those moments
We are also
Alive in our surrender
Holding on
Letting go
Holding on
Letting go
Letting go
Letting go
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Finder

Note: this heavy thought process has been rolling around in my head for days. I haven’t been able to put it into words until today. I am stuck at home waiting for an oven to be delivered. It’s quiet and I am enjoying my ocean view. I guess being still for a while I finally gave the heavy thoughts a chance to bubble to the top and be released. My life in recent years has been mostly about letting go. I think it’s good to reflect on the past and be thankful. This was my exercise in gratitude today. Gratitude for everything in my past that made me stronger, better, wiser and who I am today🙏❤️✌️👏🌹.

Photo Credit
Kate Powel

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Permission – Love, Sex & Poetry


Permission – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Crossing my legs
Licking my lips
I’m on fire
Waiting for you
To claim
The passion
That I hold
Within me for you
Pull me into a room
Lock the door
Touch me
Press your manhood
Against my waiting body
And let me feel
Your passion for me
Run your fingers
Along the bottom
Of my skirt
Tease me
Unmercifully tease me
Until I beg
For your fingers
Between my legs
Slowly slide your hand
Up my leg to feel
My desire for you
Just as the
Rush of your touch
Brings me to edge of climax
Push me down
I’ll slide all the way
Down your body
My pulse quickens
Quickly I pull your zipper down
I must feel you
I must feel your passion
For me
As I take it
In my hands
My arousal
Drips down my legs
Pressing my face
Against your warm hardness
I look up into
Your beautiful eyes
Ask you for permission
To take your manhood
Into my waiting my mouth
To wrap my lips
Around your warm skin
To Taste you finally
On my knees
In front of you
I look up timidly
Into your beautiful eyes and
Ask for permission
To take you
Into my mouth
May I
Take you
Into my mouth?
I’m asking you for
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Finder
Note: Today’s Erotic poem was actually a naughty little fantasy I was having all day long. As Mr. Blue Eyes moved past me, I heard his voice; it made me a little restless. I was wearing a Pencil Skirt with Stilettos heels today. Well, the fantasy went from there and started with “What if we just gave into it today? What would happen if we just gave into it today?”

The Daily Post’s Prompt today was about “Living Art” and what happens if your Art comes to life. I write Erotic Poetry, that is my Art. If my Art came to life today, this fantasy would come true. It would have made for a very interesting day and it would have made me extremely happy – really, really happy – in a multi-orgasmic kind of way. lol :-)

Photo Credit
Jack Vettriano

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Under Your Command – Love, Sex & Poetry

imageUnder Your Command – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Think of me
Send me a message
So I know you are there
Whisper my name
Into the air
I need to
Breathe it into
My lungs
Think of me
Dear Sir
I want to feel
Your energy
Move through me
Touch me
I need to feel your energy
Surrounding me
I feel most alive
When your
Desires hang
On my nipples
As if a ring
Claiming them
As your prize
Quietly reminding me
I am yours
Oh please
My most agreeable
Kind Sir
I supplicate
To you
For the deepest
Pleasure of you
Sliding yourself
Between my legs
Pin your wildest fantasy
Into my vagina
And gratify
The lust that
Lives within me
For you
Only you
My most gentle Sir
Oblige me
With your passion
Burn it deep within me
I need you
At this moment
On this night
I need the attention
Of your thoughts
Blend your Alpha dominance
Through my most
Welcoming naked body
And live your fantasy
In my mind
I implore you
Dear Sir
Lay back and
Fantasize about me tonight
My body will feel
You touch me
In your thoughts
I beg you Sir
Let me climax tonight
By the brush
Of your thoughts
And sleep tonight
And under your command
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism Scanner

Photo Credit
Gianni Strino


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