Absolute Beauty Of Life – Daily Prompt

The Absolute Beauty Of Life

I feel something rising up in me lately. It’s almost like I am breaking through something. Maybe an old paradigm is being broken. Perhaps an old way of thinking is no longer working for me. Maybe a heart once guarded is putting down the shield. The only thing I know for sure is whatever is happening to me is for my highest good. It is good. This I know to be true. I feel it. I sense it. It’s taking me to the very center of my soul. That is absolute beauty.

The other day I found myself bursting into tears as I as driving. As I took a moment to dry my eyes, I realized they were happy tears. I realized I was feeling something profoundly beautiful. I knew something was healed inside of me. I also knew what I was feeling scared the crap out of me. But, it was comforting like a long lost friend returned. It was that moment I knew whatever is rising up in me is good. It’s very good. It’s absolutely beautiful.

I find myself having these profound moments lately where I feel…I feel things intensely. Tears come to my eyes and I have to pause and feel whatever it is. At first, these moments were unsettling. They made me feel vulnerable and weak. In recent weeks I am learning these moments, these emotionally charged moments, are me with all barriers stripped away. In these moments of honesty, truth and vulnerability I see myself clearly. It’s good. It’s very good. It’s absolutely beautiful.

I know people who live life in an illusion. They live in mini-mansions and they are surrounded with superficial happiness. They have all the things they were told would make them happy. Yet, they still don’t know peace. They still feel empty. They still know something is missing. I lived the same way until a few years ago. Illness and a painful end of a relationship pushed me into change. It was in the separation from people, a lifestyle and way of thinking that I found freedom. Without letting go and trusting my intuition I would not be open to life the way I am now. When everything is stripped away there are no illusions. It’s a wonderful time to start everything fresh. It’s the perfect time to welcome truth into your life. Pain was a teacher for me. I chose to heed the wisdom and respect what I was feeling instinctually. That is absolutely beautiful.

Today the deeper I allow my soul to the dive into this sea of emotions and feelings the more I feel my potential blossoming like a flower. It’s opening me in new more beautiful ways with each passing day. I feel my heart opening again. My mind is welcoming new thoughts and ideas. My world is expanding with possibilities and I am embracing my natural capabilities. I am finally embracing my God-given “giftedness” instead of holding back or hiding it. Self-acceptance is absolute beauty.

With all of these wonderful changes also comes a greater ability to discern what and who is good for me. Although I am somewhat open on my blog, I am actually quiet, introverted and pensive in real life. I need people who respect that. Although I am intense, romantic and passionate, I don’t show that side to everyone. If you are lucky enough to experience my intense passionate side, keep it to yourself and cherish the gift I am giving you. I don’t share that with everyone. Even though I am emotional and driven to know myself on the deepest levels, it is not essential for some people in my everyday life to know this aspect of me. Mostly, I know now that I need people who aren’t overwhelmed or intimidated by my intensity. I also like people who aren’t afraid to go where their soul calls them even if it means giving something up today to have something better tomorrow. Knowing you deserve the best in life and not accepting less is absolute beauty.

Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” is one of my go-to songs when I am feeling the intensity of life. It’s funny because I do really feel like I’ve seen both side now. I know now that I would rather be where I am today and be the woman I am today than where I was three years ago.
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Charlene Van Den Eng

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Legacy – Love, Sex & Poetry

Legacy – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

My poetry
A legacy
Of written
That will be
Of our story
My words
Capturing the
First moment
Your eyes
Gave rise
To passion
In my soul
My verses
Weaving our
Hearts together
One day
One moment
At a time
Sex poetry
For you
In seduction
My lust
Off my hips
Desire dancing
In my eyes
My heart
Opens to you
In poetry
Like a kiss
On your lips
My words
Leave a mark
In your soul
My heart
Listens to yours
And writes
Our story
In these words
For once
In my life
I understand
What I am choosing
And write
Now is not a time
For me to be guarded
Not with you
Not now
For once
I am not
To reveal
What I’ve
Concealed from others
I will
Show you
Without trepidation
See me
In these words
Understand the
Way my heart beats
As you read
Of sex and love
Know my wild heart
And remember
These words
We’re written for you
Written for you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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First, I just love the artwork on this post. It’s different and I really like it. I am so jonesing for an art weekend in NYC. It’s been a while since I went up and strolled around town going in and out of Art Galleries. 😄

I can’t say one particular thing sparked this poem. I was thinking recently that I am romantic by nature. I am passionate by nature. Reading my blog and this poetry tells my story. It lays my heart out to be seen. Yet, That doesn’t prompt caution in me. Knowing I’m writing genuinely what is in my heart and soul actually brings me refuge, escape and relief. I share these private thoughts and feelings as a way to free what’s in my heart. My poetry is my art and a legacy.

With each passing day MBE’s influence(who by the way looked REALLY HOT today-if only we could have made out. I, for one, would have enjoyed today more if we made out in the late afternoon😉 lol😈🔑💋)… I digressed, feeling his energy around me prompts more authenticity from me because I feel pure acceptance without judgment. It’s easy to be transparent when you don’t fear being seen. It’s actually quite liberating and quite lovely❤️.

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Stefan Kuhn

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Love Affords No Guarantees – Love, Sex & Poetry

Love Affords No Guarantees – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There’s a change
Coming on the horizon
I feel the Earth
Shifting beneath my feet
It’s making me dizzy
The visions
Are making me nauseous
I feel it coming
It’s rising
Up in me
Pulling me to
The very center
Of my soul
Forcing me to answer
The most important
My heart
Will ever ask…
What would you
Do for love Linda?

I feel the weight
Of the question
Pressing on my chest
It’s choking me today
Hanging in the air
Challenging me
Confronting me
Calling me out
Like a fucking
Child on the school yard
It screams at me
With complete clarity
In this authentic moment
I hear it
Loud and clear
My heart demands
An answer
To its question…
What are you willing
To do for love Linda?

Coyly I play the
Game of semantics
Love? Who said it’s love?
Sexual attraction without doubt
Like without question
But who is calling this love
I feel?
If you are forcing me
To answer your question,
Well, answer mine first
Who called it love?
How could it possibly be?
How could that have happened?
And if it did,
Remind me to beat the shit
Out of the Goalie that
Let that one slip by
Into the net
Answer my question, Linda…
What would you do for love?

Why do I need to answer?
Why me?
Why do I need to say “it” first?
What if it’s not true?
What if it is just like?
What if I overwhelm
Him with
The intensity
Of my emotions?
And answer the question…
What would you do for love, Linda?

In a soft quiet voice she
Spoke her truth and said,
I would say it first
I would look right in his eyes
Push my fears aside
I would steady my nerves
I would man-up
And admit
My heart belongs to him
I would say
I know there are
Possibilities for growth &
Change on the horizon for him
I want what’s best for him

Free falling
I fell so fucking hard
I knocked the
Sense right out of head
What the fuck?
I feel the free fall

I would blurt out
But I just found you…
As tears well
In my eyes
I just found you…
What would you
Do for love, Linda?

The question
Rests heavy
On my heart
Anxiety held me captive
I could only breathe
When I saw his face
This afternoon
Then I knew
What I would do for love
Then I said
Stroll up in here
While I’m having
An existential crisis
Fuck you
Awe, but
You look really cute today
Wanna make out?
With fists in the air
I let go
And silently screamed
It really wasn’t pretty
Not pretty at all

She gained her composure
And thought…
In a private moment
With my soul laid bare
To his beautiful eyes
I would say it out loud
To him
I would sing it – out of key
I sing like crap
I would whisper it in his ear
I would move
I would move
If he wanted me
To go with him
I would leave my
Ocean view behind
And go wherever
He goes
I would start over
Somewhere new
With him
If he wanted me to
That’s what
I would do for love

I am not afraid
That’s my truth
He doesn’t have
To leave me behind
I would go with him
If the time was right
And he wanted me to go
I would
Yes, I would
Take a chance on love

If the opportunity is presented to him
He will not lose me
He doesn’t have to choose
I would go with him
That’s what I would do
For love

I would change
I would let go
I would start over
I would trust my instincts
And free fall into love
Love affords no guarantees
But I would take a chance
For the sake of having
No regrets

If he needs to know
What would I do
For love
I would put
My hand in his
I would rest
My faith
In his warm eyes
I would give my
Heart to his
I would start over
Somewhere new
With him
That’s what I would
Do for love
I can breathe again

But I still think
He’s a God damn bastard
Because I wasn’t looking
For this
I just thought he was cute
And wanted to fuck
And now
Well, now…
I’m willing to take chance
On love again
Fuck me
Here I go again…
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: Let me first apologize for the strong language content of this Poem. I curse😈 So does my Mom and we are all good with being Lady-like and shit like that. I’m a city girl😉

I had a pretty strong case of anxiety today. This freaking question kept coming back to me “What would you do for love?” It was driving me crazy because I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Shut up already, will ya? I need some peace. The anxiety didn’t leave me until I gave in and really thought about it. I needed to answer the question. Now I know what I would do for love. I know if he needs me to say it, if he needs to hear it, if he needs me to own it, I’m woman enough to do it.

But I believe life is a mirror. Perhaps, what’s been working on me has also been weighing on his mind. Maybe he should pull the thread to the question and find out what he would do for love, if that’s what it is…still not conceding that one. My Mom told me to always go down swinging. Lol😉

Perhaps, it’s time we live in honesty. Would he be willing free fall with me? Would he be willing to let go of what he knows for something that affords no guarantees? Would he show up at my door with his heart in his hands knowing that I’ll keep it safe for him? Would he take a chance for me, in me and with me? What would he do for love?

This poem is called “Love Affords No a Guarantees. That is line from the Lenny Kravitz song, “Heaven Help”. Check out the video. It’s one of my very favorite songs and really touched my heart today❤️

Sleeping Nymph – Love, Sex & Poetry

Sleeping Nymph – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

While I’m sleeping
You will be
Close enough
For me
To smell
The scent
Of your skin
As I slowly drift
Into our world
We meet
Across the miles
In my dream state
You are
Near me
My body
Is open wide
For you
In this alerted state
I see myself secretly
Sliding my foot
Up your
Pant leg
Under the table
As you eat dinner
As my eyelids dance
In REM sleep
I’ll crawl under the table
And slowly
Take your cock
Into my hands
Your hardness
Is ready for me
I’ll wrap my mouth
Around you
For just a moment
As I sleep
I feel you
fantasize about me
The intensity
Of your thought energy
Makes me wet
I wake up
In the middle
Of an orgasm
God damn it
What are doing to me
Your telepathic energy
Makes me feel
Like a sex starved nymph
Aroused and wide awake
Losing myself
In a fantasy
You leave me
Laying here
For you
To meet in
A fantasy
Will you
Touch me
As I lay
In bed restless
With lust for you
Will you
Your dinner and drift
For a moment
Into my warm
And ready for you
Will you
Excuse yourself
Into privacy
And lay naked
In a fantasy
With me
Think about me
While you
Hold your cock
In your hand
Travel across
The miles to me
Answer my
To meet me
In a fantasy tonight
Your body
To mine
Through your thoughts
I’ll be waiting
For you
Close your eyes
We can be together
Together tonight
I’m naked
And waiting
For you
I’ll be your
Sleeping nymph
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I’ve had some intense dreams and fantasies this week. I feel like it’s coming from my Secret Flirtation. Having strong intuition has it’s benefits. It’s turning me into some kind of nymph in my dream state & fantasy life❤️😈. I actually woke up in the middle of the night thinking about sex👍. Apparently geographic location doesn’t impede our sexual attraction👍

The artwork on this post is titled “Sleeping Nymph.” It made me smile because I can relate👍😈😄❤️💋
Photo Credit

Theodore Chasseriau – Sleeping Nymph

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Inside And Out – Love, Sex & Poetry


Inside And Out – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I feel you
Pulling at
The corners
Of my mind
Stretching my
And intuitions
To open wide
Enough for you
To permeate
My daily
With lust
Lust for you
Even at a distance
I feel your thoughts
Wanting me
Naked in front of you
Your physical location
Does not
Interfere with
The power of your
Thoughts to generate
Energy between
My legs
And make me
Ache for your return
You tap into me
On the deepest level
I’ve ever experienced
You innocently
Broke through
Every barrier I had
And took residence
Like a squatter
You claimed me
From the inside out
You saw into me
And now
I don’t want
To be free
I grown accustomed
To your
Strong masculine energy
Brushing my body
I’ve become used to
These thoughts
Your thoughts
Thoughts dripping me
Wet with
Desire for you
I’ve grown to like
You being
Part of me
I’m comfortable
With you inside and out
Knowing me authentically
You tapped into me
From the inside
And connect your
Thoughts to mine
I feel you
Even at a distance
You Know me
You see in totality
Inside and out
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: MBE(Mr. Blue Eyes new catchy three letter abbreviation) is very far away this week 👎😞 I am enjoying an active imagination and strong intuitions. My mind has been filled with lusty intentions that have been helping to pass the time during these really BORING days. Lol😜💋❤️❌⭕️👍😈
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Trisha Lambi – Bed of Roses

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Soundtrack Of Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry


Soundtrack Of Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I say
As I open the door to
My condo
Candlelight flickers softly
As you step
Through the door
There’s a light smell
Of Lavender & Sage
In the air
Calming the senses
Smoothing out
The rough anxious
Edge you become
Accustomed to living with
You notice
The soft mellow
Music playing
In the background
You think quietly
“It’s peaceful here”
I invite you
To sit next to me
On the sofa
Talk to me
Tell me everything
Ask me what you
Need to know
Share what
You want my heart
To hold for you
We both recognize
This moment
This night
As the fork
In the road
Of our journey together
Choosing to
Walk a path
We make a plan
You seal our bond
With soft kiss
On my lips
Every smoldering
Embers of desire
I have for you
Into an inferno
As the soundtrack
Of my desire
Plays in the background
Make love to me
Savoring each second
We are together
Taking our time
Lost in the
Lost in each other
Lost in the
Soundtrack of desire
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: My favorite type of music is slow romantic soul music from the 70s. I have one Playlist on my iTunes just for that style of music. While listening to it as I was driving, I was thinking about this fantasy that I wrote out in the above poem. Here are a few of my favorite songs:

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Alberto Pancorbo

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The Giving Key Cleavage


People ask me all the time,”What’s the key for? Is it the key to your heart?” I’m like, “No Silly! It’s so men look down my cleavage! Duh!” 😉👏👍💋

Seriously, the key I wear on my chain is a Gratitude Giving Key, http://www.thegivingkey.com. I wear it to show I am grateful. But there is catch with The Giving Key. You buy it and wear it, then you give it to someone who also needs the word. After you give it away, you post a blog telling the story why you chose the person you gave it to tagging http://www.TheGivingKey.com.

I haven’t chosen anyone to give my key to just yet. Also, that person will have to commit to also wearing it for a while and giving it away too one day.

You don’t have to wear your keys so visibly. You can wear it under your shirt. I, however, I like the conversation piece mine has turned into and the way men look at my cleavage makes me giggle to myself everyday.

When I give this key away, I’m going to get a Gold Key that says, “Love”. I will give that key to someone one day too and perhaps it will actually be the key to my heart ❤️🌹💋❌⭕️😉

In This Life – Now & Always – Love, Sex & Poetry

In This Life – Now & Always – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Put your burdens
On my shoulders
I am strong enough
To help you
I’ll Carry them
In my heart
I’ll hold your secret
Don’t spare me
The details
Or worry alone
I’m here for you
I want to ease
The heaviness
Pressing down on you
I know things
Are difficult
I want to help you
I want to be
Your supporter
Your ally
But mostly
I want to be
Your friend
I feel your worries
Pull me
Close to you
And let me
Hold you
I want to
Hold you tightly
So that my
Full breasts press
Against your chest
And you feel
The warmth of my body
Let it nourish you
I can’t make
These decisions for you
I can only
Be a steady stabilizing
Influence for you
During a time of
Change and uncertainty
I desire you
As a lover
My body is your playground
But, it’s so much more that
Our connection is so much
Deeper than my cleavage
It’s brighter than
Your beautiful eyes
It’s genuine and authentic
It is a life force
For us to reckon
I want the best for you
I will always
Want the best for you
I want you to have peace
I want you to breathe clean air
And know
I am your friend
I am your ally
I am your supporter
I want what is for your highest good
In this life
Your highest good
If you need me to be
Your lover, friend & life partner
I will be that
But, if you need to
Remain where you are
I will respect and honor that too
I want what’s for your highest good
I want what is best for you
Whatever brings you peace
Is what I want for you
I am mature enough
To accept if it’s not me
And woman enough
To step up
Look you in the eye and
Proclaim my heart’s truth to you
Eye to eye
Without hesitation
It is possible
For this to happen
Like this
It is possible
For something this strong
To grow over time
And weave our hearts together
Because I care about you
I want
What is best for you
I want
Whatever is for
Your highest good
In this life
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE: When a secret flirtation grows and becomes more than just a flirtation, it leads to choices and changes. The most important words I could ever say to my “Secret Flirtation” is that I want what is best for him – In this life – now & always – even if that is not me. I hope it’s me. I pray to God it’s me. I want it to me. But, choices are heavy. Burdens are real in life and I won’t make anything harder for him. If he wants to rest in my arms, my body will be his haven and our connection will be his nourishment. I’ve always believed in the beauty and strength of unconditional love and I still do.

Photo Credit
Alberto Pancorbo

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Nude Photos – Love, Sex & Poetry


Nude Photos – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’m telling you
A story
Can you
Hear me
Across the miles
I’m Calling to you
Nothing is the same
When you are gone
My cleavage
Feels the void
Of your absence
It waits for your eyes
To linger
Between my breasts
My legs
Are anxiously anticipating
Your voice
Commanding them
To spread
Ever so slightly
To invite you in
For a drink
I need you
My body
Notices when
You are gone
I’m am left
To a fantasy
Battery operated arousal
That speaks your name
Perking up my breasts
With thoughts of you
Think of me
Lay back
And think of me
Lose yourself in
A fantasy today
Wherever you are
I can be there
With you
Think of me
Picture me in
Nude photos
Put one
In your pocket
To remind you
What waits for you
Naked with desire
See me
In your mind’s eye
In the nude photos
We’ll take
While we make love
See me
In the nude photos
We will take
Just for you
Just for you
I will be
For your eyes only
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: this was inspired by two things. I am missing my Secret Flirtation while he’s gone & the nude photos that were stolen from Jennifer Lawerence. Mr. Blue a Eyes can take nude photos of me. But maybe we should stick to Polaroids as Apple Clouds don’t seem secure. Lol😉❤️👍💋😜😈😘

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Duong Quoc Dinh

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Sexual Branding – Love, Sex & Poetry

Sexual Branding – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Is it obvious
That you
Arouse me
Can you feel
The energy beating
From my breasts
Into your hands
Pulling you
To me
As I talk to you
I focus intently
So I don’t
Show the wetness
Dripping between
My legs
Do you know
I am getting
Wet when I stand
Near you
You toy with me
It’s seductive
I want you
Would you blush
To know
I would come
A little closer
If you would
I slide your
Fingers up my skirt
And feel my arousal
For you
For just a second
Feel it
Just a little taste
To hold us over
Until we are free
To have each other openly
What if you knew
My breasts are ready
To fall out of my bra
If only you would
Call me in
And let me bend over
In front of you
Naughty flirtation
That’s what
I want to do with you
I’ll spread my knees apart
While you stand in
Front of me
I’ll share the secret
Of our flirtation
With only you
The foreplay
Is seductive
The Devil I see in
Your beautiful blue eyes
When you lock
Me in your eyes embrace
Is my captor
As if I could be released
From our connection
I am in your world
To the call
From your body to mine
I’m held captive
By our seduction
Pin me against
The wall
And brand me
To be your only
Brand me with
Your fingers
Claim me with your lips
Restrain me
With your hips
Push it
Into me
Brand me
Push it
Into me
Brand me
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: As I walked past my “Secret Flirtation” today I glanced down…not sure if he noticed I was sneaking a peak of his cock & licking my lips. I thought about it all afternoon & had to write a poem👍

Bad a Girl Linda!

Very. Bad. Girl. Linda! 💋💋❤️😉

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Lluis Ribas

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Seductively Yours – Love, Sex & Poetry


Seductively Yours – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I’d like to
Seduce you
With my words
So you
Have something
To hold on to
And remember
I’d like to
Tell you with my eyes
That there’s a shift
In the air
When we are
Near each other
I want to seduce you
With you
The sway of my hips
As you walk behind me
I want to
Seduce you
In little ways
So you know
Desire is yours
The art
If my body
Revealing my soul
To yours
Spreading my legs
In your mind’s eye
As I pass by
Listen closely
To the message
Floating from the swing of
My full hips
Pay attention
To the subtle nuances
Of how my
Body language changes
When you are near
Notice my breasts
As they are more alert
Offering you
A bite
A nibble
To hold you over
Until we touch
I’ll seduce you
In our every day lives
Opening your mind
To entertain the possibilities
Of pure desire
We tie our future together
Seductively with me
Let’s never lose
The thrill of our desire
Or the passion
Of our exchange
Stay with me
Seductively yours
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Lluis Ribas

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Tube Tops For Seniors

Sometimes I wonder what would someone think if they heard my Mother and I talking to each other. People who know us and her “lingo” would get why my eye twitches sometimes. This conversation from earlier today was priceless and worthy of a blog post.

I don’t like the TUBE tops DJ (my sister)gave me the other day. I might return them? (See photo of TUBE top)


TUBE tops? DJ gave you TUBE tops? You are joking, right?…(Look at the picture. My Mom is 75. I Naturally, thought she was joking.)

No. I’m not joking. I don’t like the way they fit.

Mom. DJ gave you TUBE tops?

Yes, Linda! You know…like the purple and green ones I wear.

…Linda is now scratching her head and getting frustrated😱

I’ve never seen you wear a TUBE top.

What are you talking about? I wear them all the time!

Stop. Now I know you are screwing with me.

No. I am not. Remember what I wore to Valerie’s birthday party under my shirt? The same thing just different style and color.

For the love of God Mom. They are TANK tops(camisoles) not TUBE tops.

That’s what I was sayin…. Anyway, I’m not going to fix the ceiling. I’m just going to nail a board into it. That will keep it up…

This when I said
What the fuck???? Oops! Sorry… But seriously are you high because you are talking some shit today.

I’m just fine. I am little depressed but I’m all good you know like I do. Well that’s it. Talk to you later.

I wasn’t done talking.

What?????????? Call me tomorrow (then she hung up)

That is pretty much the transcript of our phone call and why she makes my eye twitch sometimes. Interestingly enough, the TUBE tops could have been true as she showed up to dinner at my sister’s house wearing a pink baseball hat that said “Big Booty Hoe!”

Well, if this is what I am going to be like at 75, you are all forwarded👍😜😉

Penned Desire -Love, Sex & Poetry


Penned Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In a secret message
Penned from me to you
I delivered
My passion
Like oxygen to your lungs
I breathed into you
A promise
That this passion
Is yours to keep
It does not
Wax and wane
It’s steady and constant
I penned a message
To you with my nipples
Hardened by the muffled
Sound of your voice
Drifting softly out to me
Churning the juice
Between my legs
I sealed my secret message
To you with my nectar
I wet my finger
And brushed it against your lips
Take a taste before you leave me
Taste the lust that
Will be here for you
When you return
I brushed your lips
With my nectar
To nourish you before you left
Secretly you spoke to me
Of the lust
That dances in your eyes
Within my reflection
You spiral around me effortlessly
Pulling the bondage
Of lust tighter against my skin
Burning me
Possessing me
Dominating me
With the courage of your thoughts
You take the
Essence of my womanhood
With your commanding spirit
I feel your desire for me
As if I feel the breeze
Blow against my skin
I feel your body
Calling to mine
You secretly pen to me
In the privacy of our moments
From only you to me
For no else to know
In clandestine
You say my name
I whispered to you
As you left me
I called to you
With conviction
I remain
Constrained by your desire
Until you return to set me free
In the swirl
Of energy
You will have me tonight
Before I drift into slumber
It will be your hand
I feel between my legs
It will be your spirit that
Will move through me
As I bring myself to orgasm
I pen you a secret message of desire
I scribe it with my nipples
And seal it with
The wetness between my legs
Stamped with my orgasm
I send you
My lust and desire
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Online Plagiarism Scanner

Note: I wanted to follow someone out the door & press myself against him just to give him something to remember me by before he left :-( 👎lol 😉 Maybe next time. Lol 😄😘💋.

Photo Credit
Charles Ambable Lenior

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Mark Of Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry


Mark Of Desire – Love , Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I want to
Bite into you
Like an apple
I want the
Juice of your kiss
To run down
My chin
And leave a trail
For you follow
Into my cleavage
I want to
Bite your earlobe
As I passionately
Kiss you
From head to toe
I want you
In my mouth
I want to
Bite your shoulder softly
As you thrust
Into me with the
Conviction of a man
Who desires a woman
I want to mark
You with my desire
So you can see
My lust for you
And remember
The way my body felt
In your arms
Under your body
I want you
To see my mark
On your shoulder
And remember
My passion for you
Remember the look
In my eyes
Remember the sound
Of my voice
Remember I desire you
When you are away
From me
I want to leave a mark
I want to mark
You with my desire
© 2014 Linda A. Long –All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism Detection

Note: It’s funny sometimes how an image can spark an fantasy. I had the photo attached to this post in my Photo Stream. I may have used it on a previous post. I know I’ve used work from Tony Pavone before. I like his style. Anyways, I caught a glimpse of the photo as I was organizing photos into albums on my Photo Stream. As soon as I saw it I immediately had a flash of biting into Mr. Blue Eyes shoulder while having sex😉💋.

After writing about a lot of heavy stuff lately, it was a relief to get back to having a dirty mind and writing Erotica👍👏💋😘.

Life is getting back to normal. The only things I thought about today were sex, writing Erotica and whether or not it’s ok to rent instead of buy my Dream Home because I can afford $1.5 Million. Hmmm…..I ❤️ days like today. ❤️😉😘💋🌹😈

Photo Credit
Tony Pavone


Out of the Rabbit Hole – Poetry Of Life

Out of the Rabbit Hole
By: Linda A. Long

Traveling down
The Rabbit hole
I followed the path
Of my own sorrow
To the deep recesses
Of a wounded soul
I laughed with
The court jesters
Who taught me how
To see humor
In heartache
I played a melody
With my heart’s musician
And listened to the profound
Beauty of own unique rhythm
I watched the stories
Of my life
Flash before my eyes
As if birds passing by
They flew around me
And asked me
The truest question
Of my life
Are you going
To fight or quit?
What’s it going to be?
You can’t stay here
In this form of hell
The choice was mine
Only I could
Let go and sink
Further into the abyss
Only I could
Travel back up
The Rabbit Hole
Into the light
The choice was mine
I cried out
God Damn it Linda
Get up
And fight
It can’t end
For me like this
It won’t end for me
Like this…
It won’t end for me
Like this
I fought…
© 2014 Linda A. Long –All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism Detection

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I got to be who I am today. Today I am the best Linda I’ve ever been. I know now that I will only continue to get better. I understand how to pull myself back from the edge when I start drifting too far away from a balanced state. I know who I am on the deepest level. I understand myself. I can finally say without any shred of doubt that I love myself and I appreciate my unique view of world. I am more patient with others. I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

All of these wonderful things happened in my life because of one choice – the choice to FIGHT. I fought for myself, my health and my mental/emotional well-being.

But, I also know I would not be the woman I am today if I didn’t experience the pain, sorrows and disappointments in my past. Sorrow taught me compassion and empathy for myself and others. Pain taught me patience and that things get better with time. Disappointments taught me how to handle defeat with my head up and eyes open instead of hiding like a child.

I still don’t believe God has revealed his purpose for my life to me just yet. But, it is becoming clearer that the wisdom I have from my life’s heartaches give me the ability to help others. It is becoming clearer that my purpose rests in some form in helping others.

I do know that for the first time in my life that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Today, I do see the puzzle pieces starting to fit together. The right people are now in my life now. I know they are good for me. And, now for some reason, although I do not have concrete proof, I believe in our joint destiny. I know whatever happens to me I will fight.

I do know today, some reason I know this day, is the beginning of the best time of my life. I know. I just know…

Photo Credit:
Francisco Ribera Gomez

There are two images from the same artists on this post. I liked them both.

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Life is beautiful – Suicide Is Never The Answer

I am here today, thriving and happy, because of a Suicide Prevention Hotline. They saved my life.

I’ve struggled with some form of Depression since I was a small child. My Paternal Grandmother committed Suicide in April 1974 when I was seven years old. My Father had a massive Heart Attack at 41 years old and died two months after his mother in June 1974. My Mother said I was devastated. That pain stayed with me for a long time. It was only in recent years I learned to let it go and leave it behind.

In November 2003, I was in another dark deep depression. I was taking medication. I was seeing a counselor. I was trying to find a way out of the abyss. One night I laid in bed with a fist full of sleeping pills, blood pressure pills, pain killers and I had a full glass of wine sitting next to me. I was done. I was over it. I was fried. I reached the end of my rope and didn’t care anymore who I hurt or what happened.

Around midnight or so I called my therapist phone number to leave a final message of explanation to someone why I couldn’t do it anymore. Well, a strange twist of fate happened. Her phone number was one number off from a Cape May County Crisis Intervention/Suicide Prevention Hotline. Within ten minutes of dialing the number, local Police Officers did a trace back to my landline and were banging on my door. I didn’t answer it. Then I heard them say they were going to break down the door. I went and opened it. The kindest, gentlest Police Officer came walking through my door. He sat on my bed and spoke to me calmly. He was reassuring and funny. He convinced me to go to hospital with him in his car. He talked. I laughed and cried.

When I got to the hospital, the staff was so kind. The Police Officer stayed with me the whole time until friends arrived. He even stopped by my apartment weeks later to check on me. They kept me for a full 24 hours. They were going to keep me for 72 hours of observation. But, they pulled my friends aside and had a conversation with them. My friend and former roommate agreed to take me home under her care for three days. Her and her husband agreed to not leave me alone for 72 hours just to keep me out of the Psych Ward. She agreed to contact a mental health provider for me the next day. She did all of those things for me❤️

Over the next six months I went through pretty intensive therapy and took medication every day. Little by little each day got easier and better. My heart and mind healed.

Since that time, I’ve learned coping skills and the value of Cognitive Therapy. The technique of Thought Correction has proved to be invaluable and life changing. Thought Correction is when you have a negative thought, you immediately recited a positive uplifting phrase such as “I love my life. I am living the life of my dreams moment by moment.” I also started embracing The Law Of Attraction teachings and learned how to control my mind and my thoughts.

That was a long time ago. I no longer take medication and only see a therapist occasionally. I am happy and grateful most days😉 Mostly importantly I thought about how my suicide would affect my loved ones. That is what really made me get serious about training my brain to be more content. I have a great job. I live on the beach. I am living a better life than I ever thought I would live. All of this would have been lost if I killed myself.

Nothing anyone says will convince me that there is nobility in someone being in such pain that they couldn’t ask for help. Nothing anyone says will make me idolize someone who had access to the greatest treatment facilities and could have afforded in-patient care but instead hung himself. That is not a great legacy for a legend to leave. I have compassion and empathy but I am also pragmatic about life. As Abe Lincoln said, “Folks are usually about as happy as they set their minds to be.”

Many will disagree with me on this. You are entitled to your beliefs. I do hope his tormented soul is at rest now. Sadly, if you understand Spiritual Principles and understand Karma, Suicide causes harm to self and harm to others. Therefore, it carries a lot of negative energy & a Karmic debt. If you believe in Karma, you know he will be forced to come back until he pays the Karmic debt – forced to live the same life again until he learns to cope. I know that’s heavy stuff but No one gets a free ride in life or death.

If you are at risk, make the call or visit the below website. Put your pride aside and Seek help. There is no shame in admitting you need help. I am here and happy because of a strange twist of fate and a phone call. I wasn’t meant to die that day. Thank God and everyone else who played a role in saving me from myself that night.


(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I took The photos attached to this post while sitting on my balcony today in Atlantic City. I have a straight up oceanview that I am happy and grateful for it everyday. Find something to be grateful for today. Fall in love with yourself first❤️✌️





Naked Wednesday – Love, Sex & Poetry

Naked Wednesday
By: Linda A. Long

Spend the day
In bed with me
Spend the whole day
With me in bed
Be naked with me
For the whole day
Lose yourself
In the scent
Of my skin
Find yourself
In the warm
Valley of my cleavage
Be naked with me
For the whole day
Forget about
Your responsibilities
Don’t shave
Let me feel
Your rough skin
Against the
Inside of my thighs
Leave all of your
Inhibitions at my door
And be naked
With me
For a whole day
Lick chocolate sauce
Off of my nipples
For lunch
Eat whipped cream
From my vagina
For dinner
Lie back
And let me
Fuck you
For dessert
Let it all go with me
Let go
Of all the tension
You hold in your body
Let go of all the
Responsible thoughts
In your mind
I want you
To be in the moment
With me
Turn the phone off
And be naked
With me
Let me help you relax
I want to be
With you
All day long
I want you
To have me
From behind
At noon
Be in the moment with me
And be naked
With me
Spend the whole day
Inside of me
Watch the sun
Go down
Over my breast
And moon rise
On the curve
Of my ass
Let me feel you
Naked beside me
Lay your
Body on top of mine
I’ll pull the sheets
Over us
We’ll hide from
The world
Stay In bed with me
All day
Be Naked
Be naked with me
For a whole day
Me & you
All day😉
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Search

There are so many fun ways to enjoy a day off from work. But I think a Naked Wednesday would be most enjoyable. If nothing else, it’s a great fantasy. Lol👍😘💋😉😈

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Roger Woods

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Random Stream Of Consciousness Post


I am tongue-tied today. I am finding it hard to put what I feel into words. Open ended questions working on my mind. Things that don’t make any sense making me sad. Being disappointed yet knowing I should still be grateful is bringing doubt into the steadiness of my resolve. And for God sakes can someone please answer the question of why bad things happen to good people who were doing everything right – everything right.

I pride myself on knowing myself. I know myself at my deepest core. I dove into the darkest caves of my soul. I sat in the blackness of my darkest memories and I see. I see myself without illusions. I understand myself during my silence. I know my own voice even when it’s drowned out by the crowd. But now, this week, I’m wrestling with something deep and serious and it’s exhausting. Would someone please sedate me? Lol😉

I am a peaceful person and I do know how to relax my body. I’ve been learning in recent years how to relax my mind and slow down my thoughts. But sometimes, I find it’s better to pull the loose string and see what comes out. I find lately that I never really say my whole truth to anyone. I feel almost like I am playing Chess and thinking three moves ahead to be sure the words I say aren’t manipulated. I feel like I am so cautious to hold in my true feeling and true self from view that I am choking a bit on the lack of authenticity. Even with my closest friends and family I hold back.

I am not overly emotional in public. Frankly it irritates me when people are depressed, snarky and incapable of controlling their emotions. I’m compassionate to those who are having an off day. We’ve all been there. Sometimes life is too much. But I am learning I must keep a distance from those who force others to ride their wave of emotions. Stop indulging yourself and get it together is what I really want to say but I don’t.

You see I am always a caregiver. It comes naturally for me. I am good to have around in a crisis. I keep a cool head and don’t over-react. I’ve learned how to talk to people in a calm reassuring voice. I am strong in public. I maintain the game face and remain calm under pressure. I try to not let people see me cry. I hold it together in public and fall apart in the privacy of my own home. People perceive this a strength. For me it’s just a way to survive and not let anyone know how really feel. It’s a self protection mechanism.

For me to really open up to someone it takes a lot of trust. Right now, at this time of my life, I don’t open up completely to anyone. It’s not that I won’t. It’s just that this type of relationship doesn’t exist in my life right now with anyone. While I see someone who I think could have potential to be my heart’s confidant, we are still getting to know each other and not there yet. I’m not distrustful of people. I’m cautious. There’s a difference. I learned to protect myself a bit in recent years because I now respect my sensitive open nature. Not everyone is sensitive to my feelings.

I called my Mom this afternoon. While I didn’t tell her everything that was on my mind, I told her enough that she knew I was “weighed” down by life today. She told me to go to my happy place, the beach, and listen to the Ocean. I did that and enjoyed it. But I am still filled with these deep heavy thoughts and trying to be patient with myself and life in general today. I’m letting frustrations get in the way of my happiness today. It’s pissing me off.

For the love of God I would love to get drunk today, be incredibly silly, wildly inappropriate, flash my boobs at Mr. Blue Eyes, tell him to smack my ass and fuck me. Now that is what I should be thinking about instead of thinking about this serious shit. But, oh yeah, I’m not supposed to drink anymore because it tweaks out my heart and that fucking sucks. But after today I wonder if all the precautions really matter. Because you can do everything right to take care of yourself and still die at 50! And In full disclosure, I don’t need to be drunk to be a little wild. I can be incredibly silly, wildly inappropriate,I would still flash my boobs at Mr. Blue Eyes, tell him to smack my ass and fuck me while perfectly sober if the mood struck me. If only my head wasn’t so fucking serious today…

I suppose it’s just one of those days and this is just one of those random stream of consciousness posts. I am retiring to the sofa tonight to eat snacks, chocolate, potato chips and watch the last three episode of “True Detective” season one. Matthew Mcconaughey is HOT and good for a fantasy tonight❤️ Peace Out✌️

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Walter Girotto

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Tonight – Love, Sex & Poetry


Tonight – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I want to think
Of lighter things
Of how
My back arches
And nipples
Harden when
Your energy
Is near mine
I want to
Lose myself
In the primal
Sexual tension
That drifts from
You to me
In the glance
Of your eye
I want
To leave
The heaviness
Of this week aside
And strip
Soul as bare
As naked body
And release
My feminine energy
On the tip
Of your lips
Escape with me
Into the comfort
Between my legs
The wetness
Between my thighs
Is the only
Reality we need
Slide into me
I need the release
Of your body
Inside me
Leave the heaviness
Of these days
Place yourself
In my arms
Let it all behind
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Search

Note: It’s been a heavy week. I think Blue Eyes & I need a little sexual escape from reality soon😘💋✌️❤️😈

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Alberto Pancorbo

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Comfort – Love, Sex & Poetry

I originally wrote this post in February 2014. But I feel someone I care about needs the comfort of my words today. It was a rough day. This is for him.

Comfort – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Take some comfort
In my welcoming hips
And relax
Your body on
My soft skin
I will restore you
Slide into peace
Between my
Legs spread for you
They are here for you
Take a breather
Inside of me
Revitalize your spirit
As you quicken
The pace
Of thrusts
From you to me
I’ll brace myself
For your reinvigorated
Let my body
You passionately
I’ll make you
Feel better
Take some comfort
In me
I’ll stimulate you spiritually
In our secret interlude
Let me refresh you
My desire for you
Doesn’t sway
Take some comfort
And rest
Between my breasts
I’ll give you the boost
You need
Let me refresh you
Let me help you
Let me take care of you
Take some comfort
In me
In me
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Protected by Copyscape Online Plagiarism Check

NOTE:  Someone needing comfort was the feeling I was experiencing and that inspired this poem.

Photo Credit:
Emilia Casgtandena
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